Dappy could be the saviour of the British music scene.

30 Jun 2011 21:07

Ricky Gervais was given a very special Fender guitar for his birthday.

30 Jun 2011 19:03

The band played a surprise intimate DJ set after performing on stage.

30 Jun 2011 17:42

Unusual instruments are on display at Edinburgh University.

30 Jun 2011 17:04

Damon Albarn thinks Sting wouldn't want to sing anything he's written.

30 Jun 2011 16:15

Liam Gallagher has blasted Muse for making ''creepy'' and ''scary'' music.

30 Jun 2011 16:15

The movie star and keen acoustic guitar player performed hits from his new album and movie Crazy Heart.

30 Jun 2011 15:40

A new documentary claims The Beatles legend had moved away from his radical political past.

30 Jun 2011 13:39

The ex Million Dead frontman has shown a strange way of supporting his music style.

30 Jun 2011 10:24

The singer met up with the world's most famous rapper to chat about working together.

30 Jun 2011 10:13

Muse's Chris Wolstenholme has admitted he used to drink so much he was no longer able to function without alcohol.

30 Jun 2011 08:30

DJ Mix Master Mike is joining the roster of presenters on Xfm for a weekly Saturday slot.

29 Jun 2011 21:11

The band No Doubt are working on a new album ten years after they released Rock Steady.

29 Jun 2011 19:10

Pop superstar Lady Gaga has crashed Tumblr after signing up to the website.

29 Jun 2011 17:08

Motley Crue's Vince Neil will be honoured with a Lifetime Achievement Award at the Vegas Rocks! Magazine Awards on August 21.

29 Jun 2011 16:15

U2 are to sell off the 29,000-square-foot steel 'claws' they used to create the stage on their '360 Tour'.

29 Jun 2011 16:15

Soul II Soul star Jazzie B believes N-Dubz star Dappy could be the saviour of the British music scene.

29 Jun 2011 16:15

Kanye West has secured a deal with Island Def Jam Music Group

29 Jun 2011 10:20

Chemical Brothers are planning a spectacular show when they perform at Wireless Festival on Saturday (02.07.11).

29 Jun 2011 10:00

Teen singing sensation Justin Bieber has promised a different sound for his second album because he doesn't want to stick to just one genre.

29 Jun 2011 10:00

Adele has described the self-titled second album from Bon Iver as her record of the year.

28 Jun 2011 16:41

U2 frontman Bono has admitted that butterflies were in his stomach as the band took to the Pyramid Stage at Glastonbury.

28 Jun 2011 16:19

An online music software company has been forced to shut down its operations for users outside of the US.

28 Jun 2011 14:39

The popstar has been accused of making money on wristbands and extra postage.

28 Jun 2011 12:38

Leading music equipment manufacturer Boss has announced a competition with more than £20,000 worth of prizes including guitar effects pedals, tuners, loopers and recording gear.

28 Jun 2011 11:24

The legendary singer-songwriter played in the aptly titled 'legends slot'.

27 Jun 2011 22:14

Alice Cooper was joined on stage by Johnny Deep who jammed on an electric guitar.

27 Jun 2011 20:12

Beyonce made history at Glastonbury by being its first female headline act in over 20 years

27 Jun 2011 18:12

A DJ has been awarded $1.2 million for the improper use of his music in a hit song by the Black Eyed Peas

27 Jun 2011 16:11

Dave Grohl has revealed that the remaining members of Nirvana jammed on Smells Like Teen Spirit.

27 Jun 2011 13:30

An Indian musician has opened up her collection of music instruments from across the world in Bangalore.

27 Jun 2011 11:29

Sixth studio album from Lamb of God is underway.

24 Jun 2011 18:29

NME poll finds that Muse's 2004 Glastonbury performance is best ever.

24 Jun 2011 16:25

Nicola Roberts prefers not to follow rules when she is making music and likes it to be a natural process.

24 Jun 2011 16:15

Glastonbury founder Michael Eavis is thrilled he has finally managed to secure U2 for the festival after 32 years of trying.

24 Jun 2011 16:15

Sean Kingston is to continue his recovery at home.

24 Jun 2011 15:47

Mick Jagger and Dave Stewart's new super group will release their debut studio album in September.

24 Jun 2011 13:46

U2 will headline the pyramid stage tonight at Glastonbury after cancelling their performance last year.

24 Jun 2011 11:45

Lady Gaga has asked people to support Japan by visiting the country.

