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12 Days of Shure: Christmas Competition

12 Days of Shure: Christmas Competition
12 Days of Shure: Christmas Competition

12 Days of Shure: Christmas Competition

The bells are ringing out for Christmas time. And, to celebrate, we’re gifting a legendary Shure product to one lucky winner every day in our ’12 Days of Shure’ competition. But can you guess the prizes to win?...

12 Days of Shure: Christmas Competition
By | Published 01.12.21


Whether you’re a musician, gamer, or podcaster – it’s almost impossible to ignore Shure’s iconic range of microphones and audio equipment. Their products have remained a staple of the music and recording scene for decades. Why? Timeless quality.

So, with the magic of Christmas on the horizon, we’ve teamed up with the sound extraordinaires to deliver a special gift each day in our ’12 Days of Shure’ competition.

What’s the deal?

12 days. 12 prizes. 12 winners. Starting December 1st our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages will be sharing a mystery Shure prize every day. All you have to do is correctly guess the mystery product for your chance to win!

Results will be announced the following day, so keep your eyes open on our social channels to find out if you were a lucky winner. Missed out on the first prize? Don’t stress. Simply enter the following day, and you could have a chance at winning any of the 12 prizes up for grabs!

The prizes

Day 1: SM58

Day 1: Revealed

Arguably the most iconic microphone ever made. Originally introduced in 1966, this mic was developed for use on television with the ‘slate grey’ finish added to prevent reflections of the bright studio lights.

Shop now | Shure SM58


Day 2: Revealed

Connecting to your computer via USB, this handy mic is perfect for home recording, streaming, and podcasting.

It removes any unwanted background noise and makes recording in the comfort of your own home simple and stress-free.

Shop now | Shure MOTIV MV5C

Day 3: PGA81

Day 3: Revealed

This microphone works perfectly with instruments, harnessing every small detail and nuance.

Its flat frequency response will capture exactly what you hear in the room and can be used on everything from guitar, drums, piano, and strings.

Shop now | Shure PGA81

Day 4: Super 55 Deluxe

Day 4: Revealed

An iconic microphone that makes vocals sounds clear, well-rounded, and smooth.

As well as its breathtaking sound, its eye-catching, vintage style is synonymous with the greats such as Elvis and Frank Sinatra.

Shop now | Shure Super 55 Deluxe

Day 5: MV88+ Video Kit

Day 5: Revealed

Capture high-quality content directly into your phone. Compatible with both iOS and Android, along with the Shure MOTIVE apps, this is the perfect choice for aspiring videographers, filmmakers, content creators, and influencers.

Shop now | Shure MV88+ Video Kit

Day 6: SE215 Earphones

Day 6: Revealed

Professional, sound-isolating earphones made with performance in mind.

Crisp and clear audio combines with a Shure True wireless adapter for everyday Bluetooth listening and superb onstage sound.

Shop now | Shure SE215 Earphones

Day 7: MV7

Day 7: Revealed

The perfect choice for podcasting, gaming, streaming and professional audio recording.

This popular mic has a built in USB interface which allows you to connect directly to your computer, making setup effortless. Along with USB, it also has a dedicated XLR-out for versatile use.

Shop now | Shure MV7

Day 8: SM27

Day 8: Revealed

One of the most versatile large diaphragm condensers out there. This mic can be used for almost anything, from vocals, to guitars, to drums, and even orchestras.

It features a switchable low frequency filter and a 15bd pad for extra control when recording loud and bass-heavy instruments. 

Shop now | Shure SM27

Day 9: SRH1440

Day 9: Revealed

These open-back headphones feature a padded headband for maximum comfort during long sessions.

A wider stereo soundscape is offered by letting sound pass through, as well as being boosted by Neodymium drivers for a fuller frequency range and rich, deep bass.

Shop now | Shure SRH1440

Day 10: KSM8

Day 10: Revealed

This ground-breaking microphone is designed for world-class performers using the Dualdyne cartridge. This results in a reduction in the proximity effect of vocals, giving a clear and crisp sound.

Shop now | Shure KSM8

Day 11: SM7B

Day 11: Revealed

The most iconic microphone for podcasting, streaming, and studio vocals. Used by legendary artists such as John Mayer, Michael Jackson, Foo Fighters, and Miley Cyrus.

It’s also found in the rooms of the biggest podcasters & gamers, including Joe Rogan, Marc Maron, LilyPichu, and Michael Reeves.

Shop now | Shure SM7B

Day 12: SE535 Earphones

Day 12: Revealed

These isolating earphones remove any unwanted outside noise to keep you immersed in the music.

They feature triple drivers for clear sound and deep, rich bass, as well as Shure’s True wireless adapter to let you take your earphones from the stage to the street.

Shop now | Shure SE535 Earphones

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Posted on 1 Dec 2021 10:24 to category : Instruments News

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