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Ableton Live 11 Is Here!

Ableton Live 11
Ableton Live 11

Ableton Live 11 Is Here

Ableton Live 11 is available to buy and download now at Gear4music.

Ableton Live 11

You can now get your hands on the latest iteration of this class-leading music production software.

Gear4music now offers digital downloads of music software. That means you can buy any version of Ableton Live 11 and download it instantly at Gear4music!

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What’s new in Ableton Live 11?

Live 11 offers new improvements on an already industry-favourite piece of music production software. You’ll find new ways to comp the perfect take, add more feeling, try out new devices, work with new sounds, and take your live performance to the next level.

Watch an overview of what’s new here.

Comp the perfect take

Live 11 automatically turns multiple passes into individual takes. Whether it’s audio or MIDI, you can make multiple re-recordings with ease and comp together the perfect performance.  

Linked-track editing lets you edit two or more tracks at the same time. This makes it even faster and easier to mix multitrack recordings, whether MIDI or audio.

Bring back the feeling with MPE

Digital music production can sometimes sound too perfect, at the risk of becoming sterile. With a MIDI Polyphonic Expression (MPE) controller, you can instantly add bends, slides, and pressure for every note in a chord.

MPE controllers allow you to add multiple parameters to a single note in real time. Now you can morph between chords, add subtle expressions to humanise your performance, and create evolving sonic textures.

With Live 11, you can now use MPE with Wavetable, Sampler, and Arpeggiator. MPE presets are included to inspire you with new ways of interacting with your music.

New devices

From new instruments to racks, effects, and sound packs, watch an overview of Live 11's new devices here.

Hybrid reverb

Ableton Live 11 Hybrid Reverb

A combination of convolution and algorithmic reverbs makes Hybrid Reverb a versatile new device to generate real spaces or simulated environments.

Easily control and modulate the reverb tail, choose to run it in parallel or series, or play it like an instrument; with Hybrid Reverb, you can enjoy the benefits of both algorithm and convolution reverbs.

Spectral Resonator

Ableton Live 11 Spectral Resonator

An incoming audio signal is split into partials of its spectrum. Then it’s ready to let you stretch, shift, and blur the output by with a controlling note or specific frequency.

MIDI sidechain lets you process material in key and play the device just like a polyphonic instrument.

Spectral Time

Ableton Live 11- Spectral Time

An incoming audio signal is split into partials then sent to a frequency-based delay. This gives the potential for metallic echoes, reverbs, and frequency-based effects.

An additional Freeze function lets you capture and hold slices of sound. With the option to tempo-sync the effect or run manually, there’s a huge range of potential.


Ableton Live 11 - PitchLoop89

Created in collaboration with Rober Henke and taking inspiration from an early digital FX processor called the Publison DHM 89. This flexible pitch shifting device offers jittery glitch sounds, shimmers, vibrato, and more.

Dillon Bastan Collaboration

Experiment with six instruments and effects designed in collaboration with Dillon Bastan. Inspired by physical processes of nature, you can explore fractal patterns in Tree Tone, bouncing motion in Bouncy Notes, and various inspirations of particle motion through loopers, delays, and granular synthesisers.

Ableton Live 11- Dillon Bastan
Ableton Live 11- Dillon Bastan
Ableton Live 11- Dillon Bastan

Live Performance Updates

Active tempo

Live 11 will adjust its tempo in real-time based on incoming audio. This makes it a much more intuitive and responsive tool for live performance.

DJ’s can use this feature to create a tempo-synced FX box.

Macro Snapshots

Recall Macros in an instant. Just like a guitarist might save a preset effect, now you can make multiple changes to your sounds in an instant.

Rack updates

Racks can now be created with up to 16 Macros for instant changes to your sound.

Macros can be randomised and mapped to MIDI for drastic changes in an instant.

Introduce Randomness

New features allow you to inject an element of randomness into your music production and performance. Whether it's the random triggering of controlled notes, or the randomisation of Follow Actions, here you can surpise your audience and yourself.

Ableton Live 11- Note Chance

Note chance

Notes can be triggered by a set probability, letting you program an element of surprise in your patterns and variations.

Velocity change

Introduce an element of controlled randomisation into your note velocities to bring back a human feel.

Follow Actions

Follow Actions can now be linked to the clip length in Live 11. Scene Follow Actions let you create evolving arrangements. Follow Actions can also jump to specific clips or enable/disable Follow Actions globally.

New Sounds

In collaboration with Spitfire Audio, three new instrument packs give you the power to explore acoustic instruments and ensembles.

Ableton Live 11- Instruments

Upright Piano

A sympathetic close-mic recording of an upright piano will give your piano tracks an intimate feel. Use it as a natural piano in folk and pop tracks, or process it further for your electronic production.

Brass Quartet

Explore this ensemble of trumpet, flugelhorn, tenor horn and trombone. Perfect for pop production with its natural sound and broad range of expression.

String Quartet

With two violins, viola, and cello, you can access a wide range of expressive techniques - from pizzicato through to soaring melodies and nuanced swells.

Curated Collections

Three new sound packs are here to explore. Each pack features instruments, clips, and samples.

Voice Box

Get inventive with vocals. From contemporary samples of multiple voices to playable vocal instruments with special Effect Racks designed purely for vocals.

Mood Reel

A cinematic collection of thought-provoking sounds and instruments. If you’re looking to add a modern narrative feel to your production, this mixture of organic and synthetic sounds is what you need.

Drone Lab

With slowly evolving sounds, textures, and noises, this pack is all about sustain. Build your tracks on these pads, or process them further for even more creative possibilities.

Updates overview

As well as these brand-new features, Live 11 features multiple updates.


  • Updates to the Core Library, pre-existing packs, and the Applied Acoustic Systems interface.
  • New MIDI clips, loops, Grooves, Audio Effects Racks, Instrument Racks, drum kits, and more.
  • New MIDI drum library, keyboard and piano MIDI licks, MIDI drum grooves, and new instrumental parts (added to Chop and Swing, Skitter and Step, Drive and Glow).


  • Edit loops of multiple clips simultaneously or focus on a single clip in context.
  • Transpose an entire arrangement from one piano roll.
  • Better CPU metering with current and average use.
  • New per-track CPU meters help you allocate resources.
  • Improved Clip Detail view with tabs for Note Parameters, Follow Actions, Envelopes, and MPE.
  • Use scales directly in Live 11’s MIDI editor.

Push updates

  • Access key parameters on Push’s colour display - applies to Hybrid Reverb, Spectral Resonator, and Spectral Time. Edit their parameters directly from the hardware.
  • Polyphonic aftertouch support – apply different aftertouch levels to Wavetable, Sampler, Arpeggiator, and supported VSTs.
  • The new Key and Scale sync in Live 11 is inked to Push and can be changed per clip.
  • See up to 16 macros over two pages.

Max for Live updates

  • API access to Live 11’s new note features: release velocity, probability, velocity deviation.
  • Access slices of a sample loaded in Simpler, a clip of sample’s warp markers, and more.
  • A new scope object adds an oscilloscope to the object library.
  • Double-click an error in the Max Console and you’ll be taken to the device containing the error.
  • New Max for Live category in the inspector window: developers can clearly see which systems their devices can be used on.
  • Route MIDI to and from Max for Live audio effects and instruments.
  • A complete overhaul of the user interface for better focus, positioning, scrolling, behaviour, and performance.

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