Avril Lavigne says her new material is deeper and more emotional than ever, and claims her new single 'What the Hell' is not representative of her forthcoming album 'Goodbye Lullabye'.

31 Dec 2010 16:15

White Stripes singer Jack White says Danger Mouse ''did everything right'' on his new album 'Rome'.

31 Dec 2010 16:15

The musical talents of Chris Martin have been hailed by Jay-Z.

31 Dec 2010 15:56

Jon Brookes will be back on the drum kit for The Charlatans tonight.

31 Dec 2010 13:54

Guitarists should have a clear pattern in mind when sorting out their effects pedals.

31 Dec 2010 10:34

Boney M frontman Bobby Farrell was found dead in his hotel room in St. Petersburg, Russia, yesterday (30.12.10).

31 Dec 2010 09:45

Adam Ant says a side effect of his bipolar medication meant he ''didn't make love for seven years''.

31 Dec 2010 09:45

Queens of the Stone Age will be back in the studio in January.

30 Dec 2010 14:38

There are a host of different musical instruments that are likely to appeal to teenage boys.

30 Dec 2010 12:36

Sabian B8 Pro cymbals are given a 20th anniversary update

30 Dec 2010 12:10

Bon Jovi, Metallica and U2 were among the bands that made the most money this year.

30 Dec 2010 10:40

Slash has spoken about the benefits of sobriety on his electric guitar playing.

29 Dec 2010 18:30

Audio Technica microphones are employed by I Blame Coco when they play live.

29 Dec 2010 16:30

Jonas Brothers are going to ''reinvent'' themselves on the follow up to their 2009 album 'Lines, Vines and Trying Times'.

29 Dec 2010 16:15

US Production duo The Neptunes are working on a ''vicious'' new album.

29 Dec 2010 16:15

Roland's range of digital instruments has been praised.

29 Dec 2010 14:28

Alicia Keys has written a song - called 'Speechless' - for her newborn son, Egypt.

29 Dec 2010 11:15

Nicki Minaj has described her ideal man, saying he would be someone who will ''honour'', but also ''bring out the freak'' in her.

29 Dec 2010 11:15

Frank Zappa was just one of the stars who played the Gibson SG in the past.

29 Dec 2010 11:08

Lady Gaga has thanked her fans for making 'The Fame Monster' the biggest selling album of 2010.

28 Dec 2010 16:15

The Prodigy like the way dance music has become ''self sufficient'' and feel that ordinary people have taken in back for themselves.

28 Dec 2010 16:15

Avril Lavigne thinks it is ''really cool'' Rihanna sampled her song 'I'm With You' for her party song 'Cheers (Drink To That)'.

28 Dec 2010 16:15

Amy Winehouses' teenage lyrics and notes detailing her plans to become famous have been found in a pile of dumped schoolbooks.

28 Dec 2010 11:15

BBC 6 Music have named The Suburbs by Arcade Fire as the best album of 2010.

26 Dec 2010 09:00

Bruno Mars has aided the Fender Music Foundation by signing a Stratocaster.

25 Dec 2010 09:00

The Script drummer Glen Power is looking forward to spending Christmas at home in Dublin because he has had so little time off this year.

24 Dec 2010 16:15

Kate Nash is to tour the country in March and April.

24 Dec 2010 14:04

Keith Urban has revealed his admiration for Fender electric guitars.

24 Dec 2010 10:43

Ozzy Osbourne thinks Lady Gaga is ''overexposed'' and has urged the 'Poker Face' singer to take a break from public life.

24 Dec 2010 09:45

Former Fugees singer Lauryn Hill is to give a rare concert on New Year's Eve (31.12.10) on the rooftop of New York's Gansevoort Park Avenue Hotel.

24 Dec 2010 09:45

Annie Lennox has revealed she thinks soul legend Aretha Franklin is the greatest singer in the world.

24 Dec 2010 06:30

Slash said he's been so successful as an artist because he's not afraid to embrace a number of different musical genres.

24 Dec 2010 06:30

Guy Garvey has let slip the release date of the next Elbow album.

