Sonny Rollins receives life achievement accolade at the Kennedy Center Honorees 2011 ceremony,

30 Dec 2011 18:25

Robert Pattinson receives two vintage guitars for Christmas.

30 Dec 2011 16:12

3D visuals make their way into the music industry.

30 Dec 2011 14:58

The BBC has begun its search for the 2012 Young Musician of the Year

30 Dec 2011 12:56

The great jazz saxophonist Sam Rivers has passed away.

29 Dec 2011 16:22

Florence Welch finds it ''frightening'' to bare her soul in her songs because she is quintessentially British.

29 Dec 2011 16:15

Bush frontman Gavin Rossdale insists he ''hasn't missed'' his former bandmate Nigel Pulsford since the group reunited.

29 Dec 2011 16:15

Pearl Jam replace stolen guitar with new one just in time for Christmas.

29 Dec 2011 14:21

Scissor Sisters reveal on Facebook they are releasing a new album in 2012.

29 Dec 2011 12:19

Nas has spoken about his work with Amy Winehouse, which he described as bittersweet.

29 Dec 2011 10:16

A music student has been reunited with her priceless violin after she left in on a bus.

28 Dec 2011 17:50

Music superstar Cliff Richard is keen on working with Lady Gaga and Rihanna.

28 Dec 2011 15:48

An eight-year-old boy has become the youngster person to pass the Associated Board’s grade 8 exam.

28 Dec 2011 13:46

The rap megastars have been paid £4 million for playing at a 16-year-old's birthday party in Dubai.

28 Dec 2011 10:21

Primal Scream's Bobby Gillespie has hit out at today's generation of rock stars for being too conformist.

23 Dec 2011 18:42

Big stars to be honoured with Lifetime Achievement Awards at next year's Grammys.

23 Dec 2011 16:40

Adele has started on vocal training to build her voice back to its booming best.

23 Dec 2011 14:39

Ed Roman, a well-known guitar maker, has died following an illness.

23 Dec 2011 12:38

After 51 years of active duty in the industry, a Japanese piano tuner has been in a reflective mood.

23 Dec 2011 10:36

A man has been charged with illegally distributing an unreleased Madonna track.

22 Dec 2011 20:30

The Eurythmics singer has compared the hit talent show to a factory.

22 Dec 2011 16:16

Customers can now receive up to 20% off a wide range of music equipment at

22 Dec 2011 15:10

The N-Dubz singer is set to produce a candid memoir about her eventful life.

22 Dec 2011 14:23

A man from Sydney has broken the world record for the longest ever DJ set.

22 Dec 2011 12:15

A young musician has taught himself a complex piece of classical music.

22 Dec 2011 10:14

Unseen footage of David Bowie performing on Top of the Pops will be aired tonight.

21 Dec 2011 18:41

The Arctic Monkeys' frontman says he can't write hit songs and is working on his singing voice.

21 Dec 2011 16:39

Previous X Factor losers have come top of a poll of the hardest working musicians in the business.

21 Dec 2011 14:38

Youngsters make flutes for less fortunate peers in Haiti.

21 Dec 2011 12:35

The indie band have donated a signed guitar to charity.

21 Dec 2011 10:00

Mark Ronson has revealed that his work with Amy Winehouse on Back to Black helped his career.

20 Dec 2011 18:29

HMV has admitted it faces an uncertain future after reporting more heavy losses.

20 Dec 2011 16:27

Order an in stock item by 3pm on Thursday 22nd December for delivery before Christmas.

20 Dec 2011 15:10

Beatles legend Sir Paul McCartney is to release a new album next year.

20 Dec 2011 14:26

Strictly Come Dancing sensation Harry Judd is looking to return to his roots as drummer for McFly.

20 Dec 2011 12:24

A new book by Stuart Isacoff charts the magnificent history of the piano

20 Dec 2011 10:22

A drum teacher has been told he can no longer teach drumming in his shed.

19 Dec 2011 20:20

The Arctic Monkeys' drummer wants to learn the guitar and auto harp.

19 Dec 2011 18:19

X Factor winners Little Mix have stormed to the top of the singles chart with Cannonball.

19 Dec 2011 16:18

The Beach Boys have announced they are getting back in the studio to celebrate their 50th anniversary.

19 Dec 2011 14:17

Apple has launched a new cloud-based music service called iTunes Match.

19 Dec 2011 12:16

Adele is supposedly looking to leave London for the countryside.

19 Dec 2011 10:15

Singer-songwriter Kate Nash is doing her bit to support young girls realise their dreams through music.

16 Dec 2011 15:21

Aspiring musicians should look to see what type of musical instruments their heroes use.

16 Dec 2011 11:19

The English rock band want to explore different sounds for their next album.

15 Dec 2011 18:45

Lady Gaga tops off the year with a record amount of money.

15 Dec 2011 16:44

Electric guitar player Gary Clark Jr is set to reach for the stars next year.

15 Dec 2011 14:37

An English craftsman has produced a series of Buddy Holly guitars using original frets from Holly's own instruments.

15 Dec 2011 12:36

Choosing a guitar case takes a lot of consideration, according to an expert.

15 Dec 2011 10:00

Little Mix face their first test –the mighty US grunge band Nirvana.

