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Top 10 Multi-Effects Units for Any Budget


pedal board with guitarMulti-effects pedals are a great way to try out a range of different tones with one convenient unit – ideal for guitarists but also great for synths, vocals, and more!

You could be just starting out on guitar and looking to experiment with some new sounds. Or you might be a seasoned player looking to condense your tonal palette. Either way, a multi-effects pedal gives you the ultimate in convenience: one device, many sounds.

It doesn’t matter what your budget is, we’ve put together a list of stomp boxes to suit all tastes and prices. These pedals are ideal for both beginners and experts alike, but these aren’t the only available options! You can find even more guitar multi-effects pedalsacoustic guitar multi-effects pedals, and bass guitar multi-effects pedals on our site.

Zoom G1 FOUR Multi-Effects PedalZoom G1on FX Processor

Zoom-G1-FOUR-Multi-Effects-PedalWelcome to a tonal landscape. Despite being the most affordable unit on our list, the Zoom G1 FOUR has a huge 60 effects built in.

These include distortion, modulation, delay, and reverb, making it perfect for guitarists looking to play around with effects for the first time.

With the addition of an easy-to-use autosave and pre-select functions, this unit is great for first-timers looking to get to grips with multi-effects.

Shop now | Zoom G1 FOUR Multi-Effects Pedal

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Line 6 Pocket POD Guitar Amp Processor

Line-6-Pocket-POD-Guitar-Amp-ProcessorA pocket rocket. Small enough to carry anywhere and with the option to power via batteries, the Line 6 Pocket POD holds a plethora of tones in a compact, portable package.

The POD creates its tones using digital modelling, so you’ll not only get the sound of multiple effects, but you’ll also get the sound of a full studio guitar rig – guitar amp and cabinet included. Plug straight into a recording device, headphones, or PA, and get a complete guitar tone, ready to go.

32 classic amp models cover all manner of clean, crunch, and overdrive tones, while 16 effects and 16 speaker cabinet models give you a huge range of options.

This unit also offers over 300 artist and song presets, with tones from Joel Stroetzel of Killswitch Engage, James Valentine of Maroon 5, Bjorn Agren of Razorlight, and more. For under £100, it’s hard not to like the Pocket POD.

Shop now | Line 6 Pocket POD Guitar Amp Processor

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Looking for the latest POD? Check out the Line 6 POD GO – available to order now. It’s got the same HX technology as the Helix, at a fraction of the price.

Boss ME-80 Guitar Multi-Effects Pedal

Boss ME-80 Guitar Multi Effects PedalA performer and producer. The Boss ME-80 is both stage and studio-ready with its intuitive layout and professional tones from one of the all-time masters of guitar effects.

Featuring eight multi-function footswitches, multiple control knobs, and an expression pedal, you’ll have everything you need to create your tone within hand’s reach.

For tone tweakers, the ME-80 also has the free Boss Tone Studio software which lets you edit on your computer – perfect for in-depth adjustments in the studio.

You’ll find a huge selection of high-end effects ranging from classic pro Boss tones to COSM amp models that replicate the coolest amps in history. It’s an intuitive unit that’s ready to help you make magic.

Shop now | Boss ME-80 Guitar Multi Effects Pedal

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Mooer Black Truck Multi-Effects Pedal

Mooer Black Truck Multi Effects PedalA rocker’s best friend. The Black Truck is perfect for the gigging musician who likes to perform hard.

If you’re a guitarist who plays heavier music, you should really consider it. Plug it into a clean amp and you’ll have a core of staple effects for any session.

A workhorse of a pedal, offering compressor, overdrive, distortion, EQ, modulation, and delay/reverb effects – the Black Truck is a quality stomp box with a versatile range of rock and metal tones. It also frees up space.

All these high-quality tones in one place means there’s more room on your pedalboard to try out other effects pedals as well. Open the door to a bigger sound.

Shop now | Mooer Black Truck Multi Effects Pedal

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Hotone Ampero Multi-Effects Unit

Hotone Ampero Multi-Effects UnitThe Hotone Ampero offers premium digital modelling at an exceptional price.

With just one device, you can plug into a recording device or PA and get the complete modelled sound of an amp, cab, effects – all professionally mic’d in a studio courtesy of IR technology.

Starting with over 100 of the latest modelling algorithms, it supports whatever genre or style you have. It also works with acoustic guitars. Selectable inputs keep acoustics in mind, meaning your tonal range just got even bigger.

There is also acoustic emulation, so even if you don’t have an acoustic guitar, you can still get the sound in your performances or recordings. If you’re also a songwriter, you’ll love the editing software and 120-sec looping with reverse and half-speed functionality.