23 Dec 2010 16:42

Kid Rock thinks music should be about ''bringing people together'' so creates unusual collaborations to introduce people to genres they're not familiar with.

23 Dec 2010 16:15

Nirvana members Dave Grohl, Krist Novoselic and Pat Smear we were reunited onstage at a secret Foo Fighters show this week.

23 Dec 2010 16:15

Ex-Paramore members Josh and Zac Farro have reportedly said in a blog post they left the band because it became ''all about” singer Hayley Williams.

23 Dec 2010 16:15

Gear4music.com, the musical instrument and equipment retailer, has launched a 24 hour express order phone line on 0843 155 0247.

23 Dec 2010 15:43

Matt Cardle has said he is uncomfortable with someone else looking after his guitars.

23 Dec 2010 14:40

James Blunt has said writing songs on an electric guitar has helped him to produce more positive music.

23 Dec 2010 11:55

OK Computer has been named as the greatest album of the last 25 years, ahead of Nirvana's Nevermind.

23 Dec 2010 09:34

Dolly Parton, Ramones and Dame Julie Andrews will receive Lifetime Achievement Grammys in for their contribution to music in February.

23 Dec 2010 06:30

Arcade Fire think people expect them to fail, and always try to keep in perspective how quickly they have achieved their level of success.

23 Dec 2010 06:30

Beth Ditto's forthcoming solo EP is will have a ''psychedelic disco'' sound, but will also be ''raw and simple.''

23 Dec 2010 06:30

Kings of Leon have had to reschedule one of their London gigs for next year.

22 Dec 2010 17:03

The zebra crossing on featured on the cover of The Beatles' 'Abbey Road' album has been given Grade II listed status by a London council.

22 Dec 2010 16:15

Elbow have named their new album 'Build A Rocket Boys', and announced it will be released in March next year.

22 Dec 2010 16:15

The Yamaha Motif XF is being improved with help of various producers and sound developers.

22 Dec 2010 15:00

The shortlists for the Music Producers Guild Awards have been revealed.

22 Dec 2010 12:46

The Subways have teamed up with Stephen Street for their latest record.

22 Dec 2010 10:44

Britney Spears' producer has revealed she is ''damn professional'' and musically accomplished in the recording studio.

22 Dec 2010 09:45

Nelly wants to marry, but has played down rumours he will propose to Ashanti saying he's too committed to his rapping.

22 Dec 2010 09:45

'Miss Me' hitmaker Drake has thanked the power of the internet for making him a superstar rapper.

22 Dec 2010 06:30

Sheryl Crow said she's trained herself so well as a singer she can ''sustain a burp'' until she's finished singing a phrase.

22 Dec 2010 06:30

Last Shadow Puppets star Miles Kane has spoken about his solo ambitions.

21 Dec 2010 17:41

The legendary Beta microphone range has been expanded to include three new Shure mics.

21 Dec 2010 16:53

Green Day are thought to be preparing live album called 'Awesome As...' for release in March next year.

21 Dec 2010 16:15

Kings Of Leon's final show of the year, scheduled for tonight (21.12.10) in London, has been postponed.

21 Dec 2010 16:15

Velvet Revolver are close to bringing in a new frontman, drummer Matt Sorum has revealed.

21 Dec 2010 15:39

Avenged Sevenfold may never fully replace the late James Sullivan behind the drum kit, the band have said.

21 Dec 2010 13:37

The winners of the Drummies have been announced.

21 Dec 2010 11:12

Amy Winehouse has received £1 million from a Russian businessman for performing for two hours at a Moscow show.

21 Dec 2010 09:45

U2 frontman Bono admits he can be a ''pain'' and said he has ''an annoying gene''.

21 Dec 2010 09:45

Ne-Yo doesn't want to hear the recently posthumously released Michael Jackson album.

21 Dec 2010 06:30

The Rolling Stones want to play Glastonbury Festival, Ronnie Wood has said.

20 Dec 2010 18:40

Paramore are likely to need a new drummer and guitar player for next year's tour of South America.

