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8 Gift Ideas for Drummers this Christmas

8 Gift Ideas for Drummers this Christmas
8 Gift Ideas for Drummers this Christmas

8 Gift Ideas for Drummers this Christmas

Struggling to decide what to buy a drummer for Christmas this year? Our team has compiled a list of great gift ideas, from stocking fillers to the main present!

8 Gift Ideas for Drummers this Christmas
By | Published 16.11.21

If you know somebody interested in drumming, our handpicked list will showcase some of the perfect choices when deciding what to buy them this year. From aspiring drummers to seasoned professionals, there’s something for everyone this Christmas.

The perfect stocking filler

Zildjian Pint Glass

The Zildjian Pint Glass is a great stocking filler for any drummer, and ‘the only serious choice’ this Christmas. With a two-colour graphic of the iconic Zildjian logo, this pint glass will be perfectly suited for any studio or rehearsal space.

Unwrap here | Zildjian Pint Glass

Keep dry this Christmas

Tuner Fish Drummers Towel

The Tuner Fish Drummers Towel is dedicated to drummers during sweaty gigs, practice sessions, and studio time. Drumming is hard, tiring work and most drummers need something to help keep the sweat out of their eyes.

Rather than using a hand towel or the sleeve of their Christmas jumper, the Tuner Fish Drummers Towel will keep them clear, dry, and comfortable. The material provides an incredibly soft and comfortable feel and is extremely absorbent. This drummer's towel also includes a carry bag, making it easy to take to shows.

Presented in two colours | Black & Grey

The drummers gift set

Dunlop System 65 Cymbal & Drum Care Kit

The Dunlop System 65 Cymbal & Drum Care Kit is a handy gift set for any acoustic drummer. This kit includes a 65 drum shell polish and cleaner, a 65 cymbal intensive care, a 65 cymbal cleaner, and a multi-purpose mitt and terry cloth.

These cleaning products will transform the aesthetics and durability of any drum kit and cymbals, shining as bright as the Christmas tree lights.

Take a peek | Dunlop System 65 Cymbal & Drum Care Kit

Do you hear what I hear?

Meinl Percussion Mini Cajon Speaker

Listen to your Christmas playlist in style. The Meinl Percussion Mini Cajon Speaker is designed to look like a novelty sized Meinl cajon, but functions as a speaker. This speaker is a fun way to listen to your favourite music, podcasts, and radio stations.

Inside the baltic birch body is a 5-watt speaker that can be controlled by your smartphone with a wireless connection, USB connection, auxiliary connection, or via TF card slot ports. Every small detail of a Meinl cajon has been accurately replicated and miniaturised to the finest of details, making this speaker appear just like the real instrument.

Open the box | Meinl Percussion Mini Cajon Speaker

Never miss a jingle

Zildjian Professional In-Ear Monitors

The Zildjian Professional In-Ear Monitors are a brilliant addition for any performing drummer. In louder environments, it can be tough to hear a drum monitor when playing with a band.

The Zildjian Professional In-Ear Monitors filter out all background noise, providing a loud and clear backing track and metronome directly to the drummer. These in-ear monitors feature a dual dynamic driver, delivering a smooth frequency response for all listening applications.

With a comfortable and flexible design, the SpinFit ear tips offer increased isolation from outside noise and create a better seal within the ear canal, enabling less obstruction along the sound-filled dispersion path.

Give it a shake | Zildjian Professional In-Ear Monitors

A fun gift for any aspiring drummer

Aerodrums Air Drumming Kit

With the Aerodrums Air Drumming Kit, you’ll be ‘Rockin’ around the Christmas tree’. Aerodrums is an air-drumming instrument that runs on your computer, using the PlayStation Eye Camera to pick up what you’re playing.

It’s virtually silent, highly compact, and easily portable - providing the perfect learning tool for beginners, or a creative and fun device for DAW and sample experimentation. The Aerodrums Air Drumming Percussion Instrument uses the same motion-capture technology used in Hollywood movies to accurately capture your drumming technique.

Push or pull here | Aerodrums Air Drumming Kit

A magical gift for any young and aspiring drummer

JDD200 Junior Electronic Drum Kit

Does your child dream of playing drums this Christmas? Our junior electronic drum kit is the perfect beginning to their magical drumming story.

It comprises a full, 8-piece configuration with all mesh drum pad heads and a control module. Assembly is quick and easy, taking a matter of minutes. Its compact, foldaway design makes it perfect for home use and reassembly time and time again. The kit's in-built module features a metronome and 44 songs - perfect for playing along and getting used to the role of rhythm in music.

Electronic kits are known for being much quieter than acoustic drums, and the JDD200 is no different. With the kit’s headphone input, it can be played in near-silence. When low volume isn't required, plug the kit into an amp to allow your child to unleash their inner rocker!

Make a wish | Digital Drums 200 Junior Electronic Drum Kit by Gear4music

Kickstart a drumming career with a truly special gift

Pearl Export EXX 22'' Am. Fusion Drums

The Pearl Export EXX 22'' Am. Fusion Drums is a high-quality drum kit from Pearl, featuring 6-ply poplar and Asian mahogany for a crisp, warm tone which complements a range of drumming styles.

The drums are fitted with Remo drumheads, offering enhanced response and sensitivity throughout your sessions. The Export EXX Drum Kit is designed for beginner and intermediate drummers, and includes a Pearl 830 series hardware pack and a Sabian SBR cymbal set - providing all you need to kick start your drumming career.

Onstage or in the studio, the Pearl Export EXX Am. Fusion Drum Kit delivers the superior performance that you can expect from all Export series drums.

Find it here | Jet Black & Smokey Chrome

Find out more

Now that you have a better idea on what to get a drummer for Christmas, why not explore our full range of drum gear?

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