Liam Gallagher has admitted he felt sad at having to sue his own brother over remarks made about his behaviour back in 2009.

31 Aug 2011 15:29

Superstar Beyonce has broken a Twitter record, after announcing she was pregnant with Jay-Z's baby.

31 Aug 2011 12:28

More people are taking to the web to pick up the skills needed to play music instruments.

31 Aug 2011 10:27

Tom Jones has issued a statement saying he was suffering from dehydration and not from heart problems.

30 Aug 2011 15:16

Irish popstars Jedward claim to have insured their batty hairstyle for £1 million.

30 Aug 2011 12:15

A collection of rare music instruments, including a 1929 violin crafted by Mandelli, will go to auction in September.

30 Aug 2011 10:14

The smartphone is looking to challenge competitors with an innovative approach to the way music is accessed.

26 Aug 2011 16:14

Frank Dileo passed away after experiencing complications following heart surgery.

26 Aug 2011 14:13

A decade after she tragically died, Aaliyah has been remembered.

26 Aug 2011 12:12

China blacklists songs by a number of prominent pop outfits.

26 Aug 2011 10:10

A musical based on Kanye West's life will go on show in September.

25 Aug 2011 16:50

Following on from the success of the popular TRAKTOR CONTROL S4, Native Instruments have now launched the TRAKTOR CONTROL S2 offering the same professional credentials as the S4.

25 Aug 2011 16:00

Mutya Buena has won her two-year legal battle to secure limited rights to the Sugababes name.

25 Aug 2011 14:49

Steve Jobs has resigned as Apple's chief executive.

25 Aug 2011 12:48

The Drums have said that they might put down their guitars for their next album and go for an electronic sound.

25 Aug 2011 10:00

Will Smith and Jada Pinkett-Smith have issued a statement saying their marriage is intact.

24 Aug 2011 17:12

Lady Gaga is bringing her unique style to the wacky world of The Simpsons.

24 Aug 2011 15:11

Richard Durrant's show is a multimedia extravaganza celebrating the guitar in a creative way.

24 Aug 2011 11:48

A kind hearted pawn shop owner is gifting schools with second-hand music instruments.

24 Aug 2011 09:47

Electronic music instruments dating back to the 1950s are featured in a new exhibition.

23 Aug 2011 17:35

Songwriter Jerry Leiber has passed away at the age of 78.

23 Aug 2011 15:34

Stephen Howard, leading woodwind instrument expert, has praised the Gear4music Alto Saxophone in a recent review.

23 Aug 2011 10:44

Former Death Row Records chief Suge Knight has been given 36 months probation for driving on a suspended licence.

22 Aug 2011 16:50

Hit music show The X Factor has returned to our screens with a new line-up of judges.

22 Aug 2011 14:49

Friendly Fires trumpet player Richard Turner has died of a heart attack at the age of 27.

22 Aug 2011 12:45

A creative musician has revealed how she creates music instruments from everyday objects she comes across.

22 Aug 2011 10:00

Four-year legal battle comes to an end with deal between YoutTube and NMPA.

19 Aug 2011 12:16

Phil Spector, the hit record producer, has been told he can't appeal his 2009 murder conviction.

19 Aug 2011 10:15

A teenage scout is urging people to part with their music instruments so that disadvantaged young people can have a chance to play them.

19 Aug 2011 08:52

The Arctic Monkeys see it as their duty to keep guitar music alive.

19 Aug 2011 08:51

The hip hop duo were so committed to preventing the leaking of tracks from their album that they stopped using emails during the recording process.

18 Aug 2011 16:40

Lenny Kravitz has revealed that his new studio album will, in part, have a hip hop feel to it.

18 Aug 2011 14:39

The Hollywood star Richard Gere is auctioning off his unique collection of music instruments.

18 Aug 2011 12:22

A workshop is introducing music instruments from around the world to children.

18 Aug 2011 10:21

TV presenter Myleene Klass has bought her daughter a violin for her fourth birthday.

17 Aug 2011 16:42

The Organ of Corti is a new music instrument that uses sound in the natural world to make new compositions depending on the location.

17 Aug 2011 15:41

U2's Bono will be one of the richest musicians ever after his investment company's shares in Facebook hit the roof.

17 Aug 2011 12:53

David Bowie has probably retired suggests his biographer.

17 Aug 2011 09:51

The hip hop rapper was visibly emotional as he performed his hit Runaway during a show in Finland.

16 Aug 2011 15:45

The Hollywood star Doris Day is releasing a new album in September at the age of 87.

16 Aug 2011 13:45

Robert Pattinson's Twilight co-star has revealed how the Brit acting talent has been helping him learn how to play the guitar.