20 Dec 2010 16:36

Madonna has put out an appeal for musicians to collaborate with her on new music.

20 Dec 2010 16:15

The Rolling Stones guitarist Ronnie Wood wants the band to headline Glastonbury festival next year.

20 Dec 2010 16:15

Peavey, Orange and Line 6 will be participating in the Birmingham Guitar Show.

20 Dec 2010 14:35

A new album from Blur may be on the cards for 2011.

20 Dec 2010 12:01

Jimi Hendrix helped to change the possibilities of music for electric guitar players.

20 Dec 2010 10:30

Axl Rose feels there is a lot of pressure on Guns N' Roses and that the new line up of the band have to ''work a bit harder'' to live up to a ''myth''.

20 Dec 2010 09:45

Britpop group Blur will spend some time in a recording studio in January 2011 and hope to release a new album by the end of the year.

20 Dec 2010 09:45

Tinie Tempah doesn't think he is in the right place in his career to sign with Jay-Z's Roc Nation record label.

20 Dec 2010 06:30

Trent Reznor said Nine Inch Nails - a project he put on hiatus in 2009 - didn't release more albums because he was crippled with fear.

20 Dec 2010 06:30

Avenged Sevenfold have parted company with drummer Mike Portnoy.

19 Dec 2010 09:00

A host of new acts have been booked to perform at the Isle of Wight Festival next year.

18 Dec 2010 09:00

Stars from Guns N' Roses, Red Hot Chili Peppers and Black Sabbath are to remember the legacy of Led Zeppelin drummer John Bonham in January.

17 Dec 2010 17:23

Velvet Revolver bassist Duff McKagan is recovering well from sinus surgery, and has clarified that he has not gone back to taking drugs.

17 Dec 2010 16:15

Coldplay admit they can become so insular they forget there are ''other people in the world'' when they are in the studio.

17 Dec 2010 16:15

John Terry is the latest Chelsea star to begin learning a musical instrument.

17 Dec 2010 15:21

Steve Lukather has spoken about a career that has seen him play guitar with George Harrison and for Michael Jackson.

17 Dec 2010 11:39

Susan Boyle wants to cover a song by Australian hard rock band AC/DC.

17 Dec 2010 09:45

Ne-Yo wants to write for Girls Aloud even though the girl band hasn't worked together for over a year.

17 Dec 2010 09:45

Chipmunk has crowned the winner of the '2010 Def Jam Rapstar: Rhyme Master UK', schoolgirl Leah Newcombe.

17 Dec 2010 06:30

Coldplay singer Chris Martin is nominated in the Best Song category for next year's Oscars, for his track 'Me And Tennessee' from the movie 'Country Strong'.

17 Dec 2010 06:30

Changes have been made to the Peavey AmpKit system.

16 Dec 2010 17:50

Lil Wayne's 12-year-old daughter, Reginae, wants to follow in his footsteps and enter the music business.

16 Dec 2010 16:15

Tim Minchin used a Yamaha grand piano during a recent gig.

16 Dec 2010 15:49

Mark Hoppus has said work on Blink 182's new album is going well.

16 Dec 2010 13:13

Taylor Swift has been given a new Fender guitar.

16 Dec 2010 10:49

Usher finds has laughed off being kicked in the face by a fan during a show at Madison Square Garden, New York on Monday (13.12.10).

16 Dec 2010 09:45

Pink Floyd have won a court battle stopping their record company, EMI, from selling their tracks individually online.

16 Dec 2010 09:45

The Drums were planning to record a ''desolate record in a desolate town'' for their second album, but abandoned the idea when they realised they would be snowed in.

16 Dec 2010 06:30

Flo Rida isn't worried about sales figures of his tracks, as long as he can connect with his fans.

16 Dec 2010 06:30

Biffy Clyro have broken their silence about Matt Cardle's cover of Many of Horror.

15 Dec 2010 18:00

Blink 182 are writing about ''lots of heavy stuff'' on their forthcoming, as-yet-untitled, new album.

