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Casio Privia Upgrade Series – What’s New?


Casio Privia pianos have been a mainstay in the piano lineup for years – think ‘the PX 760, PX 770’ etc.

The last shake-up of the Privia range was the PX S series with the debut of the PX S1000 and PXS 3100 (which have now been superseded by the PX S1100 and PX 3100 respectively).

Now, the upgraded Privia range has been launched in the form of the PX S5000, PX S6000, and PX S7000. But what makes them more premium?

Design and aesthetic

One of the main things that really stands out is the design. The earlier PX S models had the tagline “Slim. Stylish. Smart.” – and they were! They boasted a sleek, gloss finish – and this aesthetic has continued through to the new series.

The PX S5000 feels the most familiar in terms of design.

As you progress through the range, more design features come into play.

Some of the key additions to the PX S6000 are the wood effect and the modern-styled optional stand, the CS-90P.

There’s also a touch screen jog wheel with a light that follows your finger, a pitch bend, and control knobs.

When the pianos have been stood idle, the light-up ‘buttons’ fade out to show the pure gloss finish.

PX-S7000The PX S7000 is where it gets really interesting. It’s available in three finishes – you might think black, white, and rosewood, in keeping with tradition, but no… the latter has been replaced by a ‘Harmonious Mustard’ finish!

This truly distinctive piano will certainly ensure you stand out from the crowd.

One of the great things about this piano is the complementary wood-effect stand that makes it a signature piece of furniture.

You can also unscrew the piano and use it as a portable stage… true versatility.

Some other special touches on the S7000 include the clever design of the three-pedal unit – it’s integrated into the stand itself.

A common design feature is the tactile feel of the keys. Many people will have memories of acoustic upright pianos at home or school, and the feel of ivory keys can be the thing that transports you back.

In the modern era, ivory isn’t desirable but the surface of these keys has been designed – per octave – to replicate that of ivory.


PX-S6000While we’re on the topic of key finish, the keys and action have been improved too, creating the Smart Hybrid Action.

This is what adds the premium element to the Privia pianos.

On the sides of the keys, wood has been inserted which adds extra density to the keys and improves the feel and response.

This action builds on their current PX S action which uses digital scaling to give each key a subtle difference in weight.

It’s similar to that of an acoustic piano – ideal!



The sound

PX-S7000BKFeatured on the PX S6000 and PX S7000 are premium piano sounds.

You’ll find the ‘HG’, or Hamburg, piano – the sound of an illustrious German-based piano that can be found in concert halls around the world.

In addition, the PX S7000 is loaded with sounds of the ‘NY’ and ‘BN’ pianos.

The New York piano is a famous concert grand with a brighter, more sparkly sound.

‘BN’ stands for Bechstein. Over the years, Casio has developed a close working relationship with Bechstein in the production of their Grand Hybrid series, and so it comes as no surprise that the Privia series incorporates this partnership.


Getting the sound

PX-S7000WEOne very cool feature of the PX S6000 and PX S7000 is the array of sounds that will be very familiar to pop aficionados. Classic EP sounds are available with these models which bring alive the tones of some iconic pop hits over the years.

Electric pianos have been recreated and a whole host of effects have been applied to help you relive your youth.

The titles of the EPs give you a clue as to the track that the sound has come from and playing the pianos will transport you back to your bedroom, recording from the radio onto tape, like we all did ‘back in the day’!

If that wasn’t enough, the PX S7000 also has some pop-hit pianos! Recreate the performances of a certain regal-sounding band or a prolific composer playing your favourite song.

Attention to detail has really been paid to simulate these pianos.

Another fun feature is Bluetooth connectivity that lets you connect to the piano and stream one of these pop hits and actually play along too! This is certainly a way of losing a (few) hours!

Other notable features

There are a few more interesting features built into these pianos.

Gone are the days of searching around for a headphone converter jack. On the front of the piano, there are two jack sockets – one for a full-size jack and one for a mini-jack. So, you can plug in whichever headphones you wish without trying to figure out if they’ll fit.

The PX S6000 boasts more function keys. These can be used to select further presets within the settings or can be assigned as registration memories which recall your favourite settings at the press of a button.

Control knobs have also been added to the PX S6000, allowing you to manipulate the sounds in real time and increase the range of effect. All this is coupled up with a pitch bend too!

Even more impressively, the PX S7000’s pitch bend wheel has an LED which changes colour when you move it, showing fine attention to detail.

With the PX S7000, there are a lot more features that are accessible via the accompanying app. Here you can control the DSP settings to fine-tune your sounds even further.

Which model is right for me?

PX-S5000This range takes the PX S series to five models, but which piano is the best upgrade option for you?

If you want a piano with a great action, a lightweight build (just 11.5kg), and some fantastic sounds, the PX S5000 delivers on all fronts.

The PX S6000 has one of the Privia grand piano sounds (the Hamburg) as well as more functionality to perfect your performance directly through the piano as opposed to the app. There are also some classic EP sounds.

This model is more suited to those who like to compose or really play around with sounds and effects.

The flagship PX S7000 is the one that does it all.

It has improved action (compared to standard Privia models), a sleek design in three colours, a complementary stand and pedals, the three Privia pianos, and the sounds of pop pianos and classic EPs.

This is the one you want to perform your favourite hits and stand out from the crowd whilst doing so!


How would you like to win one?

To celebrate the launch of this series, we have partnered with Casio to give away a PX S7000 in the striking Harmonious Mustard finish. Head over to the Facebook page to enter!

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