Elvis Costello rubbishes his own overpriced music and urges fans to buy Louis Armstrong's album instead.

30 Nov 2011 16:15

The teen sensation beat Kim Kardashian and Jennifer Aniston to take the crown.

30 Nov 2011 13:14

A guitar amp belonging to George Harrison is to go under the hammer next month.

30 Nov 2011 10:13

Wyclef Jean has defended his charity after claims of improper payments have emerged.

29 Nov 2011 15:18

Boy George urges Adele to give up smoking to save her voice.

29 Nov 2011 12:17

Researchers have produced a Stradivarius violin using an X-ray.

29 Nov 2011 10:04

Mike Skinner's The Streets have called it a day after ten years.

28 Nov 2011 15:21

David Bowie is set to have his life turned into a futuristic musical.

28 Nov 2011 12:19

A musician has dragged his piano up a mountain to play Beethoven to blind elephants.

28 Nov 2011 10:18

Elbow have been selected by the BBC to write its soundtrack to the London Olympics.

25 Nov 2011 16:21

Battling claims that he stole lyrics from a fellow musician, Kanye West has revealed his true source – Friedrich Nietzsche.

25 Nov 2011 14:20

Jimi Hendrix has come top of a list of the all-time guitar greats.

25 Nov 2011 10:19

Pop titan George Michael is recovering in hospital after falling ill in Vienna.

24 Nov 2011 16:23

Rising popstar Lana Del Rey feels her lips are too pouty in the video that made her name.

24 Nov 2011 14:22

Chris Vrenna, formerly of Nine Inch Nails, has left Marilyn Manson's band.

24 Nov 2011 12:21

Saoirse Ronan from Ireland worked hard to get a grip of Beethoven's piano sonata.

24 Nov 2011 10:00

Laurie Caudwell, one of Gear4music.com's Customer Services team, has just won the UK National Final of the Roland V-Drum Championships at the Jam House in Birmingham.

23 Nov 2011 16:54

Britney Spears says she loves the competition from Adele and Jessie J.

23 Nov 2011 16:44

The R&B band put an end to speculation that they'll never get back together again.

23 Nov 2011 14:43

A violin that was custom-built for one of the members of The Corrs has raised £1,600 for Oxfam.

23 Nov 2011 12:40

Primary school children will get access to a plethora of musical instruments in Edinburgh

23 Nov 2011 10:36

Alex Turner wants another go at performing at Glastonbury to give fans a show they will never forget.

22 Nov 2011 16:05

Will.i.am didn't want anyone to feature on his new track and ended up with Mick Jagger.

22 Nov 2011 14:04

Rene Alfred Morel, a renowned instrument worker with a gift for mending stringed-instruments, has been remembered.

22 Nov 2011 12:02

Gibson's chief executive officer has revealed that the Firebird X is his favourite electric guitar.

22 Nov 2011 10:00

US president Barack Obama pays tribute to Heavy D as the star's funeral service is held.

21 Nov 2011 18:18

Lady Gaga has put an end to rumours she and Madonna don't get on.

21 Nov 2011 16:16

Noel Gallagher is to have talks with movie bosses over penning the new Bond theme tune, according to a source.

21 Nov 2011 14:15

A man who has created the longest piano in the world wants Elton John to play on it

21 Nov 2011 12:14

A quadriplegic is using innovative technology to help him perform a classical piece on the violin.

21 Nov 2011 10:12

Tom Smith is looking forward to playing the flute.

18 Nov 2011 22:16

Cellos one of the instruments set to be popular this Christmas.

18 Nov 2011 20:15

Roland are backing a teenager's charity record effort.

18 Nov 2011 18:12

Mogwai have a Fender 72 telecaster stolen along with other music instruments.

18 Nov 2011 16:10

Johnny Marr has said the use of Please Please Please has not been "sullied" by its use in an advert.

18 Nov 2011 14:22

Arctic Monkeys frontman has revealed he's a fan of country music.

18 Nov 2011 12:21

Glastonbury festival is get washing machines to keep it clean.

18 Nov 2011 10:19

The Yamaha THR5 Guitar Amp competition was won by Jay Landman of Bedfordshire.

18 Nov 2011 09:24

A movie about the life of Michael Jackson could be on the cards.

17 Nov 2011 15:16

Chris Martin has revealed that Beyonce's team rejected a song he wrote for her.

17 Nov 2011 12:15

Fort Worth Symphony over the move with second Stradivarius

17 Nov 2011 10:08

Wood is an important consideration for those buying an acoustic guitar

16 Nov 2011 22:00

A new plan will see the city of Derry give a musical instrument to every child in order to help it develop a reputation as a musical destination.

16 Nov 2011 20:33

Hip hop hardman will be taking fatherhood very seriously.

16 Nov 2011 18:36

The hit rapper has been struggling to bring out an album because of beef with his label.

16 Nov 2011 16:33

Bieber's acoustic guitar to go under hammer to raise money for charity.

16 Nov 2011 14:32

Pre-school kids to learn how to play violin using the Suzuki Method.

16 Nov 2011 12:31

A school struggling to provide enough music instruments for its students has been donated new ones.

16 Nov 2011 10:30

Guns N' Roses have been nominated to be inducted into the Rock N' Roll Hall of Fame

15 Nov 2011 16:29

Van Halen, back together with David Lee Roth, are producing a new album.

15 Nov 2011 14:28

Johnny A is urging people to keep an eye on his unique electric guitars which were stolen from his home.

