Robbie Williams, the man behind such hits as Millennium, Old Before I Die and Strong, has titled a recent blog entry 'Me and Anya [Field, William's wife] are going to be mummy and daddy this year'.

30 Mar 2012 18:00

He joins the ranks of people from music mag NME and Radio 1, according to band face-off Live and Unsigned: Simon Li has signed up to help out with the competition.

30 Mar 2012 17:55

Previous X Factor contestants to pen books include Matt Cardle and One Direction.

30 Mar 2012 12:54

Plays down hopes Hyde Park gig could be a rejuvenation

30 Mar 2012 12:12

The piano company has a creative association with the event.

30 Mar 2012 10:51

The double number-one-album-scoring Florence and the Machine singer Florence Welch has been waxing lyrical about a recent choral experience.

30 Mar 2012 10:24

Historic electric guitars from the personal collection of the legendary guitar pioneer Les Paul are to be sold at auction.

30 Mar 2012 09:19

The Sun has reported that the prime minister's wife, Samantha Cameron, mentioned Marcus Mumford's favourite band when she recently came across the musician.

29 Mar 2012 15:19

Girl band the Spice Girls are to have a theatrical musical performed about them and the show will be "a collection of their best memories", according to an interview with Jenifer Saunders in the Mirror.

29 Mar 2012 10:03

Music themed TV show Glee has decided to take on a track by pop group One Direction.

28 Mar 2012 08:46

June will see Rihanna head to east London to give a performance for the BBC, the corporation has said.

27 Mar 2012 09:07

Roland's TD30 KV PRO is the new flagship kit in Roland's industry Leading V-Drums series.

26 Mar 2012 12:12

Bee Gee Robin Gibb – who recently had cancer – "deserves a medal" after his work on a Titanic-themed piece of music, says his son.

26 Mar 2012 09:54

Sean Conlon appeared on the The Voice over the weekend.

26 Mar 2012 09:01

Ashdown announce a host of new bass heads, combos and cabinets at Musikmesse 2012.

23 Mar 2012 16:46

Pop group S Club 7 have become the subject of get-together speculation.

23 Mar 2012 16:40

Singer Engelbert Humperdinck has said that he is 'very proud' of 'Love Will Set You Free.'

23 Mar 2012 10:06

Alesis announce Pro X Kick Professional Bass Drum Pedal at Musikmesse 2012.

22 Mar 2012 16:40

Steinberg announce Nuendo Live ideal for recording live performance at Musikmesse 2012.

22 Mar 2012 14:08

Oasis should get back together, but their fellow Manchester band The Smiths should not – at least according to one festival expert.

22 Mar 2012 13:43

Focusrite announce the ISA TWO classic dual mono transformer-based microphone preamplifier at Musikmesse 2012.

22 Mar 2012 13:13

Mackie announce three new PA series including the S500 series and FRS series at Musikmesse 2012.

22 Mar 2012 11:08

A switch has been made in part of a forthcoming instalment of the TV show Mad Men to ensure that the music is historically accurate.

22 Mar 2012 10:17

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21 Mar 2012 17:03

Audio-Technica release an array of new products including new microphones and headphones at Musikmesse 2012.

21 Mar 2012 16:24

PreSonus has announced updates to two of its classic tube preamplifiers at Musikmesse 2012.

21 Mar 2012 15:14

X Factor judge Simon Cowell has congratulated boy band One Direction after their LP went to number one in America – thus setting a record for a band from Britain.

21 Mar 2012 13:54

Avid have released Mbox and Mbox Midi audio interfaces as bundles with Pro Tools Express at Musikmesse 2012.

21 Mar 2012 13:07

Recently heralded gigs will take place this summer.

21 Mar 2012 12:29

Yamaha announce the new GC Series with ten classical guitars made from both spruce and ceder being released at Musikmesse 2012.

21 Mar 2012 12:18

Brooklyn Beckham has received an invitation to play a music instrument with a British pop group.

21 Mar 2012 11:45

Yamaha announce the alluring NU1 hybrid piano at Musikmesse 2012.

21 Mar 2012 11:13

Yamaha announce a new DTX electric drum kit in the form of the DTX560K at Musikmesse 2012.

21 Mar 2012 10:46

Yamaha have announced the EZ-220 portable keyboard and a special edition Tyros4 at Musikmesse 2012.

21 Mar 2012 10:20

Music technology innovators Roland have unveiled the WNA1100-RL Wireless USB Adapter for use with Roland Gear and the iPhone at Musikmesse 2012.

21 Mar 2012 09:08

Roland announce a two new high-impact stage amps the GA-112 and GA-212 at Musikmesse 2012.

21 Mar 2012 09:08

Roland announce the release of the F-120R Digital Piano available in Ebony, Red & Ivory finishes at Musikmesse 2012.

21 Mar 2012 09:07

After the release of the BK-5 keyboard earlier this year Roland have now announced the release of the BK-5 OR Keyboard at Musikmesse 2012.

21 Mar 2012 09:07

Roland have unveiled the latest addition to their vocal effects processor range with the VE-5 Vocal Performer at Musikmesse 2012.

21 Mar 2012 09:06

Building on the success of the JUPITER 80 Roland are releasing a smaller version the JUPITER 50 at Musikmesse 2012.

21 Mar 2012 09:05

Roland announce the release of the TD-15K and TD-15KV V-Drum kits at Musikmesse 2012.