23 Jun 2011 22:03

Prince has revealed that he doesn't like digital music.

23 Jun 2011 20:02

US pop punk band Blink-182 announce new album is near completion.

23 Jun 2011 18:27

Bon Iver is competing with Lady Gaga for the top spot in the UK album charts.

23 Jun 2011 16:26

Prince has blasted Glastonbury festival organisers for ''illegally'' using his name to drum up publicity for the event.

23 Jun 2011 16:15

Rod Stewart and Ronnie Wood got writers' block when they tried to compose a song together and had to rely on some strong alcohol for inspiration.

23 Jun 2011 16:15

Music from around the world will be on show at the Barbican Blaze Festival.

23 Jun 2011 14:24

Universal Music Group is rumoured to be considering making a bid for EMI.

23 Jun 2011 12:24

The country singer Glen Campbell has revealed that he was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s six months ago

23 Jun 2011 10:22

Dionne Bromfield would love to collaborate with 'Love the Way You Lie' hitmaker Rihanna.

23 Jun 2011 08:30

Kaiser Chiefs didn't want to write ''bouncy songs'' for their latest record, 'The Future is Medieval'.

23 Jun 2011 08:30

A special version of Nirvana’s Nevermind comes out in September to mark its 20th anniversary.

22 Jun 2011 19:14

The Prodigy's Maxim launches his first art exhibition in September.

22 Jun 2011 17:13

Liam Gallagher says Noel Gallagher's solo material can never be like Oasis because it is missing himself.

22 Jun 2011 16:15

Adele has become ''obsessed'' with Beyonce Knowles' 'I Am Sasha Fierce' tour DVD while recovering from laryngitis.

22 Jun 2011 16:15

The Killers have revealed that they are working on new material for their next album.

22 Jun 2011 15:22

The Strokes have revealed that they are already working on new songs for a follow-up album to Angles.

22 Jun 2011 13:21

Investment bank Citigroup may consider putting EMI up for sale.

22 Jun 2011 11:20

U2 frontman Bono claims he is better than ever after undergoing surgery on his spine last year.

22 Jun 2011 10:00

Coldplay have ''dreamed'' of headlining Glastonbury music festival since being children, and admit nerves are already mounting for this weekend's performance.

22 Jun 2011 10:00

U2 have paid a fitting tribute to saxophone player Clarence Clemons who died last week after suffering a stroke.

21 Jun 2011 20:49

Tribal music instruments used in Gujarat, which are at risk of being forgotten, will be conserved.

21 Jun 2011 17:38

Take That have already started working on new material to follow up their 'Progressed' mini album

21 Jun 2011 16:15

Linkin Park have ''been in the studio writing'' the follow up to 'A Thousand Suns' with Rick Rubin .

21 Jun 2011 16:15

Rain is expected at Glastonbury this weekend.

21 Jun 2011 15:37

50 Cent is writing a novel about bullying, which is aimed at young people.

21 Jun 2011 12:32

A rare Stradivarius violin has sold for a record-breaking figure at a charity auction.

21 Jun 2011 10:31

Troubled singer Amy Winehouse won't appear on stage again ''for years'' following a shambolic performance on Saturday night (18.06.11) in Belgrade.

21 Jun 2011 10:00

Coldplay singer Chris Martin would ''do anything for Glastonbury'' and helped convince Beyonce Knowles to appear, according to its organisers.

21 Jun 2011 10:00

Texas went on hiatus because they wanted to ''give the public a bit of a rest'' from their sound and get their ''edge'' back.

21 Jun 2011 08:30

An 18-year-old known as DJ Stolen has been given 18-months for stealing songs.

20 Jun 2011 18:52

Apple is looking at developing the technology to suspend video-camera functions at music gigs.

20 Jun 2011 16:50

Avril Lavigne has already written eight songs for her next album, which she says will be ''more mellow'' than 'Goodbye Lullaby'.

20 Jun 2011 16:15

50 Cent said he has ''begun to resolve'' problems with his record company, Interscope, which have delayed the release of his 'Black Magic' album.

20 Jun 2011 16:15

Lee Mavers has made a surprise gig comeback in Manchester.

20 Jun 2011 14:07

Saxophone player Clarence Clemons has died after suffering a stroke.

20 Jun 2011 12:06

Bob Dylan thrilled the audience at his headlining gig at Saturday's (18.06.11) London Feis with a stong performance of his classics including `Like A Rolling Stone'.