15 Dec 2010 16:15

British songwriter Jessie J has been named winner of the Critics Choice prize at next year's BRIT Awards.

15 Dec 2010 16:15

Mastodon and Mars Volta star Omar Rodriguez-Lopez will be promoting Orange amps at NAMM.

15 Dec 2010 16:13

Paul McCartney is to perform at the 100 Club on Friday.

15 Dec 2010 15:12

Electric guitar players should get to know a song inside and out, Ron 'Bumblefoot' Thal has advised.

15 Dec 2010 13:49

Prince is to perform using a gold Fender Stratocaster tonight.

15 Dec 2010 11:44

Lil Wayne reckons his first single since being released from prison, '6'7', will prove he is ''better than everybody'' when it comes to writing lyrics.

15 Dec 2010 10:00

Alice Cooper, Neil Diamond, Dr. John, Tom Waits and Darlene Love have been chosen as the 2011 inductees to the Rock 'n' Roll Hall Of Fame.

15 Dec 2010 09:45

Arcade Fire frontman Win Butler hopes the band's latest album can stand the test of time and doesn't end up becoming a ''memo''.

15 Dec 2010 06:30

Liam Gallagher thinks Beady Eye's debut album is as good as his former band Oasis' first record, 'Definitely Maybe'.

15 Dec 2010 06:30

Arcade Fire star Win Butler has spoken about his rules for creating music.

14 Dec 2010 18:25

Electric guitar player Bruce Springsteen may work with Ray Davies again.

14 Dec 2010 16:25

Bon Jovi have been named the highest grossing touring act of 2010 by Billboard magazine, grossing an estimated $146,507,388 from 69 sell out shows.

14 Dec 2010 16:15

Weezer's Rivers Cuomo says playing the band's 'Pinkerton' album live in its entirety is an ''emotional, cathartic experience''.

14 Dec 2010 16:15

A new drummer has joined the ranks of Glasvegas.

14 Dec 2010 14:25

Teaching others how to play the electric guitar has been recommended by Guns N' Roses star Ron 'Bumblefoot' Thal.

14 Dec 2010 12:45

Metallica, Slayer, Megadeth and Anthrax will all be bringing their electric guitars to next year's Sonisphere Festival.

14 Dec 2010 10:45

British rapper Plan B has made enough money from his music career to retire at the age of just 27.

14 Dec 2010 09:45

Black Eyed Peas are being sued by funk legend George Clinton, for allegedly using elements of his track '(Not Just) Knee Deep' without permission.

14 Dec 2010 09:45

Paul Weller hopes his music will continue to inspire other musicians even after he is dead.

14 Dec 2010 06:30

Susan Boyle says being in the recording studio is like a ''home from home'' and makes her feel safe.

14 Dec 2010 06:30

Matt Cardle's road to fame began when he picked up a guitar at the age of 11.

13 Dec 2010 19:02

Billy Bragg has said musicians should utilise the power of the internet to grow their fanbase.

13 Dec 2010 17:00

The original lyrics to Bob Dylan's 'The Times They Are A-Changing'' have been auctioned off for almost half a million dollars.

13 Dec 2010 16:15

Coldplay frontman Chris Martin has revealed the group are working on a ''concept album'' about two outsiders on a journey together.

13 Dec 2010 16:15

Dr. Dre has praised Jay-Z and admitted he would love to work with the rapper again in the future.

13 Dec 2010 16:15

The lyrics to The Times They Are A-Changin' written by Bob Dylan have been sold off in New York.

13 Dec 2010 14:58

Chris Martin has spoken about Coldplay's progress in the studio on their next record.

13 Dec 2010 12:56

Les Paul is being honoured by Gibson for his revolutionary musical inventions.

13 Dec 2010 10:54

'Decode' hitmakers Paramore are taking a break from performing in 2011 to write their new album.

13 Dec 2010 10:00

Manic Street Preachers, Public Image Ltd and Two Door Cinema Club have been added to the bill for the Isle of Wight Festival 2011.

