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AKAI EXPANDED SOUND - 5 Free MVP MPC Expansions with Every MPC Live / MPC X

AKAI EXPANDED SOUND - 5 Free MVP MPC Expansions with Every MPC Live / MPC X
AKAI EXPANDED SOUND - 5 Free MVP MPC Expansions with Every MPC Live / MPC X

Until 31.7.18, AKAI is giving away 5 FREE critically acclaimed MPC Expansions with every MPC Live and MPC X

Akai MPC Samplers

AKAI's MPC (Music Production Centre) products are honed towards stand-alone music creation and Live performance without the need for a PC/MAC. "The Music Production Centre empowers users with an unrivalled workflow and a tangible, intuitive interface coupled with forward thinking, in-demand functionality that sets the precedence for the industry standard." - AKAI. Read more about MPC Live and MPC X here.

Until 31.7.18, AKAI is now also offering new MPC customers 5 free MVP expansion packs to expand their sounds even further. AKAI is supplying all new MPC Live and MPC X products with Urban Roulette, Melodic Horizon, Sound MOB, Hook City (Trap & Soul Edition) and Hook City (Trap & B Edition). These packs offer production-ready sounds created, by MVP Loops / AKAI Pro and heard in countless chart songs. Find out more about these MVP MPC Expansions here .

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How to redeem your Expansions

In order to redeem the 5 MVP MPC Expansions, please head over to Here you will be prompted to insert your personal information and proof or purchase for either MPC Live and MPC X if purchased after 1.6.18; once all mandatory fields are populated, a member of the Akai Professional Team wil verify your application and forward over instructions for getting your hands on the MPC Expansion Content. For all enquiries or troubleshooting please contact

5 Free MPC Expansion Packs by MVP Loops


MVP Loops and AKAI have collaborated to bring you the most professional radio-ready loops, samples and instruments to the range of MPC devices. These expansion packs provide a huge variety of production-ready sounds to use in your next track, covering a wide range of genres including hip-hop, EDM, trap, soul, R&B, urban, and much more; perfect for modern producers.

Urban Roulette

Akai MPC Samplers

Developed by MVP Loops, whose sounds can be heard all over the charts, the Urban Roulette expansion pack features a huge selection of kits covering urban, trap, hip hop, R&B and pop genres. More than 50 drum kits with 200 patterns are ready to be imported into your next track, along with over 1000 loops and samples.

Melodic Horizon

Akai MPC Samplers

Melodic Horizon is an emotive expansion pack with a plenty of production-ready sounds to add to your next track. This pack features warm pads, luxurious vibes, and emotive melodies found on the most contemporary R&B tracks. Also included is 15 kits with over 670 samples and 550 melodic loops.

Sound Mob

Akai MPC Samplers

A modern expansion pack covering hip-hop and R&B, Sound Mob is a collection of 40 world-class drum and melodic kits. These kits feature a huge range of sounds including one shots, riffs, loops, and professionally-recorded melodic samples with guitar, keys, bass, brass, strings, synths, stabs, impacts and SFX.

Hook City (Trap & Soul Edition)

Akai MPC Samplers

The soulful vocals of recording artist Rudina Haddad alongside a plethora of radio-ready samples. Hook City is a combination of soulful vocals, Trap sounds, live instrumentation and much more. This pack features hundreds of loops, samples, riffs, and one-shots - perfect for Trap and soul styles of music but equally adaptable to hip-hop, EDM and more.

Hook City (Trap & B Edition)

Akai MPC Samplers

Minor key melodies, late night atmospherics, and booming 808 rhythms are the core sounds of the Trap & B Edition Hook City, making this pack perfect for R&B, hip-hop and Trap. 15 drum kits are included with one shots, riffs, loops, and melodic vocal samples. Also included is melodic samples keys, guitar, bass, brass, strings, synths, stabs, impacts and SFX.

MPC Live and MPC X


AKAI's MPC units are designed to offer everything a contemporary producer or musician could require to create a complete track or live performance. This power is achieved with an intuitive and expansive hardware controller, powered by the powerful MPC Software 2 and displayed with a large multi-touchscreen display.  The units are primarily focussed on standalone performance but can also be used as a controller for a MAC/PC. Each MPC comes complete with The Vault 2.0; 10GB of radio-ready sounds from the world’s top sound design companies as well as AKAI's own signature samples. Both devices feature MIDI inputs, so you can directly control the built-in sounds and the expansion packs with your own MIDI controller.



The MPC X benefits from a glorious 10.1'' multi-touch screen which really makes your entire workflow an incredibly immersive process. 8 built-in CV ports let you connect external gear including analog synths, drum machines and more to create the ultimate modular setup. MPC can be used to automate knob movements, notes, gates, and play it all back in time.  

MPC X also has 16 fully assignable Q-Link control knobs, each with its own dedicated OLED display for crystal-clear visual feedback over which parameter has been assigned to each dial. A range of audio and MIDI inputs and outputs allows you to connect microphones and other audio equipment, letting you capture live sounds.

10GB of pre-installed, world-class samples and kits are also included with each Akai MPC from companies including Capsun Audi, MVP Loops, TOOLROOM, CR2 Records, Loopmaster, and AKAI themselves.


MPC Live

Akai MPC Live

The MPC Live takes the same core functionality as the MPC X yet refines it into a more compact and portable package. The 7'' multi-touch display offers the same immersive user control while the multiple audio/MIDI inputs and outputs provides a wide range of connectivity for all your musical gear.

Powered by a rechargeable lithium-ion battery and with up to 6 hours of battery life, the MPC Live is perfect for making music in any location, so you'll always be ready to work, no matter where inspiration strikes.

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MPC2 Software

An acclaimed piece of software which powers the MPC devices. MPC2 Software features a powerful range of tools for composition and recording, including audio track recording, real-time audio warping (pitch and tempo), Audio and MIDI drap-and-drop, along with enhanced Q-Link control.

The MPC2 Software has a new graphical interface for incredibly clear visual feedback, along with a dedicated waveform editor window. The Clip Program mode offers clip-launching workflow, while the new mixer layout offers resizable faders, an adaptable channel strip, and the ability to create advanced routing with submixes, FX return, and multiple outputs.

Up to 8 studio-grade audio tracks can be used in standalone mode, or 128 when the MPC is hooked up to a PC or MAC in controller mode.  A huge range of edit tools lets you surgically alter your audio tracks, while the warping functionality provides extensive audio sculpting capability.

Standalone Challenge

AKAI has challenged world-renowned producers and musicians to use the MPC to create an entire track, without PC or MAC. See some of the results below with the MPC Live and the MPC X!

By Matt Wilkinson

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