A Croydon-based musician is desperate to find his beloved music instrument.

30 Sep 2011 21:45

Musical instruments are being use to help improve relations between the US and Pakistan.

30 Sep 2011 19:44

Sylvia Robinson has died of heart failure at the age of 75.

30 Sep 2011 17:36

The crooner is the oldest person to have a number one album in the US.

30 Sep 2011 15:35

The Ohio Christian metalcore band have recorded a new album and gone on tour with Peavey amps.

30 Sep 2011 13:34

The Yamaha THR10 and THR5 guitar amps are set to revolutionise the way guitarists practice.

30 Sep 2011 12:38

Packing a digital punch, the Firebrand X is a revolutionary music instrument.

30 Sep 2011 11:34

Lady Gaga is among this year's O Music Award nominees.

29 Sep 2011 19:20

Trumpet players are needed for remembrance day parades.

29 Sep 2011 17:21

40 Steinway pianos featured in a recent Leeds College concert.

29 Sep 2011 17:18

Noel Gallagher will revisit Oasis songs on his tour.

29 Sep 2011 17:17

Music mogul Simon Cowell attacks Lady Gaga, Katy Perry and Beyonce.

29 Sep 2011 16:10

After being closed to the public for 65 years, the Fender factory is open for tours.

29 Sep 2011 14:09

Steve and Alan White, who played on the drums for the Style Council and Oasis respectively, have sold a Pearl drum kit to raise money for a cancer centre.

29 Sep 2011 12:08

Yamaha has unveiled its $1 million Elton John piano in Las Vegas.

29 Sep 2011 10:45

The singer said that even the offer of £10 million wouldn’t entice her to be a face of a label or brand.

29 Sep 2011 10:18

The Drum Mastery competition by Shure, the leading manufacturer of microphone and recording gear, opens on October 1st across 18 European countries.

28 Sep 2011 16:50

Former Oasis star has bigged up his debut studio album.

28 Sep 2011 16:24

Dr Conrad Murray is charged with involuntary manslaughter over the death of Michael Jackson

28 Sep 2011 14:22

German company prints a workable violin.

28 Sep 2011 12:22

A supposedly lost Beethoven movement has been put back together again.

28 Sep 2011 10:13

The popstar is to take on the role of legendary record producer Neil Bogart.

27 Sep 2011 18:47

Kasabian have opened up about their less than successful experience of playing music alongside U2.

27 Sep 2011 16:45

The thief allegedly replied that he thought the instrument was too expensive to be buried.

27 Sep 2011 14:43

Online music giant is getting social with its service by joining forces with Facebook.

27 Sep 2011 12:43

The university has achieved the prestigious All-Steinway School status.

27 Sep 2011 10:42

Dave Grohl briefly quit Nirvana after hearing Kurt Cobain badmouth his music skills.

26 Sep 2011 16:09

The DT25 is the latest guitar amp released by Line 6, the world's leading authority on amp modelling technology.

26 Sep 2011 15:59

Conductor Arild Remmereit has revealed it was the electric guitar that sparked up his passion for music.

26 Sep 2011 14:52

Steven Sproat delivers ukulele sessions to enthusiastic school children.

26 Sep 2011 12:51

Bruce Springsteen's E-Street Band will debate the future of their outfit, following the death of Clarence Clemons.

26 Sep 2011 10:49

X Factor winner Matt Cardle not happy about One Direction releasing music before him.

26 Sep 2011 10:10

Several highly collectible guitars were sold for charity.

23 Sep 2011 13:35

Chris Martin writes songs in his daughter's Wendy house.

23 Sep 2011 11:21

A group of students have broken a violin world record.

22 Sep 2011 17:26

REM have split after 31 years in the music business.

22 Sep 2011 15:24

Elton John tracks to feature in film biopic.

22 Sep 2011 13:01

The 24th International Guitar Festival of Great Britain is heading to Wirral.

21 Sep 2011 16:30

Robert Pattinson may be starting work on his debut album.

