Yamaha YTR-9445 Xeno Artist Model 'New York' C Trumpet with 'YM' Bell

  • Bell Design Helps Provide a Clear & Well-Defined Tone
  • Malone Pipe Offers Excellent Response, Intonation and Even Tone
  • Reduced Wall Thickness & Acoustically Optimised Valve Casing
  • Conventional Square Crook Helps to Achieve Vivid Tonality
  • Comes Equipped With Double Case & Mouthpiece

Yamaha YTR-9445 Xeno Artist Model 'New York' C Trumpet with 'YM' Bell


The Yamaha YTR-9445 Xeno Artist Model 'New York' C Trumpet features a YM bell for a well-defined pitch centre and flexible tone. Modifications have been made to the shapes of the piston button, top cap, and bottom cap - resulting in a deeper tone and outstanding projection. A square crook, taller main tuning slide brace and heavier brace have helped to achieve blowing resistance and vivid tonality. The weight distribution of the water key and base have been improved to give easier access to the high notes. The position and shape of the bell braces have been changed to enable a better balance of weight, resulting in a quicker response and livelier tone with a solid tonal core. To discourage 1st piston intonation instability that often occurs with a C trumpet, Yamaha has included a shorter 1st slide. A silicone rubber slide stopper is also included to ensure the slides do not come off during use. The Yamaha Xeno Artist Trumpet comes equipped with a double case and mouthpiece.

Product Ref: 90300

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The YM bell flares more steeply than the YS4 bell, resulting in a well-defined pitch centre and flexible tone. This model has a bottom seam to help achieve optimum balance with reduced wall thickness, acoustically optimised valve casing and lighter pistons.

The bell is made from yellow brass, commonly used as the base metal for brass instruments. A standard mix will contain 70 percent copper for brighter tones and 30 percent zinc for a focused sound with solid core. This combination helps the player to produce sound with very little resistance. Yellow brass is a durable material with high corrosion resistance, keeping the instrument looking and sounding like new for longer.


To achieve improved tone and response as well as an ideal blowing resistance, Yamaha is making practical use of the thicker leadpipe, an original Malone Pipe and lighter mouthpiece receiver. The Malone Pipe, designed by Bob Malone, offers excellent response, remarkable intonation and a consistently even tone.


Now providing the choice between a standard YS and YM model, Yamaha is giving its players an opportunity to find their preferred design. Yamaha trumpets are popular among some of the World's most highly-regarded musicians and are becoming increasingly valued on the concert platform. Yamaha's range is continuing to develop and offer players a scale of products for all players to choose from.


  • Finish: Silver-Plated
  • Bell: YM
  • Bell Finish: Yellow Brass
  • Bell Diameter: 123mm
  • Bore Size: 11.73mm
  • Key Of: C


  • TRC-800E Double Case
  • TR17B4 Mouthpiece