15 Nov 2011 12:27

Dick Wagner suffered a heart attack and stroke and was left unable to play his electric guitar.

15 Nov 2011 10:26

Jay-Z removes Occupy All Streets t-shirts from website after a storm of protest.

14 Nov 2011 18:14

Black Sabbath to pocket £100 million in one of the most lucrative comebacks in music history.

14 Nov 2011 16:12

A violin orchestra that helps young people through music has been commended.

14 Nov 2011 14:11

Michael J Fox recreated his famous scene from Back to the Future on a red electric guitar.

14 Nov 2011 12:10

Two volunteer teachers working in Fiji are asking people to donate brass musical instruments.

14 Nov 2011 10:09

A musician whose drum kit was stolen from him has appealed for its return.

12 Nov 2011 16:46

He will play all of Bach's suites for unaccompanied cello in one go.

12 Nov 2011 12:46

Quadrophenia named best album by Pete Townshend.

11 Nov 2011 18:26

Paul Weller hopes he never will be broke enough to have to consider reforming his old band The Jam.

11 Nov 2011 16:25

Known as a "guitar god" she is back to her best after becoming disillusioned with the instrument.

11 Nov 2011 14:24

A music charity that helps youngsters develop their music skills has been given a funding boost.

11 Nov 2011 12:22

A music instrument thought to have been made out of mahogany gets its rightful wood-type.

11 Nov 2011 10:21

The Rolling Stones are getting together for a jam, with or without Mick Jagger.

10 Nov 2011 18:40

A woman has left her husband after he gave her an ultimatum over her love of Westlife.

10 Nov 2011 16:38

Bruce Springsteen acoustic guitar sells for $160,000 at a special gig.

10 Nov 2011 14:37

A student has won a competition for her music-inspired Google Doodle.

10 Nov 2011 12:36

Young musician leaves family violin on bus.

10 Nov 2011 10:35

A bed and pair of pyjamas used by Michael Jackson have sold at an auction.

9 Nov 2011 14:17

Amy Winehouse's Back To Black dress is to be sold to raise money for charity.

9 Nov 2011 12:16

Liquidators for Borders have sold an electric guitar that was donated to the book chain by George Harrison.

9 Nov 2011 10:15

A talented piano player is taking his instrument to the rainforest.

8 Nov 2011 16:36

The TC Electronic TonePrint App has just been released and is set to revolutionise the way guitarists change their tone on the move with the use of a free app for iPhone and Android phone.

8 Nov 2011 16:01

The Stone Roses are rumoured to be getting £10 million for their comeback gigs.

8 Nov 2011 14:34

Win one of Yamaha's newly released THR5 Guitar Amps in Gear4music.com's latest competition.

8 Nov 2011 10:50

Lady Gaga was the big winner at the MTV awards.

7 Nov 2011 13:35

People are being encouraged to pick up their music instruments for a crowd-sourced Christmas song.

7 Nov 2011 11:33

Drummer Chris Pennie is looking to work on other creative projects.

4 Nov 2011 18:23

Radiohead are to auction off an electric guitar used on Kid A.

4 Nov 2011 16:51

Liam Gallagher believes that Oasis will get back together again one day.

4 Nov 2011 16:22

REM have revealed they will never get back together again.

4 Nov 2011 14:20

Two new analogue ribbon synthesizers have been added to the Monotron range - the Korg Monotron DUO and Monotron DELAY.

4 Nov 2011 12:51

A new digital guitar is making noise in the music industry.

4 Nov 2011 12:18

An acoustic guitar from 1938 has sold for an amazing $53,775 (approximately £33,596).

4 Nov 2011 10:14

Damon Albarn has revealed that Blur get together all the time.

3 Nov 2011 18:39

The Happy Mondays star has been signed up to present a new show about aliens.

3 Nov 2011 16:38

Dave Grohl clears up a misunderstanding about his role on Michael Jackson's I Can't Make it Another Day.

3 Nov 2011 14:37

The Red Hot Chili Peppers have designed a limited edition range of bass guitars.

3 Nov 2011 12:29

German ministers are hoping Mozart's piano concertos will reduce road accidents.

3 Nov 2011 10:27

Life Music Foundation wants more instruments to help disadvantaged children learn music.

2 Nov 2011 16:59

The country star’s new album Guitar Slinger is his best yet

2 Nov 2011 16:47

Alicia Keys shows off her charitable credentials with a kind donation.

2 Nov 2011 14:01

PJ Harvey reveals why she doesn't play her old tracks.

2 Nov 2011 12:33

Sarm Studios is to get multi-million pound conversion.

2 Nov 2011 10:31

U2 have put down their average performance at Glastonbury down to poor shoes and a DJ who damaged their keyboards.

2 Nov 2011 09:34

Brad Paisley has a new book out documenting how he first came across an acoustic guitar.

1 Nov 2011 18:35

The Who guitarist attacked Apple, the internet and digital technology for having a detrimental impact on the music industry.

1 Nov 2011 16:32

Gear4music is proud to announce the winner of a Rode NT1-A Vocal Pack and the of Avid Pro Tools 9 Software, after thousands of entries.

1 Nov 2011 14:35

The Rolling Stones’ Ronnie Wood is holding an exhibition of his art in London.

1 Nov 2011 14:30

Coldplay’s new album was inspired by the madness of the financial collapse.

1 Nov 2011 12:25

A gun-guitar commissioned as a symbol of peace is to be permanently on display in India.

1 Nov 2011 10:24