20 Jun 2011 10:00

Troubled singer Amy Winehouse has cancelled the next two dates of her European tour following a disastrous concert on Saturday night (18.06.11), in which she was booed by fans.

20 Jun 2011 10:00

Chipmunk admits he lost his way during an earlier phase of his career, but has now found a more comfortable direction for his sound.

20 Jun 2011 08:30

Tinie Tempah wants to become famous in America so he can ''inspire'' youngsters to work hard.

20 Jun 2011 08:30

Sir Paul McCartney has stated publicly that Ringo Starr should have been knighted.

17 Jun 2011 17:56

Darren Hayes admitted he initially felt there was a ''danger'' his new dance music influenced direction could end up sounding ''desperate''.

17 Jun 2011 16:15

U2 have been named the World's Highest Paid Musicians, grossing $195 million in the last 12 months

17 Jun 2011 16:15

The Big Noise charity initiative makes use of unwanted music instruments by re-gifting them to those who can benefit from their reuse.

17 Jun 2011 15:55

Coldplay to release 7" vinyl edition of their new song Every Teardrop is a Waterfall.

17 Jun 2011 13:30

U2 are the world's highest-paid music stars thanks to their tour.

17 Jun 2011 11:29

N-Dubz are rumoured to be on the verge of splitting after Dappy has fallen out with Tulisa over her appearing on 'The X Factor'.

17 Jun 2011 10:00

'In Da Club' rapper 50 Cent has blasted his record company on twitter for ''moving in slow motion'' in9 getting his next album released.

17 Jun 2011 09:45

Les Paul guitar Google doodle has cost business £166 million as office workers became distracted.

17 Jun 2011 09:28

Alexis Jordan started writing music when she was just nine, with the first track based on love notes she exchanged with boys in her class at school.

17 Jun 2011 06:30

Sir Paul McCartney has hinted that he might be planning on collaborating with Gorillaz.

16 Jun 2011 19:01

Metallica and Lou Reed have got together to produce a new studio album.

16 Jun 2011 16:59

'The Voice' judges Christina Aguilera and Adam Levine have recorded a song together, which is set to be played for the first time on the talent show on Tuesday (21.06.11).

16 Jun 2011 16:15

Motley Crue drummer Tommy Lee doesn't think they'll ever make another album as it is a ''waste of time'' in the digital age

16 Jun 2011 16:15

Linkin Park have announced that their fifth studio album is going to be different.

16 Jun 2011 15:53

A violin-maker has won an award for his skills as a craftsman

16 Jun 2011 12:52

Calvin Harris tests all his tracks out in the bathroom to ensure the bass is loud enough.

16 Jun 2011 10:00

Heavy metal group Metallica have recorded an album with avant-garde former Velvet Underground frontman Lou Reed.

16 Jun 2011 10:00

A Gibson Les Paul Deluxe Goldtop electric guitar owned by Pete Townshend has sold at an auction.

16 Jun 2011 09:32

The Saturdays taught boy band Twenty Twenty all their best dance moves when they toured together.

16 Jun 2011 08:30

Girls Aloud singer Nicola Roberts ''shocked'' people with how personal the lyrics on her solo album are.

16 Jun 2011 08:30

Sophie Ellis Bextor has launched her much-anticipated pop album 'Make a Scene' in an intimate gig in London.

16 Jun 2011 08:30

The legendary musician Stevie Wonder has been inducted into New York's Apollo Theatre Hall of Fame.

15 Jun 2011 20:57

Florence Welch burst into tears when she met Arcade Fire.

15 Jun 2011 18:56

Alice Cooper has announced that he is to play a set of UK dates this October.

15 Jun 2011 16:54

Basshunter has been cleared sexual assault charges alleged after he performed a show in a Scottish nightclub last year.

15 Jun 2011 16:15

Madonna is starting work on her 12th studio album next month.

15 Jun 2011 16:15

Children are being given the opportunity to play orchestral music instruments.

15 Jun 2011 12:38

Dannii Minogue is set to duet with sister, Kylie, for her comeback pop single.

15 Jun 2011 10:00

Arctic Monkeys started liking Lady Gaga after they saw the cover to her 'Born This Way' album.

15 Jun 2011 10:00

The music conglomerate Steinway Music Instruments revealed that it missed its target by a penny.