21 Sep 2011 14:30

Adele's Someone Like You is banned in one music shop.

21 Sep 2011 12:28

Music lovers will be heading to Glasgow this weekend.

20 Sep 2011 18:00

Fans are hoping that bagpipes will be allowed in the Rugby World Cup stadiums.

20 Sep 2011 12:15

James Clode, a rising star in Open Mic UK 2011, is using a Gear4music guitar to take him to the finals of the competition at The O2 in London.

20 Sep 2011 10:11

Beyonce gets her confidence from her music.

19 Sep 2011 17:12

Music lovers can take a tour of the Fender factory.

19 Sep 2011 12:36

The Gear4music GD-5 drum kit was part of a total prize value of £3,000 given away by Playmusic, the UK's leading free music gear publication.

19 Sep 2011 12:19

Former Fugees rapper really likes potential 2012 presidential candidate Sarah Palin.

16 Sep 2011 18:27

Soul singer's former publicist claims Brown was murdered.

16 Sep 2011 16:25

A classical guitarist has revealed how he strengthens his nails to help pluck the strings.

16 Sep 2011 12:42

The future of a 150-year-old organ is uncertain.

16 Sep 2011 10:41

Country musician Wade Mainer has died at the age of 104.

15 Sep 2011 18:59

Madonna has made a typically cheeky remark about what she thinks of Italy's prime minster.

15 Sep 2011 16:57

A wood turner has created a wooden version of a brass trumpet.

15 Sep 2011 14:55

An eight-year-old blind piano player is wowing audiences with her amazing skills.

15 Sep 2011 12:53

Staff at a music charity have bought new instruments with donated cash.

15 Sep 2011 09:52

Boss BC-2 Modeller and FB-2 booster/feedbacker effects pedals have been released by the leading guitar pedal manufacturer.

15 Sep 2011 09:00

The Roland SPD-SX Sampling Pad has just been announced, offering multi-pad percussion with 2GB of onboard sampling memory and three powerful effects engines.

15 Sep 2011 09:00

Roland AC-33 portable acoustic guitar amp and AC-60 acoustic guitar amp released, designed for acoustic guitar players on the go.

15 Sep 2011 09:00

Roland R-Mix Music Software is being billed as a new era in audio processing, giving professional and amateur musicians the tools they need to enhance a stereo mix easily and visually.

15 Sep 2011 09:00

The Boss RC-300 Loop Station pedal is the new flagship model from the world's leading effects pedal manufacturer.

15 Sep 2011 09:00

The Roland R-26 portable recorder provides six simultaneous channels of high fidelity recording in a handheld device.

15 Sep 2011 09:00

Lil' Wayne gives his two cents on Republicans.

14 Sep 2011 16:03

Willie Leacox donates drums to museum.

14 Sep 2011 14:02

Gibson's 9/11 electric guitars will raise money for 9/11 families.

14 Sep 2011 12:02

New research suggests lifelong musicians have better hearing than non-musicians.

14 Sep 2011 10:01

Dappy has revealed that N-Dubz's pop reign will come to an end in two years.

13 Sep 2011 16:40

Bieber gets to grips with the drums and wows onlookers.

13 Sep 2011 14:39

English rocker to be honoured with award for his contribution to music.

13 Sep 2011 12:38

Music museum in Turkey has benefitted from donations.

13 Sep 2011 10:37

TC Helicon, the leading vocal effects manufacturer, has announced the VoiceLive Rack, complete Mic Channel and Vocal Effects Processor.

13 Sep 2011 08:07

Chumbawamba have expressed their anger at the use of their number one single Tubthumping by Ukip.

12 Sep 2011 18:07

Folk singer's artwork of time spent in Asia to be shown in New York later this month.

12 Sep 2011 16:06

The rapper splashed out £24,000 on sneakers from the hit movie.

12 Sep 2011 14:05

Ronnie Wood has revealed he was kidnapped by his artist pal in a bid to help him.