16 Aug 2011 11:48

Amnon Weinstein restores Jewish violins that managed to survive the inhumanity of the Holocaust.

16 Aug 2011 10:07

N-Dubz rapper Dappy has claimed that the band has left US record label Def Jam over creative differences.

15 Aug 2011 16:36

Rap megastar Jay-Z has revealed that his new album with Kanye West is as much about protecting the culture of hip hop as it is about making music.

15 Aug 2011 14:36

The violin player Nigel Kennedy has expressed his dismay at the lack of respect given to the work of Bach.

15 Aug 2011 12:16

The Red Hot Chili Peppers have revealed that they've used a new music instrument to compose music for their tenth studio album.

15 Aug 2011 10:15

The Kings of Leon have quashed rumours that they've shown frontman Caleb Followill the front door by taking to Twitter.

12 Aug 2011 18:22

Former Warrant frontman Jani Lane found dead in hotel room.

12 Aug 2011 16:21

A craftsman has revealed that reclaimed wood is great for building guitars.

12 Aug 2011 14:20

A piano tuner reveals that he isn't that good at playing the music instrument despite working his magic on them for years.

12 Aug 2011 13:33

Dawsons music, one of Manchester's largest music stores, has been the victim of attacks during recent rioting in the city.

12 Aug 2011 11:36

The teenage musician Rebecca Black has been taken out of high school after becoming the victim of bullying.

11 Aug 2011 16:01

Producer Nigel Lythgoe has spilt the beans on the return of Jennifer Lopez for season 11 of American Idol.

11 Aug 2011 16:00

Century Media record label has announced that it is pulling out of Spotify to protect its artists.

11 Aug 2011 14:59

Leading music equipment manufacturer Roland is offering the opportunity to win a £200 Roland Gift Voucher just for taking a demonstration of their HPi-7F digital piano at Gear4music.

11 Aug 2011 13:55

Prisoners in a Taiwanese prison are benefiting from the inclusion of an arts programme as part of their rehabilitation.

11 Aug 2011 11:58

Yamaha has donated music instruments for an online auction that is raising money in response to the tornado that hit the town of Joplin in Missouri.

11 Aug 2011 10:22

The singer was brutally beaten up in the small hours of the morning in New York.

10 Aug 2011 17:49

A warehouse containing stock for some of the UK's leading independent record labels has been torched during the riots.

10 Aug 2011 15:48

The former electric guitar player out of the Red Hot Chili Peppers has filed a restraining order against a woman who he claims has been stalking him.

10 Aug 2011 13:47

A local Yarmouth man has launched a new piano book aimed at young people.

10 Aug 2011 12:00

A tough-spirited charity campaigner is undertaking a drumming marathon to raise money for a cancer organisation.

10 Aug 2011 09:59

Festival organisers have admitted for the first time that music events could have hit a peak after it was revealed that 31 festivals have so far either been cancelled or postponed because of poor ticket sales.

9 Aug 2011 19:57

Not satisfied with just singing songs, the former Smiths frontman Morrissey has added his two cents to the public conversation about the Tottenham riots.

9 Aug 2011 17:56

A rare electric guitar has been stolen from the tour bus of George Clinton and his P-Funk Band.

9 Aug 2011 15:54

Venezuela's newest prison is seeing marked improvement in the behaviour of inmates who engage with music instruments as part of the prison orchestra.

9 Aug 2011 13:31

A piano player fighting a battle against cancer is hoping to raise money for the hospice he is being cared for by.

9 Aug 2011 11:30

Brit rockers Kasabian have revealed that they have jammed with rap legend LL Cool J on new single.

8 Aug 2011 21:01

The pint-sized singer from N-Dubz has revealed that he has a passion for fishing.

8 Aug 2011 19:59

Music festival with a twist gets children engaging with music instruments.

8 Aug 2011 17:57

The public has offered a charity a number of pianos after one of their music instruments was vandalised.

8 Aug 2011 15:55

Marshall amps, cabinets and effects will shortly be in stock at leading musical instrument retailer

8 Aug 2011 14:23

The proposal to erect a piano at a train station is to be debated later this month.

8 Aug 2011 13:53

A summer school that engages children with various music instruments has been another success.

8 Aug 2011 11:48

Beatles legend to contact police over phone hacking allegations.

5 Aug 2011 20:15

Last year was the first time in a decade that live music performance sales figures slumped.

5 Aug 2011 18:13

Described as a promising musician, Benedicte Lauziere has won the first ever Michael Measures Prize.

5 Aug 2011 14:04

Violin player set for very important performance

5 Aug 2011 12:03

A website pretending to be TMZ reported that the soul singer Etta James had passed away.

5 Aug 2011 10:01

Brit acting talent Keira Knightley is learning how to play the guitar and the drums.

