The hip hop star Rick Ross says he's back to form after experiencing two seizures in one day.

31 Oct 2011 18:38

Paul Stanley has undergone throat surgery to fix a few vocal problems.

31 Oct 2011 16:36

After suffering persistent throat problems, Adele is to have surgery.

31 Oct 2011 14:35

U2 admit they need to make a new album of hits if they are to survive in the music industry.

31 Oct 2011 12:34

Beatles legend Sir Paul McCartney does his bit to restore famous piano.

31 Oct 2011 10:33

The TC Electronic Rottweiler Distortion is the latest pedal released in their growing pantheon of high quality effects for guitar.

31 Oct 2011 08:48

The Slow Show, an indie folk band from Manchester, have had their drum kit stolen.

28 Oct 2011 20:52

The Arctic Monkeys have revealed their name is the product of one suggestion.

28 Oct 2011 14:54

New super group featuring Damon Albarn, Flea and Tony Allen is called Rocketjuice and the Moon.

28 Oct 2011 12:53

You can win Avid Pro Tools 9 (including a free upgrade to Pro Tools 10) in our latest competition - the software is renowned for its creative power and flexibility.

28 Oct 2011 10:40

Queen are looking to release demo tracks from the 80s.

28 Oct 2011 08:55

Rapper Professor Green has spoken about his desire to work with Mike Skinner again.

27 Oct 2011 16:51

Footballer Joey Barton wants to help reunite The Smiths.

27 Oct 2011 14:50

Justin Bieber has said he is working with Kanye West and Drake on new studio album.

27 Oct 2011 12:49

David Edwards has swapped his life playing the cello for making music instruments on a tiny scale.

27 Oct 2011 10:47

Metallica are said to be in the early stages of developing a new 3D documentary.

26 Oct 2011 12:22

An electric guitar by Blondie is to go under the hammer for charity.

26 Oct 2011 10:22

Singer-songwriter John Mayer has undergone throat surgery.

26 Oct 2011 09:23

Alan McGee is to sell music memorabilia next month at an auction in Stockport.

25 Oct 2011 16:17

Urban star Tinie Tempah is hooking up with Gary Barlow and Chris Martin on new songs.

25 Oct 2011 14:16

TC Electronic, the leading guitar technology manufacturer, has released a video showing what appears to be an iPhone 4, guitar pickups and lots of Lego Technics.

25 Oct 2011 12:52

Musician Ray Manzerolle is to try out a saxophone that has been made out of plastic.

25 Oct 2011 12:06

Oasis could get back together again to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Morning Glory, the band's second studio album.

24 Oct 2011 18:48

The Beatles legend is continuing his wedding celebrations with a second party in the US.

24 Oct 2011 16:47

Luka Coetze is a six-year-old cello prodigy who is already making noises with her skills.

24 Oct 2011 14:45

Pearl Jam to auction Gibson Flying V guitar

24 Oct 2011 12:40

Superstar Barry Manilow has shown his charitable side with a mammoth donation of music instruments.

24 Oct 2011 10:00

The Hole singer has been ordered to pay £60,000 after losing valuable gems.

21 Oct 2011 18:52

MC Hammer is developing a new search engine to rival Google and Microsoft.

21 Oct 2011 16:52

Gallagher and Albarn go for a beer and bury the hatchet.

21 Oct 2011 14:50

Gibson Through The Lens is an exhibition of some of the world's most famous musicians.

21 Oct 2011 12:49 is offering the chance to win a Rode NT1-A Mic Vocal Pack worth £159 just for 'liking' the page.

21 Oct 2011 10:48

Harry Hill, revered TV comedian, has teamed up with Roland, Muzu TV and The Fly to give you the chance to win £5,000 worth of music gear and a record deal.

21 Oct 2011 10:03

Ranbir Kapoor learns guitar for his new movie Rockstar.

21 Oct 2011 10:00

Pro Tools 10 offers the most cutting edge composition, recording, editing and mixing of music in the latest update of the most widely used audio workstation in the music industry.