12 Dec 2010 09:00

Stanley Clark is teaming up with bass amp manufacturer Ampeg.

11 Dec 2010 09:00

The shortlist for the Critics' Choice Award was announced by organisers of the 2011 BRIT Awards today (10.12.10) with nominations for The Vaccines, James Black and Jessie J.

10 Dec 2010 16:15

Rapper Flo Rida has revealed the most important part of performing is to make sure his fans have a good time.

10 Dec 2010 16:15

Scouting for Girls have been trying their hand on the Roland HD-1 drums for the Gadget Show.

10 Dec 2010 15:47

Electric guitars played by Eric Clapton, Jeff Beck and JJ Cale are being sold off for charity.

10 Dec 2010 14:21

Bob Dylan has been hailed by Gibson as the most revolutionary musician ever.

10 Dec 2010 10:42

Take That and Plan B are to perform at next year's revamped BRIT Awards at London's The O2.

10 Dec 2010 09:45

Prince has advised Justin Bieber to learn how to play an instrument if he wants to survive in the music business.

10 Dec 2010 09:45

Ne-Yo is ''disturbed'' by initial sales of his new album 'Libra Scale', blaming the fact it was leaked a month before release.

10 Dec 2010 06:30

Gorillaz have revealed their latest album will be the final free gift in their advent calendar, available free to fans on December 25.

10 Dec 2010 06:30

Gary Hoey is bringing out a new DVD aimed at people wanting to improve their skills on the electric guitar.

9 Dec 2010 18:14

Cream guitarist Eric Clapton to send over 140 guitars and amps to auction in aid of charity.

9 Dec 2010 17:03

Scissor Sisters frontman Jake Shears regrets certain decisions about his band's latest album, mainly releasing the single 'Fire With Fire' first.

9 Dec 2010 16:15

Liam Gallagher says he is singing ''better'' in his new band Beady Eye than he ever did as frontman of Oasis.

9 Dec 2010 16:15

A short video explaining the workings of the Roland Cube XL guitar amp series has been put on YouTube.

9 Dec 2010 16:12

Dave Grohl has played the drums on the new Michael Jackson album.

9 Dec 2010 14:59

Carl Barat and Matt Helders have recorded together as part of The Bottletop Band.

9 Dec 2010 14:17

Velvet Revolver are on the lookout for a new frontman.

9 Dec 2010 10:58

Yoko Ono led tributes to John Lennon on the 30th anniversary of his death yesterday (08.12.10), writing a eulogy to her husband on her blog.

9 Dec 2010 09:45

Nelly Furtado has urged aspiring singers to write their own songs and keep their own style, and not rely on getting their videos noticed on YouTube.

9 Dec 2010 09:45

Carrie Underwood has no idea where she will her six American Country Awards - which are all full sized guitars.

9 Dec 2010 06:30

Mick Jagger has called Keith Richards' autobiography, 'Life' ''tedious'', and said he has no plans to release his own memoir.

9 Dec 2010 06:30

The X Factor winner's battle for the Christmas number one is to be challenged by 4'33''.

8 Dec 2010 16:28

'Whip My Hair' singer Willow Smith is hoping she can become as big as Lady Gaga.

8 Dec 2010 16:15

Reformed British indie group Suede performed their biggest-ever indoor concert last night (07.12.10).

8 Dec 2010 16:15

Nicole Scherzinger said she turns ''into a beast'' when she's onstage, and wanted her solo songs to reflect this attitude.

8 Dec 2010 16:15

The world is remembering the impact made by John Lennon on the 30th anniversary of his death.

8 Dec 2010 14:53

The musical legacy of Nirvana has been praised by one writer.

8 Dec 2010 10:54

John Lennon said he didn't want to become a ''dead hero'' just three days before her was assassinated in New York, 30 years ago today (08.12.10).

8 Dec 2010 09:45

Muse frontman Matt Bellamy has hinted his relationship with actress Kate Hudson could lead to a softer musical direction for the band.