4 Aug 2011 16:51

The easy listening titan Tony Bennett has said that all proceeds from the sale of his single Body and Soul will go to charity.

4 Aug 2011 14:52

Katy Perry is set to match Michael Jackson's record of five number one singles from one album if Last Friday Night tops the chart this week.

4 Aug 2011 14:50

Children who learn how to play music instruments from an early age develop brain power and improve their wellbeing, according to a neurobiologist.

4 Aug 2011 11:56

Leading music equipment retailer has announced that it is now selling Yanagisawa saxophones and accessories.

4 Aug 2011 10:57

An acoustic guitar played by Elvis on his final concert tour forms part of a new exhibition at the Musical Instrument Museum.

4 Aug 2011 09:55

The former Oasis electric guitar player has revealed that his wife doesn't think much of his music.

3 Aug 2011 17:01

Icelandic songstress Björk encourages fans to find innovative ways of using Apple-only apps.

3 Aug 2011 15:00

Henry Juszkiewicz, chief executive of Gibson, has revealed that there is a shortage of the types of wood used to manufacture preeminent electric guitars.

3 Aug 2011 13:59

The irreverent Mighty Boosh comedy outfit have revealed that their long-awaited debut album is finished but they're not sure when it'll be released.

3 Aug 2011 12:16

Native Instruments , the leading software manufacturer, has announced that until September 1st customers purchasing the Traktor Kontol X1 will get a free download of Traktor Pro 2.

3 Aug 2011 12:00

Jay Z and Kanye West have altered their tour dates amidst rumours that there is "beef" between the hip-hop stars

3 Aug 2011 10:15

The love affair with John Lennon continues with another sale of items once belonging to the Beatles legend.

2 Aug 2011 16:04

A talented young musician is beginning her music career aboard a cruise in what is a dream come true.

2 Aug 2011 14:03

The Kings of Leon have put an end to their US tour following some erratic performances as of late.

2 Aug 2011 12:02

The two mega producers have come together for a remix version of the Record Collection 2012.

2 Aug 2011 11:30

Kelly Clarkson has formed a girl group, Already Famous, with her backing singers, Jill and Kate.

2 Aug 2011 09:45

Girls Aloud singer Cheryl Cole is set to collaborate with Usher after the pair were spotted discussing music in a private meeting at a Hollywood hotel.

2 Aug 2011 09:45

The teen pop sensation Miley Cyrus sparked an online debate over gay rights when she tweeted a picture of a gay rights tattoo.

2 Aug 2011 09:29

Coldplay bassist Guy Berryman joked he only plays the band's own songs when he's doing karaoke.

2 Aug 2011 06:30

Jay-Z is a fan of Elbow, after seeing them at Glastonbury festival this year.

2 Aug 2011 06:30

Primal Scream closed Camp Bestival last night (31.07.11), playing their classic 'Screamadelica' album in full.

1 Aug 2011 16:15

Drake says it was an honour to work with Motown legend Stevie Wonder on his new album 'Take Care'.

1 Aug 2011 16:15

Rihanna has already started work on her next album, less than a year after releasing 'Loud'.

1 Aug 2011 16:15

Kings of Leon have cancelled their entire US tour, days after Caleb Followill walked off stage in Dallas, Texas, blaming the heat.

1 Aug 2011 16:15

The theft of music instruments will not stop a theatre group from going ahead with their musical.

1 Aug 2011 16:04

The first lady of France and notorious rocker Pete Doherty are said to be planning on making music together after meeting last month.

1 Aug 2011 14:01

Legendary Blur guitarist and successful solo artist Graham Coxon now has a signature Telecaster by Fender.

1 Aug 2011 12:45

Leading music software manufacturer Native Instruments has revealed the latest version of its Komplete bundle, shipping from September 1st.

1 Aug 2011 12:27

New research has suggested that people suffering from depression can show better signs of recovery than those undergoing traditional treatment by engaging with music instruments.

1 Aug 2011 12:04

The US heavy metal band Disturbed have announced that they are taking a break from working together.

1 Aug 2011 11:02

The Kings of Leon bassist has admitted that there are bigger problems within the band, following another cancellation of a gig.

1 Aug 2011 10:03

Songs Amy Winehouse recorded before her death were inspired by her divorce from Blake Fielder-Civil and they would have been included on her follow-up album to 2006's 'Back to Black'.

1 Aug 2011 09:45

Kings of Leon admit they have ''internal sicknesses and problems'', after cutting short one show and cancelling another at the weekend.

1 Aug 2011 09:45

David Guetta held back his new album 'Nothing but the Beat' so he could include a collaboration with Jessie J.

1 Aug 2011 06:30 is always partying because it keeps him aware of the new sounds his audience will respond to.

1 Aug 2011 06:30