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8 Gift Ideas for Synth Players this Christmas

8 Gift Ideas for Synth Players this Christmas
8 Gift Ideas for Synth Players this Christmas

8 Gift Ideas for Synth Players this Christmas

Want to get something special for the synth lover in your life? Try these gifts for size!

8 Gift Ideas for Synth Players this Christmas
By | Published 16.12.21

Choosing a synthesizer gift can often feel like flipping through a technical manual of music-inspired jargon. Luckily, we’ve compiled a list of the perfect gift ideas for synth players!

Stylophone S1

Stylophone S1

The original pocket synth, fun for all ages and abilities. To play, tap the ribbon keyboard with its handheld stylus – just like writing!

While basic in sound, this hasn’t stopped it appearing all over pop music. Find it on David Bowie’s ‘Space Oddity’, and watch John Lennon play one in part three of Get Back.

Because it’s easy to use, you can get a tune out of it in a flash. You could even challenge your family to a Stylophone Christmas Carol competition!

Shop now | Dubreq Stylophone S1


Bastl Instruments Kastle

Your loved one has asked for something called a “modular synth” and they cost… how much?

Fear not. Thanks to Bastl’s unique innovation, you can gift all the wonders of the modular synthesizer world without the hefty price tag.

Their Kastle synthesizer is a taste of modular at a sensible price point. It features battery-powered operation and a compact size and comes bursting with sonic potential.

If you know someone who’s got the modular bug, this is an ideal starting point. And it’s fun for synth pros too – you’ll get endless sample material to use in your ambient masterpieces.

Shop now | Bastl Instruments Kastle V1.5


Artiphon Orba

This instrument may fit in the palm of your hand, but it offers a world of possibility…

Artiphon’s Orba is a circular performance device with tons of preloaded sounds, layered looping, motion control and much, much more. It can function as a MIDI controller – ideal for musicians always on the go.

Want to get someone an unexpectedly awesome gift? Ponder getting an Orba.

Shop now | Artiphon Orba

Pocket Operator

Teenage Engineering PO-28 Robot Synthesizer

Drum machines, synth leads, bass generators. These are only a few of the Pocket Operators available from Teenage Engineering.

They are pocket sized synths, as the name implies, that look like calculators and have in-built sequencers.

You’ll find they are fun to play on their own but work great together too. Why not gift one for Christmas, one for a birthday, and double the bloops!

Shop now | Teenage Engineering PO-28 Robot Synthesizer

Shop now | Shop Teenage Engineering PO-16 Factory Pocket Lead Synthesizer

Shop now | Shop Teenage Engineering PO-14 Sub Pocket Bass Synthesizer


We all know a bedroom producer who sends you too many beats on SoundCloud. Why not give them the gift of the Memorymode software synth this Christmas?

It’s a faithful recreation of a Moog classic (check out this A/B video), bringing a retro feel to any track. For the price point, this software synth punches above its weight - rivalling the sound of hardware synths that are ten times more expensive.

Why not get a MIDI controller along with this? Then your special someone can jam out synthwave Christmas carols all day long!

Shop now | Cherry Audio Memory Mode

Phoscyon Bassline

D16 Group Phoscyon Bassline

Everyone needs a 303 in their life. And D16 Group’s excellent emulation is a perfect purchase.

Get the sound of Acid House in an affordable package, complete with all the features found on Roland’s original synth. The Phoscyon’s even added new functions, expanding the possibilities of an already classic design.

Give the gift of the thickest, fattest basslines they’ve ever heard this Christmas.

Shop now | D16 Group Phoscyon Bassline

Patch & Tweak with Moog

Patch and Tweak, Exploring Modular Synthesis

If you know someone who’s got already got a synth, Patch & Tweak is the book for them.

Whether they’re a novice or expert knob twiddler, they’re bound to learn something new. It features classic patches, unique sound design tips, interviews with famous Moog users and more.

Learn about sound synthesis the right way: through the granddaddy of all synthesizer manufacturers – Moog.

While it teaches using Moogs, you can use these principles with many other synths. Plus – for the modular nerds out there – the original Patch and Tweak book is a perfect choice too.

Even without owning a synth, readers are bound to enjoy these informative, visually appealing books.

Shop now | Patch and Tweak with Moog

Shop now | Patch and Tweak, Exploring Modular Synthesis

Roland TR-808 T-Shirt

Roland TR-808 T-Shirt

Wear a piece of music history.

Any synth player knows the influence of Roland’s TR-808 drum machine on modern music. You’ve perhaps heard one of them talk to you about it.

Get them this shirt so they can find people who actually care about this classic piece of kit. You won’t have to hear about it ever again.

Shop now | Roland TR-808 T-Shirt, Medium

Shop now | Roland TR-808 T-Shirt, Large

Shop now | Roland TR-808 T-Shirt, Extra Large

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