8 Dec 2010 09:45

One of Britain's leading performers has chosen the Korg SV-1 Stage Vintage Piano as his main practice and composition piano.

8 Dec 2010 09:22

Fans are expected to gather in Liverpool and New York to pay their respects to John Lennon, after he was shot dead 30 years ago today (08.12.10).

8 Dec 2010 06:30

The Kooks' new album has been influenced by US alternative musician Beck and avant-garde film director David Lynch.

8 Dec 2010 06:30

The electric guitar playing of Eddie Van Halen on Eruption has gone down in history, a commentator has claimed.

7 Dec 2010 18:28

Paul McCartney has announced two special gigs in London and Liverpool.

7 Dec 2010 16:25

Gorillaz future is in question, after the two people behind the project, Damon Albarn and Jamie Hewlett sais they don't think they can continue the project at its present scale.

7 Dec 2010 16:15

Metallica singer James Hetfield has made his band's live shows ''more family-friendly'' since becoming a father.

7 Dec 2010 16:15

Linkin Park and System of A Down will be wowing the crowds at next year's Download Festival.

7 Dec 2010 14:41

Casio release details of new high grade keyboards.

7 Dec 2010 14:02

The merits of the Casio WK-7500 have been outlined.

7 Dec 2010 12:58

The long-awaited Elektron Octatrack has been given an official shipping date of December 20th

7 Dec 2010 12:13

Biffy Clro have joined Slipknot on the bill for Sonisphere 2011.

7 Dec 2010 10:53

Carrie Underwood was the big winner at last night's (06.12.10) inaugural American Country Awards, scooping all six of the trophies she was nominated for, including Artist of the Year.

7 Dec 2010 09:45

Will.i.am has revealed he suffers from tinnitus, a constant ringing in his ears, leaving him only feeling at ease when he's onstage.

7 Dec 2010 09:45

Johnny Cash's personal items including a denim jumpsuit, guitars and handwritten lyrics have fetched over $700,000 at auction.

7 Dec 2010 06:30

Slipknot singer Corey Taylor has spoken about how he has been dealing with the death of the band's bassist Paul Grey earlier this year.

7 Dec 2010 06:30

The BBC's annual list of its most-hotly tipped artists for next year has been revealed.

6 Dec 2010 19:00

One of the musicians in 36 Crazyfists has talked about his desire to improve his acoustic guitar and piano-playing abilities.

6 Dec 2010 17:00

British singer and songwriter Sir Paul McCartney was made a Kennedy Center honouree by US president Barack Obama last night (05.12.10).

6 Dec 2010 16:15

Liam Gallagher's post Oasis band, Beady Eye, will release their debut album, 'Different Gear, Still Speeding', in February 2011.

6 Dec 2010 16:15

Eric Clapton's improvisational guitar playing in Cream still has an effect on musicians today, it has been stated.

6 Dec 2010 15:21

The Korg Wavedrum has a vital role to play in Jamie Cullum's recording process.

6 Dec 2010 13:48

Jeff Beck, Plan B and Pixie Lott are the latest acts to be added to the Isle of Wight Festival 2011 bill.

6 Dec 2010 13:31

Will.i.am's failed 2007 solo album 'Songs About Girls' was a learning curve which helped save the Black Eyed Peas.

6 Dec 2010 10:00

Girls Aloud singer Nicola Roberts has reportedly signed a solo record deal with Universal music.

6 Dec 2010 10:00

Motorhead singer Lemmy is more likely to be spotted reading than taking groupies backstage on tour, according to the directors behind a new documentary on him.

6 Dec 2010 06:30

US Rapper Drake fears his generation are ''afraid to express themselves'', because they don't talk face to face enough.

6 Dec 2010 06:30

The Young Drummer of the Year 2011 contest is to take place in February.

5 Dec 2010 09:00

Slipknot will come back to the UK for the first time since the death of their bassist next summer.

4 Dec 2010 09:00

Madness have called off tonight's planned performance at Hull Arena due to the extreme weather occurring in that part of the UK.