15 Jun 2011 09:36

Morcheeba can't wait to play at this year's Virgin Media V Festival because they believe Britain has the ''noisiest'' festival crowds.

15 Jun 2011 08:30

'Sun Is Up' singer Inna is hoping Black Eyed Peas will collaborate with her.

15 Jun 2011 08:30

'In My Head' singer Jason Derulo nearly gave up singing for a career on New York's Broadway theatre street.

15 Jun 2011 06:30

Lil' Wayne has admitted that he liked Nirvana as a child.

14 Jun 2011 20:59

Spotify has signed a deal with Universal Music Group to stream its music.

14 Jun 2011 18:57

The Futureheads' electric guitar player is organising this year's Split Festival.

14 Jun 2011 16:56

Kasabian's reckon their new record, 'Velociraptor!', sounds like ''the future '' and is their best yet.

14 Jun 2011 16:15

Paul McCartney ''hadn't thought of the implications'' when he effectively announced the end of The Beatles ahead of his debut solo album in 1970.

14 Jun 2011 16:15

Amy Winehouse performed a polished and sober UK comeback show at London's 100 Club on Sunday (12.06.11).

14 Jun 2011 10:00

A Roydon man is celebrating half a century of making music instruments.

14 Jun 2011 09:12

Bowling for Soup frontman Jaret Reddick was scared by how many heavy metal bands there were at Download festival.

14 Jun 2011 08:30

Katy B plans to record new music while she is out on the Spanish island of Ibiza this summer.

14 Jun 2011 08:30

Adele has booked herself in for vocal lessons to keep her voice intact.

13 Jun 2011 20:48

The Arctic Monkeys have stormed to the top of the album charts with their fourth studio album.

13 Jun 2011 18:47

John Paul Jones and Seasick Steve jammed at the Isle of Wight festival.

13 Jun 2011 16:46

Taylor Swift, Blake Shelton Miranda Lambert all closed the 40th annual Country Music Association (CMA) Festival in Nashville last night (12.05.11).

13 Jun 2011 16:15

Beady Eye performed the debut Isle of Wight Festival last night as fans flocked to the gig despite the heavy rain.

13 Jun 2011 12:55

British rockers Kasabian closed the Isle of Wight festival last night (12.06.11) with a rousing version of their 2009 hit 'Fire'.

13 Jun 2011 10:00

Linkin Park and Rob Zombie closed the UK's Download rock festival last night (12.06.11).

13 Jun 2011 10:00

Peavey has announced that it is joining forces with Marvel Entertainment to produce a range of superhero-inspired music instruments.

13 Jun 2011 09:54

The Darkness have announced UK tour dates for this winter.

10 Jun 2011 18:59

An actor pigeon-holed as a "musical-actor" won't be needing any music instruments for his latest role.

10 Jun 2011 16:42

Wretch32 wants to learn how to play Adele's track 'Someone like You' songs on the piano, so he can impress girls.

10 Jun 2011 16:15

The Darkness find it much easier to play shows now they're sober and drug free.

10 Jun 2011 16:15

Biffy Clyro have 20 ''absolutely awesome'' songs ready for their next album, that they are eager to get into the studio and record.

10 Jun 2011 16:15

Bon Iver are streaming their self-titled album ahead of release.

10 Jun 2011 12:47

A piano player will achieve a lifetime ambition to play in the Great Hall at Berkeley Castle.

10 Jun 2011 10:46

Girls Aloud are set to return to the studio January after Nadine Coyle had a heart-to-heart chat with Cheryl Cole.

10 Jun 2011 10:00

30 Seconds to Mars, Alice Cooper and Def Leppard were honoured at the Kerrang! Awards 2011 last night (09.06.11).

10 Jun 2011 10:00

Toploader frontman Joe Washbourn said the band's return to music after an eight-year hiatus is ''more chilled out'', as they do not have record labels telling them what to do.

10 Jun 2011 08:30

Google has honoured the guitar pioneer Les Paul with a special Google Doodle.

9 Jun 2011 16:57

Morrissey has been behind Lokerse Feesten festival's decision to ban the sale of meat for an entire day.

9 Jun 2011 16:15

John Squire thinks bands such as Blur, Suede and Pulp reuniting is a ''tragic'' move and hinted they only do it for money.

9 Jun 2011 16:15

The Stone Roses will not be getting back together, according to the band's former guitar player.

9 Jun 2011 16:12

Shania Twain will return to music with a two-year spot in Las Vegas.