21 Oct 2011 08:57

Hit Brit rockers Muse to donate £15,000 worth of music equipment to Plymouth University to help students

20 Oct 2011 18:48

Manic Street Preachers believe the age of the single is over.

20 Oct 2011 16:46

A handwritten letter from Paul McCartney responding to drumming advert to go under the hammer.

20 Oct 2011 14:45

Herbie Hancock is using technology in his latest live show.

20 Oct 2011 12:44

An aspiring saxophone player has been told his saxophone poses a safety hazard on buses.

20 Oct 2011 10:43

All four original members sat together for a press conference confirming The Stone Roses were back together again.

19 Oct 2011 15:39

Fender has donated a bespoke Telecaster for the Love Ride 28 event, which raises money for charity.

19 Oct 2011 12:01

MP Valerie Vaz believes that every primary school in England should have a piano.

19 Oct 2011 10:00

The band will see their name in the Guinness Book of World Records when they perform their 300th show.

19 Oct 2011 09:40

British reggae band UB40 have been declared bankrupt.

18 Oct 2011 18:29

Icelandic star Bjork has been receiving rave reviews with her latest studio album Biophilia.

18 Oct 2011 16:25

Teotronico is a piano playing robot with 19 fingers.

18 Oct 2011 14:26

Rumours of The Stone Roses getting back together again could prove to be true.

18 Oct 2011 12:27

Step forward the Norwegian musician who plays with instruments made entirely out of ice.

18 Oct 2011 10:00

The rapper was stopped by border control for having a considerable amount of money on him.

17 Oct 2011 18:54

Alex Turner has revealed his inspiration for music comes from the heart.

17 Oct 2011 16:04

Rob Stammers was inspired to make an electric guitar after listening to the Foo Fighters new album.

17 Oct 2011 14:02

A new device called the iTar literally transforms iPads into guitars.

17 Oct 2011 12:12

Chris Martin drops a bombshell by announcing Mylo Xyloto could be the band's last ever album.

17 Oct 2011 10:11

The Star Trek legend admits he had no idea who Queen were until he covered their anthem for his new album.

14 Oct 2011 18:46

There will also be a discussion about how musicians can make touch-sensitive devices themselves.

14 Oct 2011 16:44

A restored Steinway piano has found a new home at a high school.

14 Oct 2011 14:43

Former Nirvana superstar plays drums again for Cage and the Elephant.

14 Oct 2011 12:42

Morrissey has attacked the media for dumbing down society.

14 Oct 2011 10:00

A plan to develop flats near the music venue has been rejected by the council.

13 Oct 2011 16:35

The actor's unique collection of guitars has sold for $936,438. The money will go towards humanitarian causes.

13 Oct 2011 14:15

The Pulp star has been appointed as editor-at-large by Faber and Faber.

13 Oct 2011 12:34

Yamaha has added two new keyboards to its range of world-renowned instruments - the PSR-S650 and the PSR-A2000.

13 Oct 2011 11:56

A music teacher has developed a new piano course that makes it easier to learn how to play the instrument.

13 Oct 2011 10:14

A rare violin belonging to Lorin Maazel will be sold off at an auction next month.

13 Oct 2011 09:16

Former Oasis star opens up on what he thinks of the current government.

12 Oct 2011 16:18

Singer's publicist puts out a statement to quash rumours Beyonce is faking her pregnancy.

12 Oct 2011 14:16

A rare cello has been stolen in a bold raid.

12 Oct 2011 12:15

Chelsea goalkeeper Peter Cech reveals he likes playing drums.

12 Oct 2011 10:13

The band kept a tight lid on any comment or press for The King of Limbs.

11 Oct 2011 18:29

The tiny popstar is said to be collaborating with major urban stars on her new album.

11 Oct 2011 16:28

Richard Gere's extensive collection of acoustic guitars and electric guitars are up for auction.