3 Dec 2010 18:00

Aretha Franklin is recovering well after undergoing ''highly successful'' surgery in the US yesterday (02.12.10), and has sent a message of thanks to doctors who looked after her.

3 Dec 2010 16:15

Bryan Ferry has praised the Korg Kaoss KP3.

3 Dec 2010 16:09

Hummingbird acoustic guitars have been used by stars such as Keith Richards and Jimmy Page down the years.

3 Dec 2010 12:45

Fergie, Lea Michele and Jazmine Sullivan were honoured at Billboard magaine's Women of the Year lunch in New York yesterday (02.12.10).

3 Dec 2010 09:45

Britney Spears has confirmed she will release her new, as-yet-untitled album in March and that she is ''in love'' with it.

3 Dec 2010 09:45

The Drums feel there is no ''melody or sincerity'' in modern pop tracks that get played on the radio.

3 Dec 2010 06:30

Flo Rida wasn't afraid to ''end up living on the streets'' if it meant he could achieve his goal of becoming a successful rapper.

3 Dec 2010 06:30

Gallows guitarist and vocalist Steph Carter expresses his happiness with his Vox guitar.

2 Dec 2010 17:58

A selection of items related to The Beatles are being sold off in California tomorrow.

2 Dec 2010 17:45

Yamaha has highlighted the many positive features of the NPV80 keyboard.

2 Dec 2010 16:28

Kings Of Leon call each other ''stupid and ugly'' when they fall out in the studio.

2 Dec 2010 16:15

Damon Albarn thinks America is ''in tune'' with Gorillaz, which is really helped boost their popularity in the country.

2 Dec 2010 16:15

Get a half price Relay G30 or Relay G50 with every Spider Valve MKII amp.

2 Dec 2010 15:54

Foo Fighters have been confirmed for another 2011 festival appearance.

2 Dec 2010 15:07

Parents looking for the perfect Christmas present could opt for a Yamaha GigMaker drum kit.

2 Dec 2010 12:52

It is not hard for electric guitar players to learn a number of Nirvana songs, it has been claimed.

2 Dec 2010 10:49

Korg run 'Meet the Micros' competition on Twitter.

2 Dec 2010 10:32

Leona Lewis wants to work with Black Eyed Peas producer Will.i.am on her new album - sparking speculation she will head in a dance-music influenced direction.

2 Dec 2010 10:00

Eminem leads the 2011 Grammy nominations, with nods in 10 categories, including Album, Song, and Record of the Year.

2 Dec 2010 10:00

Rapper Tinie Tempah has been talking to Take That about the possibility of supporting them on their sold-out 'Progress' tour next year.

2 Dec 2010 10:00

The Drums stopped playing their biggest hit, 'Let's Go Surfing' in order to make a point about the rest of their songs.

2 Dec 2010 06:30

A professional musician has praised the abilities of the Moog Little Phatty synth.

1 Dec 2010 18:26

Brian May, Paul Weller and Keith Richards have all autographed an Epiphone Casino for an animal charity.

1 Dec 2010 16:24

Black Sabbath star Tony Iommi has a style of guitar playing new musicians could learn well from, it has been advised.

1 Dec 2010 14:22

Three-quarters of JLS are planning to take up musical instruments.

1 Dec 2010 12:58

My Chemical Romance will be visiting the UK and Ireland in February 2011.

1 Dec 2010 10:52

Moog Little Phatty is keyboard of choice for Marina and the Diamonds keyboard player.

1 Dec 2010 10:30

'Mi Chico Latino' singer and former Spice Girls star Geri Halliwell is planning to re-launch her solo career in 2011.

1 Dec 2010 09:45

Pete Doherty may ask his former Libertines bandmate Carl Barat to help him finish writing songs for his new Babyshambles album.

1 Dec 2010 09:45

Nine Inch Nails star Trent Reznor is ''flattered'' Justin Timberlake is a fan of his music.

1 Dec 2010 06:30

Bob Marley's son has written a book called 'Dear Dad', which tells his story and the impact his father had on his life.

1 Dec 2010 06:30