9 Jun 2011 16:09

Les Paul, pioneer of the modern electric guitar, is celebrated today with an interactive Doodle on the front page of Google.

9 Jun 2011 14:15

The Arctic Monkeys are proving to be even mightier than Lady Gaga with midweek sales of their new album putting them at number one.

9 Jun 2011 12:21

A samba group will show off its music talent at a carnival in Bromsgrove.

9 Jun 2011 10:20

Taylor Swift, Justin Bieber, Rascal Flatts, Lady Antebellum and Blake Shelton all scooped trophies at the CMT Music Awards last night (08.06.11).

9 Jun 2011 10:00

Maroon 5 promise a big show for their summer tour, which will be comparable to Queen.

9 Jun 2011 10:00

Damon Albarn wrote his opera 'Doctor Dee' because of a ''strong emotional connection'' to the character.

9 Jun 2011 08:30

Alice Cooper used to hide from his Hollywood Vampires drinking buddy Keith Moon, because he couldn't handle how hard he partied.

9 Jun 2011 08:30

A rare booklet of music from Mozart has been withdrawn from an auction.

8 Jun 2011 21:49

Mötley Crüe are launching their American Tour in Dallas tonight.

8 Jun 2011 19:44

U2 are ''gutted'' they won't have a new album finished before next year, as they originally wanted to release new tracks this summer.

8 Jun 2011 16:15

Iron Maiden believe they are a better band than Metallica, even if they are not as commercially successful.

8 Jun 2011 16:15

The Kings of Leon are to release a documentary about their rise to stardom this summer.

8 Jun 2011 15:55

The hot weather is creating a demand for organ restorers to retune music instruments across the UK

8 Jun 2011 12:39

A group of musicians with disabilities who play specially-adapted music instruments are to perform their biggest show to date.

8 Jun 2011 10:37

Def Leppard ''don't see the point'' in releasing full length albums, as people don't have the time to listen to them.

8 Jun 2011 10:00

Arctic Monkeys claim Rihanna was used as ''bait'' to entice them into headlining the UK's V Festival.

8 Jun 2011 10:00

The People's Music Awards will see 14 new bands showcase at its final in London later this month.

8 Jun 2011 08:30

Coldplay's roadie has blogged about the ''rapturous'' response the group's new material received at Germany's Rock Am Ring festival last weekend.

8 Jun 2011 08:30

Example has a wish list of collaborators which includes Kasabian and Swedish House Mafia.

8 Jun 2011 08:30

The Arctic Monkeys have gone back to basics with their new studio album.

7 Jun 2011 21:49

Iron and Wine will be playing two gigs in London in October.

7 Jun 2011 20:45

Damon Albarn has swapped his usual musical instruments for the world of opera.

7 Jun 2011 16:32

The Kinks frontman Ray Davies is re-thinking his decision to sell the band's iconic Konk studios, so he can finish his next album.

7 Jun 2011 16:15

The Red Hot Chilli Peppers will release tenth studio album in August.

7 Jun 2011 10:02

Take That star Howard Donald predicted he would get stuck inside the group's giant robot stage prop before it happened over the weekend.

7 Jun 2011 10:00

Arctic Monkeys singer Alex Turner says living in New York and writing the band's new album only made him ''more English''.

7 Jun 2011 10:00

The Flaming Lips want to shoot ''laser beams'' from their hands over their audiences as part of their live shows.

7 Jun 2011 08:30

AC/DC lead singer Brian Johnson says the band are set to meet to discuss a possible new album and tour to celebrate their 40th birthday next year.

6 Jun 2011 16:15

Amy Winehouse is reportedly working on the follow up to her 2006 album 'Back in Black' ''all the time''.

6 Jun 2011 16:15

An art installation which involved 500 music instruments has attracted over 8,000 visitors.

6 Jun 2011 15:41

Take That's Mark Owen and Howard Donald got stuck inside their giant robot stage prop at the weekend.

6 Jun 2011 10:00

Linkin Park joke they are weirder than Lady Gaga and have a backstage ritual of bathing in goats' milk.

6 Jun 2011 09:45

Nicki Minaj has been blasted by UK rapper Example, who feels she is overhyped.

6 Jun 2011 08:30

Keri Hilson looks up to Janet Jackson and TLC because they challenged sexual taboos.

6 Jun 2011 08:30

Blondie have released their new studio album in the style of a magazine.

