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2021 Drum Kits and Percussion Round-up

2021 Drum and Percussion Roundup
2021 Drum and Percussion Roundup

2021 Drum Kits & Percussion Round-Up

With new brands, new launches, exciting new designs, and updates, 2021 is looking to be another great year for drum gear at Gear4music!

Drums and Percussion at Gear4music
By | Published 12.04.21

We've got plenty of exciting new drum brands and drum equipment at Gear4music. Read on to discover our top picks for 2021.

Dixon Drums, now at Gear4music

Dixon Drums is a rising North American drum company with bags of style. After conquering the American market, it’s now made its way to Gear4music.

Dixon Drums’ mission statement is founded on the ideal look, optimum sound, and ultimate performance – and we’re fully on board with those!

Discover the two Dixon Drums’ core series and snare drums below.

Jet Set Plus

The Jet Set Plus is an incredibly versatile compact drum kit built for practice and performance.

 Each shell has a regular drumhead on one side and a mesh head on the other. Simply flip it over to the get perfect side for your situation – whether you want a loud acoustic sound or a silent practice kit.

Dixon Drums Jet Set Plus 5pc Shell Pack, Sub Zero White

 Find out more | Dixon Drums Jet Set Plus Series

Little Roomer

Apartments, practice rooms, the spare bedroom… the Little Roomer does it all. It’s the perfect kit for small spaces and intimate gigs, and there’s zero compromise on sound.

Here you’ll find a punchy 20” x 7” bass drum with 10” tom, snare, and 13” floor tom with mahogany shells and lacquer finish. Whether you’re upgrading from a beginner kit or building a compact practice/gigging setup, do it right without breaking the bank!

Dixon Drums 'Little Roomer' 20'' 5pc Shell Pack, Black Coal

Find out more | Dixon Drums Little Roomer Series

Dixon Drums Snares

Dixon has a wonderful collection of snare drums awaiting your inspection, from artist models to classic models and standout designs.

We have the Gregg Bissonnette signature snare, the beautiful Artisan Series Enchanted Ash, and the wonderfully wacky Cornerstone Blue Acrylic with Maple Hoops – and that’s just for starters.

Dixon Drums 14 x 6.5'' Artisan Series Gregg Bissonette Snare Drum
Dixon Drums 12 x 5'' Artisan Series Enchanted Ash Snare Drum
Dixon Drums 14 x 6.5 Cornerstone Blue Acrylic w/Maple Hoops

If you’re looking for something slightly more traditional, not to mention effortlessly tasteful, check out the Dixon Drums Classic Series.

There’s not a snare in this Dixon collection that won’t have you second guessing your next purchase.

Shop now | Dixon Snare Drums

Tama Drums 2021 line-up

Back with a brand-new wrap (plus some lacquers), the Tama haul this year is plentiful with a bunch of new sizes, finishes and extensions to some pre-existing series!

Starclassic Walnut/Birch

Now available in Bop sizes and with some extremely attractive lacquers, the Starclassic Walnut/Birch Series boasts new finishes including Shamrock Oyster Lacquer and Ice Blue Pearl – all serious contenders for professional drummers.

We could see this being a first choice for today’s drum influencers looking for an extra edge with the incredible aesthetics on show here.

Tama Starclassic 16 Walnut/Birch 3pc Shell Pack, Shamrock Oyster
Tama Starclassic Walnut/Birch 5pc Shell Pack, Arctic Blue Oyster

Find out more | Starclassic Walnut/Birch Series

Club Jam Suitcase Kit

Move over rover: the new Club-Jam Suitcase Kit rivals its predecessor for the title of ultimate portability. With dinky dimensions, it’s another super portable addition to the gigging & practising-drummer’s favourite series - the Club-Jam Series.

The 16” bass drum divides in two pieces to store both toms for easy transportation, making it the perfect small-gig kit finished in a beautiful Indigo Sparkle.

Tama Club-Jam Suitcase 16 Shell Pack, Indigo Sparkle

Find out more | Club-Jam Suitcase Kit

Starclassic Performer

Tama has added to its acclaimed Starclassic range with the beautiful new Starclassic Performer Series, featuring Maple/Birch hybrid shells and some stunning finishes.

This series extension is the most affordable yet, offering serious features and stand-out designs at a more achievable price-point.

Tama Starclassic Performer 22 4pc Shell Pack, Caramel Aurora

Find out more | Starclassic Performer Series


DDrum is back!

DDrum is back in stock at Gear4music, featuring some of the best value starter kit packages on the market.