Shop now | Hotone Ampero Multi-Effects Unit

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Mooer GE250 Multi Effects Pedal

Mooer GE250 Multi Effects PedalThe Mooer GE250 offers digital amp models, effects models, IR cabs, audio interface functionality, and even on-board drum sounds. The result? A complete tool for modern players on stage and in the studio.

With over 180 different effects that would satisfy any modern musician – alongside 70 digital amp models that give you even more flexibility – all packed into this high-quality tone machine, you’ll find it hard to argue with the logic of a multi-effects unit.

Whatever your musical style, the Mooer GE250 has the tones you need.

Don’t have an amp? No problem! A set of 32 IR-based speaker cab models faithfully mirror the feel of a real tube amp, while a programmable FX loop function lets you integrate your favourite effects. Phew! It’s one talented pedal.

Shop now | Mooer GE250 Multi Effects Pedal

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Headrush Gigboard

headrush-gigboardGet hands-on with touchscreen technology. Whether you’re a musician who likes to tweak a sound for hours on end or you like to get great tones quickly to inspire your creativity, the Headrush Gigboard has your back.

This board does just about everything you can think of, from a realistic and responsive amp, mic, and FX modelling to gapless preset switching with reverb/delay tail spill over. You really do need to get your hands on this powerhouse to experience everything it can do.

Despite its premium technology, this unit is priced in the mid-range of effects pedals, so you get a lot of bang for your buck.

Shop now | Headrush Gigboard

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HeadRush MX5 Multi-Effects Processor

headrush-mx5Continuing the theme of Headrush gear, we have the MX5 Multi-Effects ProcessorThe same intuitive touchscreen display features again, but with immediate access to 50 guitar and bass amplifier models, 15 speaker cabinet models with 10 microphone emulations, 300 impulse responses, and 66 premium FX models.

You also have the ability to upload your own impulse responses to the MX, along with flagship processing power for a truly authentic playing experience.

Even though the HeadRush MX5 is a microboard, its durability is that of a full-sized pedalboard. Its compact design boasts three footswitches (all equipped with individual RGB LEDs), an expression pedal (with adjustable tension and built-in toe switch), and a generous offering of inputs and outputs on the rear panel.

There is also a USB port, which can be used to record or reamp at studio quality (up to 24-bit 96kHz), transfer presets and loops, and easily upgrade the MX5’s feature when new feature updates are released by HeadRush.

Shop now | HeadRush MX5 Multi-Effects Processor

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Boss GT-1000 Guitar Effects Processor

Boss-GT-1000-Guitar-Effects-ProcessorIf you like to have the best, then you should consider the Boss GT-1000. It has industry-leading 32-bit analogue to digital conversion and a 96kHz sample rate, giving you one of the highest quality outputs on the market.

It also has Boss’s AIRD technology that lets you play around with an array of amp sounds that have a valve-like response.

Combine these high-end elements with 145 effects, an endless number of Boss’ most popular stomp boxes courtesy of COSM models, and fast patch switching with delay/reverb carryover – and you’ve got one incredibly versatile unit with almost everything a modern player could require.

Shop now | Boss GT-1000 Guitar Effects Processor

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Line 6 Helix Multi Effects Guitar Pedal

Line-6-HelixTour with it. Experiment with it. Record with it. The Line 6 Helix does practically everything, and it does it extremely well.

Equipped with the award-winning HX modelling engine, the Helix gives you almost any tone you can imagine. You’ll find a vast array of modelled amplifiers, IR cabinets, different microphone options, and diverse effects, not to mention a huge range of routing options, both internally and externally.

The Helix makes it easy to create sounds with its intuitive display and 12 touch-capacitive footswitches. Not only can you edit and arrange a compete guitar signal path on screen, you can edit an individual block by tapping its respective touch-capacitive footswitch with your finger.

Helix detects which footswitch you’ve tapped, and automatically brings up the controls on screen for that effect or amp!

70 effects, 50 amps, 30 cabs, and 16 mics are all wrapped up in an incredibly rugged design. So, you won’t worry about the wear and tear of taking it on the road. The Helix is a premium, but if you’re looking for no limits, it’s money well spent.

Shop now | Line 6 Helix Multi Effects Guitar Pedal

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Bonus – Vocal Effects

All of the multi-effects pedals above are perfect for guitarists and bassists, but they also work well for synths and other instrumentalists.

If you’re a vocalist, you can find a fantastic range of processors which allow you to harmonise in real-time, add effects like reverb and chorus, create doubling effects, loop, and more.

Shop now | TC Helicon Vocal Effects Processors

Shop now | Boss VE-20 Vocal Performer Vocal Effects Processor

Shop now | Boss VE-500 Vocal Performer

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