14 Dec 2011 16:17

A young drummer is helping others master the instrument.

14 Dec 2011 14:16

Drummers can make cool beats while on the move with the new electric drum t-shirt.

14 Dec 2011 12:15

Billy Joel joins an illuminating list of pianists who have their portrait hanging in Steinway's New York headquarters.

14 Dec 2011 10:14

A festival boss has admitted he was willing to spend lots of money to secure Eminem.

13 Dec 2011 16:43

Chris Martin reckons Lady Gaga can pen better choruses than even him.

13 Dec 2011 16:42

A young musician is now practising on a 100-year-old cello, which is on loan to her.

13 Dec 2011 14:41

Electric guitar legend Brian May has admitted Queen are totally different to how they were with Freddie Mercury.

13 Dec 2011 12:39

Gibson is to reproduce a limited edition range of one of its classic guitars.

13 Dec 2011 10:00

A jazz piano player has recorded his first studio album at the age of 85.

12 Dec 2011 18:09

A sublime coffee table book showcases some of the most iconic guitars of all time.

12 Dec 2011 16:07

A 1972 Fender Telecaster that once belonged to a member of Pearl Jam has been found.

12 Dec 2011 14:06

Pharrell Williams and Hans Zimmer have been announced as music consultants for next year's Oscars.

12 Dec 2011 12:05

Little Mix have bagged a record deal after winning the X Factor.

12 Dec 2011 10:03

The Stereophonics' Kelly Jones has recorded an unofficial Wales football anthem in memory of Gary Speed

9 Dec 2011 18:31

Lane Del Rey reveals how an early experience of Heart Shaped Box changed her life forever.

9 Dec 2011 16:29

Pearl has developed a new device that helps drummers hear the bass much clearer.

9 Dec 2011 14:48

A doctor is bringing music to a hospital as a way of making life better for patients.

9 Dec 2011 12:00

A Yamaha piano used by Elton John to warm-up on has found a home in a new space on London's South Quay.

9 Dec 2011 10:00

Bill Tapia has passed away at the age of 103 after a lifetime spent mastering the ukulele.

8 Dec 2011 18:54

Peavey's AmpKit LiNK has been voted as one of the best guitar-based products of 2011

8 Dec 2011 16:53

Maya Beiser is not like any other cello player you'll ever meet – she's rock and roll.

8 Dec 2011 14:52

Rod Stewart has revealed he would be up for performing with the Faces again.

8 Dec 2011 12:51

Underworld with join forces with filmmaker Danny Boyle to deliver the opening ceremony of the games.

8 Dec 2011 10:00

The chairman of the Association of Independent Music has called the BBC's Sound Of poll meaningless.

7 Dec 2011 18:05

The X Factor has been accused of fixing after HMV blunder.

7 Dec 2011 16:03

Gibson has come up with some tips for musicians about how to select the perfect guitar pick.

7 Dec 2011 14:48

Fur Peace Ranch is a camp where people can hone their music skills in lush surroundings.

7 Dec 2011 12:45

Anyone with unwanted music instruments can donate them to Dublin City Council's Strings Project.

7 Dec 2011 10:00

Madonna has been confirmed as the half-time act at the Super Bowl in 2012.

6 Dec 2011 20:16

Coldplay's Chris Martin admits he's a fan of the TV Show The X Factor.

6 Dec 2011 18:14

A park shaped like a guitar will celebrate the life and music of Hendrix.

6 Dec 2011 16:13

2Cellos are a new force on the classical block, delivering intrepid versions of well-liked pop songs.

6 Dec 2011 14:57

Gibson is expanding its range of products after it purchased an audio company.

6 Dec 2011 12:55

American Chicago blues guitarist Hubert Sumlin has passed away aged 80.

6 Dec 2011 10:00

Lady Gaga is set to announce her plans on the greatest tour ever.

5 Dec 2011 18:46

Paul McCartney said he has been shown evidence that his phone was hacked.

5 Dec 2011 16:45

Limp Bizkit have been dropped by their record label after poor album sales.

5 Dec 2011 14:44

A Steinway piano made by the artist Michael Parekowhai has been bought or $1.5 million.

5 Dec 2011 12:42

Keith Urban still rocks guitar while recovering from throat surgery.

5 Dec 2011 10:00

The former Sex Pistols star has revealed that the band has gone for a simple approach to naming their long-awaited new studio album.

2 Dec 2011 16:51

A luthier has produced an electric guitar out of an old fishing tackle box.

2 Dec 2011 14:45

CF Martin is experimenting with using reclaimed wood to manufacture high-quality acoustic guitars.

2 Dec 2011 12:44

Pianos have been placed across the city as part of a celebration of art.

2 Dec 2011 10:00

Adele is using her smartphone to talk to ensure she doesn't tax her voice.

1 Dec 2011 18:51

Travis Barker takes to Twitter to air his grievance at LAPD

1 Dec 2011 16:49

For 20 years Lisa Johansen has stuck by the claims that she is the real Lisa Marie.

1 Dec 2011 14:41

Research into the history of a music store that sold Paul McCartney his first guitar is set to go underway.

1 Dec 2011 12:40

Classical musicians are worried new regulations will affect the purity of their sound.

1 Dec 2011 10:39