Football manager's habits as a guitar player have been reported by the Mirror.

30 Apr 2012 18:30

Radio personality has discussed his excitement at the prospect of giving an airing to Chop Chop.

30 Apr 2012 18:07

Never Say Die band to perform at the O2 Academy in the city.

30 Apr 2012 17:55

Likes singer's LP Flaming Red.

30 Apr 2012 17:25

Gotye left somewhat impressed by version on the music-tinged TV drama Glee.

30 Apr 2012 17:21

June 4th set to see music action from Robbie...

30 Apr 2012 12:22

It's subject will be revealed as part of a Radio 3 occasion.

27 Apr 2012 16:00

But, she writes: "Take Note! This isn't my Album".

27 Apr 2012 15:53

Facebook message reveals indie outfit are to remain separated.

27 Apr 2012 13:37

Places at the music festival Traction are available to buy from today.

26 Apr 2012 17:32

Piano player stashes them in his barn!

26 Apr 2012 12:26

Hitting this neck of the woods for gigs.

26 Apr 2012 11:40

He's "an amazing songwriter" says Jerry Bruckheimer.

26 Apr 2012 10:49

Born to Run singer will be heard on forthcoming record of that name.

25 Apr 2012 13:27

Candy singer's new collection is called Après.

25 Apr 2012 10:45

Chart comes from Spotify playlists and includes Abba and Beyoncé.

24 Apr 2012 16:56

"Something I would love to do", says drummer.

24 Apr 2012 11:29

Potentially instrument-heavy endeavour from Who's Laughing Now songstress.

24 Apr 2012 11:24

Late Thriller singer might have a holographic counterpart...

23 Apr 2012 17:03

Over a year of chart time for LP.

23 Apr 2012 12:02

Singer also performed on Graham Norton's programme last Friday.

23 Apr 2012 10:05

Pop star Olly Murs, the man behind such songs as Heart Skips a Beat and Please Don't Let Me Go, is set to head out touring next March.

20 Apr 2012 12:55

The BBC has said that music institution the Proms will see a reappearance from the complete symphonies of the composer Beethoven later this year.

20 Apr 2012 11:33

Between the 13th of April until the 31st May 2012, anyone purchasing a Roland Jupiter-80 will receive an iPad 2 completely free of charge.

20 Apr 2012 10:03

This summer is set to see singer Cheryl Cole's latest record, A Million Lights, hit the shops, it has been announced.

20 Apr 2012 09:52

Next month is set to see a music-themed, weekend-spanning occasion dedicated to a famed conductor from Edinburgh, according to the BBC.

19 Apr 2012 17:04

Blur fans – or those looking to become Blur fans - will need to start saving: a 21-disc collection dedicated to the band is set to hit shelves soon.

19 Apr 2012 13:38

Given that she's had musical success stretching back to the early eighties – before any of One Direction were born - Madonna can probably be forgiven for a slight faux pas regarding the band.

19 Apr 2012 10:14

The contents of a forthcoming soundtrack record for musical television programme Glee have been made public.

18 Apr 2012 12:13

Gary Barlow is set to appear on our screens for music show The X Factor in 2012.

18 Apr 2012 10:47

Singer Kate Bush has picked up an Ivor Novello Awards nomination for her album, 50 Words for Snow.

17 Apr 2012 12:01

British punk group The Sex Pistols will be re-releasing one of their songs towards the end of next month.

16 Apr 2012 14:47

Rapper Example, the man behind number one hits Stay Awake and Changed the Way You Kiss Me, is among those set to appear in Torbay at a Radio 1 festival, the BBC has announced.

16 Apr 2012 10:30

Fans of Rufus Wainwright who live in the likes of Manchester, Birmingham and York will be pleased to hear that the musician is coming their way later this year to perform.

13 Apr 2012 13:52

Earlier this week, Disposable Teens and Rock is Dead singer Marilyn Manson was accompanied by the famous actor Johnny Depp in a musical gig.

13 Apr 2012 10:48

The wife of music lover Frank Tomes who was once the owner of many instruments has let a University of Edinburgh establishment have several, following his death.

12 Apr 2012 10:33

Lady Gaga's latest tour is called the Born This Way Ball – presumably after her single and album Born This Way.

11 Apr 2012 10:53

The Daily Star has published comments from an anonymous source saying that pop singer Lily Allen is "writing new tracks"

10 Apr 2012 14:27

An article in the Telegraph has brought up the subject of possible percussion 'prejudices' as part of an interview with Colin Currie, a percussion player.

10 Apr 2012 11:12

Singer Justin Bieber has thanked a One Direction member after they praised his LP.

5 Apr 2012 12:10

Dr Jim Marshall OBE, helped define the 'Sound of Rock' with the introduction of Marshall Amps in 1962.

5 Apr 2012 10:21

Artistically ambitious piano player and singer Regina Spektor has said that she 'can't rest until' certain songs are tackled appropriately in studio.

4 Apr 2012 09:50

Piano player and singer Amanda Palmer has said that her record producer once sent her a piece of fan mail.

3 Apr 2012 12:15

An academic has gone on record to bemoan the idea of "music being used like a weapon" in bus stations.

2 Apr 2012 16:54

Jazz, country and big band – as well as a Wurlitzer rendition – will apparently be involved in a forthcoming BBC Radio 2 event.

2 Apr 2012 10:13