11 Oct 2011 14:27

Nobby Solano mixes playing for Hartlepool United with playing in a band called Geordie Latinos

11 Oct 2011 12:26

Jazz music is celebrated through guitars at a festival in Wrexham.

11 Oct 2011 10:25

Gary Barlow has revealed his lucky piano stopped delivering the magic after Take That split in 1996.

10 Oct 2011 14:45 has leant its support to the Notate Composition Project at Manor CE School, York.

10 Oct 2011 14:26

Beatles legend wed Nancy Shevell in low key ceremony.

10 Oct 2011 12:44

The range of premium Minster Pianos has grown with the addition of the MLP100 and MLP300 digital pianos.

10 Oct 2011 11:45

Country star Keith Urban is to auction his bespoke black Fender guitar for cancer charity.

10 Oct 2011 10:43

Piano player Roger Williams has died.

10 Oct 2011 09:46

Snoop Dogg is to star in a new TV sitcom.

7 Oct 2011 18:11

New York hipsters Yeasayer are continuing to push the music boundary further with their new studio album.

7 Oct 2011 16:10

Meinl, the leading percussion manufacturer, has made some exciting announcements to celebrate its 60th anniversary.

7 Oct 2011 14:13

Coldplay frontman admits his kids don't listen to the band's music.

7 Oct 2011 14:09

Brian May has suggested that Lady Gaga could be fronting the band when they go on tour.

7 Oct 2011 12:08

The singer-songwriter believes guitar bands are underrepresented.

7 Oct 2011 10:07

Steve Jobs, who has died, changed the face of music forever.

6 Oct 2011 18:13

Director John Scheinfeld wants an unknown to take the lead role of the King of Rock.

6 Oct 2011 16:12

Acoustic guitar player Bert Jansch has died of cancer at the age of 67.

6 Oct 2011 14:11

TC Electronic iB Modified pedals combine the ground breaking sounds the Danish company are famous for, with the technical wizardry of M-Tech Audio's Massimo Mantovani.

6 Oct 2011 12:50

Gibson releases the Krist Novoselic Signature RD bass guitar.

6 Oct 2011 12:10

Slash has revealed he is working on his second studio album.

6 Oct 2011 10:00

Noel Gallagher has a moan about X Factor contestants but admits daughter loves the show.

5 Oct 2011 18:22

Adele has cancelled her US tour because of continuing problems with her vocals.

5 Oct 2011 16:21

The Who's Roger Daltrey claims the music business lacks lead singers with the exception being Adele.

5 Oct 2011 14:19

Dancing with the Stars' Mark Ballas has had his acoustic guitar stolen from his car.

5 Oct 2011 12:18

School choir that has been inspired by Glee is in search of a new piano.

5 Oct 2011 10:17

Hip hop star Jay-Z backs Barack Obama for a second term as US president.

4 Oct 2011 16:02

Kiss wild man has married his long-term partner after 28 years.

4 Oct 2011 14:00

Martin Scorsese's new documentary reveals a complex figure in George Harrison

4 Oct 2011 12:00

Yamaha's DTX series of electronic drums kits gets new additions.

4 Oct 2011 09:58

Sting celebrates hitting 60 with music friends including Bruce Springsteen and Stevie Wonder.

3 Oct 2011 18:05

Brit band Kaiser Chiefs tell of concern of future of bands with guitars.

3 Oct 2011 16:04

A new video casts the Royal brothers in a new light – as aspiring young piano players.

3 Oct 2011 14:03

Students who enrolled on a school orchestra programme with no instruments now each have their own clarinet courtesy of the OK Mozart International Music Festival.

3 Oct 2011 12:02

Musicians laid on a mixed range of music as Afghanistan celebrated its first music festival in 30 years.

3 Oct 2011 10:49

The Fender Modern Player Series shows the company's commitment to encouraging new players to join the family, by providing entry-level instruments that don't scrimp on Fender quality.

1 Oct 2011 10:06