3 Jun 2011 17:20

Kanye West performed his track 'Lost in the World' in tribute to Gil Scott-Heron at the poet and musician's funeral yesterday (02.06.11).

3 Jun 2011 16:15

N-Dubz' Fazer is writing tracks for Katy Perry, and hopes she'll pick one of his tracks for the lead single from her next album.

3 Jun 2011 16:15

The Kaiser Chiefs have released a new 'make your own' album online.

3 Jun 2011 15:19

Lady Gaga has given her support to Amazon for selling her album at a cheap price.

3 Jun 2011 13:17

A rare Stradivarius violin becomes the first "Australian-owned" music instrument.

3 Jun 2011 11:21

Violin players, clog dancers and singers help launch new folk festival in Sunderland.

3 Jun 2011 11:15

Black Eyed Peas singer Fergie has admitted she joined the 'I Gotta Feeling' group to become a better solo artist.

3 Jun 2011 10:15

Kaiser Chiefs have shock released new album 'The Future is Medieval' today (03.06.11), giving fans the ability to customise their own track listing.

3 Jun 2011 10:00

Korn bassist Reggie 'Fieldy' Arvizu admits they were a ''sloppy'' band in the 90s.

3 Jun 2011 08:30

Kasabian seek a ''homemade feel'' on their records, by recording in small studios.

3 Jun 2011 08:30

Leading guitar players in the music industry have contributed towards a book celebrating Pearl Jam.

2 Jun 2011 21:17

AC/DC's hard rock guitar powered music makes great white shark 'less aggressive'.

2 Jun 2011 19:16

Schoolchildren have taken part in a special lesson on the damaging effects of loud noise.

2 Jun 2011 17:14

Robbie Williams had the ''most fun'' he has ''ever had'' performing with Take That again on the first four dates of their Progress Live 2011 tour.

2 Jun 2011 16:15

Beady Eye singer Liam Gallagher has slammed Bob Dylan as ''miserable''.

2 Jun 2011 16:15

Barton is launching its first ever Guitar Festival this evening.

2 Jun 2011 15:11

Musical instrument retailers across the UK are celebrating the Ukulele's return to cool, as sales of the four stringed mini guitar boom.

2 Jun 2011 11:48

A rock star's Gibson les Paul electric guitar has sold for £17,000 at an auction to raise money for victims of the Japanese earthquake.

2 Jun 2011 10:00

Beyonce has booked a secret east London studio to rehearse for two weeks as she is ''so nervous'' about headlining Glastonbury Festival later this month.

2 Jun 2011 10:00

Ringo Starr asked Paul McCartney to join his All-Starr Band, but joked he'd only let him sing two songs.

2 Jun 2011 10:00

Suede rocker Brett Anderson admits he still finds his former bandmate Bernard Butler's departure from the group in 1994 ''quite raw and quite difficult.''

2 Jun 2011 08:30

Arctic Monkeys kept their name because it was given the seal of approval by punk poet John Cooper Clarke.

2 Jun 2011 08:30

Nero will unveil their first ever full live set at GlobalGathering 2011, which will also see performances from Tinie Tempah and Underworld.

2 Jun 2011 06:30

Muse are to start work on new album without frontman who is taking a break.

1 Jun 2011 22:58

Musicians are being asked to wipe off the dust from music instruments to join in a music marathon.

1 Jun 2011 20:43

Kasabian's electric guitar player has said that the band's new album was written by a spirit.

1 Jun 2011 18:42

Lady Gaga's Born This Way tops Billboard chart with a record-breaking 1.1 million sales in the first week.

1 Jun 2011 16:41

Coldplay's roadie blogger said the band are ''nervous and excited'' about performing their new material for the first time in public.

1 Jun 2011 16:15

Katy Perry always says a prayer before she goes onstage and likes to dedicate them to ''something funny or stupid.''

1 Jun 2011 16:15

The world's oldest music faces closure after losing a funding bid.

1 Jun 2011 10:43

Busta Rhymes has put together a ''full course meal'' for his ninth studio album.

1 Jun 2011 10:00

Violin is being reinvented for the digital age.

1 Jun 2011 08:40

The Feeling recorded a track for their album with Sophie Ellis-Bextor in a single afternoon.

1 Jun 2011 08:30

Metallica have been voted the best rock group of the last 30 years in a poll by Kerrang! magazine.

1 Jun 2011 08:30