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Best Christmas Gifts for Guitarists


The festive season is here once again, and guitarists across the land are dreaming of that one gift to make their rig complete. Ever the troublesome lot, musicians can be rather picky! So, we’ve compiled a list of gift ideas to help you satisfy even the most discerning 6-string lover.

Whether you’re shopping for someone that’s about to pick up their first guitar or getting a present for a veteran player, we’ve got something for everyone!

Fender Silver Logo Snapback Hat, Black, One SizeFender Silver Logo Snapback Hat

Everyone loves swag. Particularly guitarists.

Not only do we have to look cool on stage, but we also have a rocker image to uphold!

This Fender cap will distinguish any guitarist as a musician of taste, and it’ll keep the sun out of their eyes during those outdoor gigs.

Emblazoned with the Fender logo and sporting an always-in-fashion black finish, there’s nothing better to sit atop a riffsmith’s noggin.

Shop now | Fender Silver Logo Snapback Hat, Black, One Size

Fender FA-115 Acoustic Dreadnought Pack, Natural, Walnut FingerboardFender FA-115 Acoustic Dreadnought Pack

Everyone has to start somewhere!

With Fender’s FA-115 Acoustic pack, a new player has everything they need to begin their guitar journey. And because it’s Fender, you can trust the FA-115 acoustic guitar to be well-built, resonant, and rich in that classic steel-string acoustic sound.

This great guitar gift includes a gig bag, strap, extra strings, picks, and a 90-day subscription to Fender’s online learning service, Fender Play.

So, if your giftee is looking to start strumming their first chords, this is an excellent choice! I should know, I’ve played one!

Shop now | Fender FA-115 Acoustic Dreadnought Pack, Natural, Walnut Fingerboard

Ernie Ball Super Slinky Electric Guitar StringsErnie Ball Super Slinky Electric Guitar Strings

Strings. Strings. Strings. A constant for all guitar players, these are always in demand.

While there are loads of types of strings out there, and some players may have their preferences on thicker or lighter gauges, Ernie Ball Super Slinkys are a safe choice for their versatility.

And what’s more, guitarists will gladly accept extra sets, because even when your strings aren’t broken they’ll still periodically need changing. They’re the ideal guitar accessories gift.

Shop now | Ernie Ball Super Slinky Electric Guitar Strings, 3 Pack (9 – 42)

EVH Micro StackEVH Micro Stack

Know a guitarist that likes to rock out? Well, with this miniature amplifier stack, they’ll be able to rock out anywhere!

Modelled after the legendary EVH amp, this mighty-but-mini amp serves up the classic roar of Van Halen in a portable package.

You can run it off a 9v battery for mobile moshing or plug it into the wall for a steady supply of screaming sonics!

Shop now | EVH Micro Stack, Stealth Black

Squier Bullet Mustang HH, Imperial BlueSquier Bullet Mustang HH

Looking for an electric with an individual style? This Mustang is a super cool instrument to fit the bill!

It offers a unique style and sound over the more popular Stratocaster and Telecaster designs, with a light, easy-playing design.

Equipped with two humbucking pickups, the Mustang can generate some meaty and punchy tones.

Together with its slightly shorter scale length of 24″, it’s a great place to start learning. A shorter scale length pushes the frets closer together, helping a newer player build finger strength for those complex chords.

Shop now | Squier Bullet Mustang HH, Imperial Blue

Squier Affinity Jazzmaster LRL, Lake Placid BlueSquier Affinity Jazzmaster LRL

Distinctive. That’s what the Jazzmaster embodies. Like the Mustang above, the Jazzmaster offers a cool “offset” style that’s light and comfortable to play.

Jazzmasters are particularly liked by indie icons, so newer players seeking to emulate their guitar heroes would love this model.

Tonally speaking, this Jazzmaster has tonnes of character. Hosting two “large”-style single coils, it delivers a thicker tone than normal single coils, yet it still retains the twangy, sparkling sonics that singles are known for.

In addition, it’s equipped with a tremolo bridge to enable all kinds of adventurous whammy bar action.

Shop now | Squier Affinity Jazzmaster LRL, Lake Placid Blue

Epiphone Les Paul Special Satin E1Epiphone Les Paul Special Satin E1 (Les Paul Special VE)

The almighty Les Paul. One of the kings of rock ‘n’ roll, this guitar is perfectly suited to heavier musical styles thanks to its dual humbucking pickups and super slim neck. That thinner neck profile affords you loads of room on the fingerboard, helping turn your solos from random streams of notes into seamless, showstopping leads.

And as for the tones, those humbuckers kick out a ferocious howl when distorted. They’re able to voice everything from light blues drawls to the meanest hard rock roars with ease.

So, if there’s anyone looking to get their first electric guitar with a whole heap of attitude, this is an outstanding choice.

Shop now | Epiphone Les Paul Special Satin E1 (Les Paul Special VE), HC Sunburst

Dean Edge 09M Bass, Satin Natural Dean Edge 09M Bass

Get groovy this Christmas. For total beginners or the bass-curious guitarist, the Dean Edge 09M offers a superb starting point.

It’s sleek, good-looking, and exceptionally comfortable to play.

A rounded “C” shaped neck will have you fretting for hours without cramp, while a single yet powerful DMT Design pickup fires out earth-shaking rumbles for your basslines.

Shop now | Dean Edge 09M Bass, Satin Natural

Fender Mustang Micro AmpFender Mustang Micro

One of the coolest electric guitar gadgets out there! This Fender Mustang Micro is a tiny amp that’s specially designed to work with wired headphones, enabling you to rock out anywhere, anytime.

If you’re rehearsing before the gig, practising at night, or on the road with your guitar, the Mustang Micro keeps the music flowing. And because it’s loaded with Fender’s Mustang amp technology, you’ll have tonnes of tones and effects at your disposal.

Even better, it supports Bluetooth connectivity, allowing you to sync up to a device to play along to a backing track. This makes the Mustang Micro the perfect practice tool for any level of musician.

Plus, it’s easily rechargeable thanks to USB-C port that’s common amongst electronic devices.

Shop now | Fender Mustang Micro

Ibanez Tube Screamer MiniIbanez Tube Screamer Mini

It’s one of the most famous pedals in the guitar business, and it just got a whole lot smaller.

Named the Tube Screamer for its ability to make your tone howl and shriek, this is the ultimate gift for anyone looking to add an industrial amount of distortion to their sound.

With just three controls, it’s incredibly easy to dial in the sonics.

And with a quick stomp, the Ibanez Tube Screamer will overdrive the signal, making the sound louder and more pronounced whilst carrying a satisfying gritty texture.

Shop now | Ibanez Tube Screamer Mini

The round-up

We hope this list has sparked some ideas for your festive shopping frenzy. It’s far from comprehensive, so if you’re still searching for the perfect present then head over to the full Gear4Music site where we’ve got extensive gifts for guitar players, including accessories, gear, and instruments to explore.

Alternatively, drop us a comment down below! We’ll be happy to answer any questions you might have and point you in the right direction for the ideal gift this winter.


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