12 Sep 2011 12:03

The Gadget Show, the respected Channel 5 technology programme, has hailed the Gear4music MK-906 Keyboard with USB MIDI as one of the "Top 5 Gadgets for Creating Music at Home."

12 Sep 2011 10:50

Line 6, the leading manufacturer of amp modelling and guitar effects, has announced the HD Pro processor for studio and stage.

12 Sep 2011 10:25

Youngsters benefit from free exposure to music instruments.

12 Sep 2011 10:00

Magazine claims Bowie and Reed came to blows after a gig.

9 Sep 2011 18:55

Socialite Paris Hilton is said to be working with David Guetta.

9 Sep 2011 16:53

Henry E Juszkiewicz has been invited to watch Obama give a speech about jobs.

9 Sep 2011 14:52

Mark Thomas has given thanks to the violin teacher who taught him the ropes.

9 Sep 2011 12:51

Piano prodigy Yundi Li wants to be a role model to Chinese musicians.

9 Sep 2011 09:50

A new granite memorial for guitar pioneer Les Paul is to be unveiled.

8 Sep 2011 18:56

Yamaha has teamed up with the RCA to develop new music ideas.

8 Sep 2011 16:55

Children exposed to music early on develop important skills that help them succeed later on.

8 Sep 2011 14:53

The criminal raided the fridge and poured himself a bath once he was inside the home of Celine Dion.

8 Sep 2011 12:52

Celebrity website makes wild claim Beyonce wore a fake baby bump at the MTV VMAs.

8 Sep 2011 10:00

A musician from Prague has opened up about a Japanese flute and its spiritual qualities.

7 Sep 2011 20:14

A unicyclist guitar player has been told his act is too risky for a new TV talent show.

7 Sep 2011 18:13

A broken piano is at the centre of a court case.

7 Sep 2011 16:12

Rapper 50 cent is investing his own cash in a drinks project to help feed starving kids in Africa

7 Sep 2011 14:11

Severe stage fright results in Adele becoming nauseous.

7 Sep 2011 12:10

PJ Harvey has made history by becoming the first musician to win the Mercury Prize twice.

7 Sep 2011 10:10

A Peterborough man has been chatting about his amazing job as a guitar technician to the stars.

6 Sep 2011 17:00

Debbie Harry has admitted that she "kind of" wishes she had a career like Beyonce.

6 Sep 2011 15:59

Rapper Lil' Wayne has met the early leak of his latest album with positivity.

6 Sep 2011 12:58

Refugees looking for living status in Australia are passing their time learning music.

6 Sep 2011 10:48

Jay Z's New York club is at the centre of a dispute over pay and working standards.

5 Sep 2011 16:27

The Maschine Mikro USB MIDI Controller has just been announced by Native Instruments, the leading software and music technology manufacturer.

5 Sep 2011 15:52

Prince may be £2.4 million out of pocket if a second judge confirms the star must pay a perfume company compensation for not honouring his contract.

5 Sep 2011 14:26

Steinberg, the leading music software manufacturer, has announced the release of Sequel 3, a fully loaded recording studio and performance tool.

5 Sep 2011 12:39

My Chemical Romance have dropped their drummer after he allegedly admitted stealing from the band.

5 Sep 2011 10:25

A piano that has been restored to near perfect condition will be played at a Japanese memorial.

5 Sep 2011 10:05

A talented young piano player is moving into acting as the lead of a new movie.

2 Sep 2011 15:12

Novation, the leading music tech manufacturer, has announced a new Impulse range of USB MIDI Controller Keyboards.

2 Sep 2011 14:20

Hit music producer Labrinth has revealed he has turned down loads of offers from US musicians

2 Sep 2011 11:11

Hit rapper Eminem has revealed a new aquatic hobby with his latest backstage requests.

1 Sep 2011 16:06

It has been revealed the Labour government spent thousands of pounds helping civil servants learn how to play African drums.

1 Sep 2011 12:54

Robert Pattinson buys homeless man an acoustic guitar.

1 Sep 2011 10:00