21 Mar 2012 09:00

Roland announced the release of the TD-11K and TD-11KV V-Drum kits at Musikmesse 2012.

21 Mar 2012 09:00

Korg announce two new microKEY USB powered keyboards in addition to the original 37 key model at Musikmesse 2012.

21 Mar 2012 09:00

Vox announce the Lil' Looper Multi-effects pedal allowing effortless looping performance at Muskimesse 2012.

21 Mar 2012 09:00

Dynaudio announce the DBM50 studio monitors offering a new angle in desktop mixing at Musikmesse 2012.

21 Mar 2012 08:36

TC Electronic have announced the BG250 TonePrint Bass Combo Amp offering 250 watts of power at Musikmesse 2012.

21 Mar 2012 08:13

TC Electronic announce the Spark Booster Pedal designed to push amps to there full potential at Musikmesse 2012.

21 Mar 2012 08:12

Fender announce seven new American Standard Series bass guitars at Musikmesse 2012.

21 Mar 2012 08:06

Fender announce five new american standard series electric guitars at Musikmesse 2012.

21 Mar 2012 08:06

Alto announce the Kick 12 and Kick 15 keyboard amps at Musikmesse 2012.

20 Mar 2012 15:29

Alesis announce the release of the iO Mix 4-channel mixer/recorder for iPad at Musikmesse 2012.

20 Mar 2012 15:04

Music instrument players of all kinds are among those who may benefit from a new injection of charitable cash from the BBC this year.

20 Mar 2012 12:02

It features such music greats as Queen, Oasis and The Beatles: the list of albums that have sold more than any others in Britain.

20 Mar 2012 09:56

Nord are adding a new keyboard to the popular portable Electro range with the Nord Electro 4D at Musikmesse 2012.

19 Mar 2012 16:16

Joshua Bell has been talking to the Telegraph about the difference between conducting and directing a piece of music while also playing in an orchestra.

19 Mar 2012 15:07

Rufus Wainwright has come out as a fan of Lady Gaga – to a certain extent!

19 Mar 2012 13:11

Laney are set to unveil the Tony Iommi Signature guitar amp this week at Musikmesse 2012.

19 Mar 2012 10:43

The drums player for Sheffield band Arctic Monkeys has used a recent interview to hail the success one of the band's music videos – as well as hint at fresh tunes that could be coming fans' way soon.

19 Mar 2012 09:14

Festive-themed title will feature an infant dinosaur, publisher Random House has said.

16 Mar 2012 15:47

Ibanez, the leading extreme electric guitar manufacturer, has announced a series of quilted maple instruments for Musikmesse 2012.

16 Mar 2012 14:17

The Pioneer RMX-1000 Effector is set to raise the bar for live DJ performance, promising to become a one stop "remix station", launched at Musikmesse 2012.

16 Mar 2012 11:09

As he spoke in the USA (where he was famously 'born'), he said that both 'doubt' and 'confidence', 'worry' and calm were necessary attributes.

16 Mar 2012 09:36

Liam Gallagher has said that a gig at the Fuji Festival will see the stalwart tunes' return.

15 Mar 2012 14:19

The instrument had been produced in around 1900.

15 Mar 2012 10:21

Revered amp manufacturer Blackstar has announced that it will release its "biggest ever" product at Musikmesse 2012.

14 Mar 2012 16:55

Rupert Neve's mystery product is due to be launched at Musikmesse 2012, and the company is building interest with with a competition to win the unknown gear.

14 Mar 2012 12:52

Record has hit the peak position in the download chart on Apple's iTunes platform.

14 Mar 2012 10:32

One of their special instruments is an ocarina carved out of a sweet potato.

13 Mar 2012 15:08

Singing information already appearing on the programme's website.

13 Mar 2012 09:53

Course apparently has a strong emphasis on playing, while allowing the exploration of a variety of genres.

12 Mar 2012 09:20

Buddy Holly and Jimi Hendrix are among the legends to have used the firm's guitars.

9 Mar 2012 12:01

June 20th and 21st will see a thus-far mystery array of guitar players, singers and other artists appear at a music event set in a whiskey company's base.

9 Mar 2012 10:37

Brother calls him 'loyal friend'

8 Mar 2012 14:47

Film to channel the power of the band's live shows.

8 Mar 2012 11:54

Music lovers from elsewhere in the UK will also be able to enjoy the composer's presence via Radio 3.

8 Mar 2012 10:09

Anoushka Sharp has been named Emunah Young Musician of the Year 2012.

7 Mar 2012 12:40

Singer still tours and will be Jetting to Azerbaijan

7 Mar 2012 09:52

Playing home of Oasis, Manchester

6 Mar 2012 14:09

Lauded as one of the greatest guitar players of all time.

6 Mar 2012 11:58

He's not a composer you'd expect to hear from any time soon, but fans of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart may soon be in for a treat.

6 Mar 2012 09:39

A scientist has found a novel use for spiders' webs.

5 Mar 2012 15:54

Noel Gallagher would love to see TOTP back on air.

5 Mar 2012 12:30

A violin stolen from a train has been returned to its owner.

2 Mar 2012 10:18

Johnny Marr suggests a new government could see the return of The Smiths.

2 Mar 2012 09:21

Graham Coxon has announced his latest musical offering is a lot bleaker than previous records.

1 Mar 2012 15:18

Davy Jones of The Monkees has died at the age of 66.

1 Mar 2012 10:17