Choose from a range of configurations including the standard 5-piece or an illustrious 7-piece. All include cymbals which can be upgraded to Paiste 101’s! A bargain of the century that’s the perfect way to start your new lockdown hobby or upgrade your current setup.

DDrum D2 22'' 7pc Drum Kit w/Paiste Cymbals, Cobalt Blue Sparkle

Find out more | DDrum Drum Kits

Pearl adds colour to its most prolific series’

Pearl Export

Pearl, one of the biggest names in drums, knows a thing or two about building the kits we all want to play – from beginners to pro’s.  

The world-renowned Export series is one of the best-selling kits of all time, offering quality materials and technology at an achievable price point. New for 2021 is a range of new colours giving you even more choice for your next mid-range/pro kit.

From beautiful, deep purples, to explosions of blue, check out the new lacquer finishes to Pearls’ EXL Export range.

Pearl Export EXL 22'' American Fusion Drum Kit, Raspberry Sunset
Pearl Export EXL 22'' American Fusion Drum Kit, Azure Daybreak
Pearl Export EXL 22'' American Fusion Drum Kit, Ember Dawn
Pearl Export EXL 22'' American Fusion Drum Kit, Indigo Night

Find out more | Pearl Export EXL Series

Find out more | Pearl Export EXX Series

Pearl Masterworks

For custom aesthetics and supreme master-craftsmanship, Pearl Masterworks is the pinnacle.

Choose an in-stock pre-spec’d kit, or order very your own bespoke design by getting in touch.

Pearl Masterworks 22'' 8pc Shell Pack, Black Mist Over Zebrawood

Check them out here| Pearl Masterworks


Meinl new releases

Meinl came out blazing with a plethora of exciting releases for 2021. They’ve released all manner of new products, from gongs to kalimbas, singing bowls to cymbals and much, much more…

A few that stick-out to us include Chris Coleman’s signature ride, Sonic Energy gongs and crystal singing bowls, plus some of the exciting Meinl Percussion cajon and kalimba additions!

Meinl Byzance Vintage 21 Chris Coleman C Squared Signature Ride
Meinl Sonic Energy Brow Chakra Gong
Meinl Sonic Energy 10 Crystal Singing Bowl, Sacral Chakra
Meinl Mini Cajon, Burl Wood Frontplate

Shop now | Meinl

Mapex refurbishes an entire series…

Mapex is another drum company that’s decided to dust off not one, but TWO legacy series with some complete re-vamps…

We have Black Panther Snare Drums with new designs plus a stunning signature from Gear4music friend, Craig Blundell.

They also evolved the Saturn series with the new Saturn Evolution, featuring a new tom mounting system and jaw-dropping finishes.

Mapex 'Machine' 14 x 5.5'' Craig Blundell Signature Snare
Mapex Saturn Evolution Maple/Walnut 22'' 5pc, Tuscan Red
Mapex Saturn Evolution Maple/Walnut 22'' 5pc, Azure Burst
Mapex Black Panther 'Hydro' 13 x 7 Maple Snare Drum

Shop now | Mapex

SJC unleashes stunning new designs

It’s been a relatively quiet year for new releases across the music industry, but those who have stretched their necks to bring us new products have shown great resilience to the adversity we’re all facing.

SJC Custom Drums has shown us during this period why it’s still the company to beat with its radical designs. Products including the new Jay Weinberg signature snare and Plaid series snares will promise to raise some eyebrows.

SJC Jay Weinberg 14 x 6.5 Signature Snare Drum
SJC Plaid 14 x 6 Maple Snare Drum, Red Plaid w/ Black Hardware

There’s also a new finish for the esteemed Busker De Ville - Black Sparkle!

SJC Drums Busker DeVille 20'' 3pc, Black Sparkle Wrap

Find out more | SJC Custom Drums


Yamaha rises like the Phoenix

Yamaha Drums has always delivered premium value for money - the incredible Stage Custom and DTX series being fine examples.

Now comes a new contender to the electronic drums market as Yamaha unleashes the DTX600 series. This new range includes the patented Cellular Silicone snare pads, which still hold the title for ‘most realistic’ when comparable to playing a drumhead.

Yamaha DTX6K-X Electronic Drum Kit

It’s not just affordable gear though… now, for the first time ever you can buy the incredible flagship Yamaha PHX series (pronounced ‘Phoenix’) at Gear4music. This world-class instrument is a true one-off: created in Yamaha’s Japanese Drum Lab by master craftsman with no holds barred.

Yamaha PHX Phoenix 22'' 6pc Shell Pack, Texture Sapphire



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