Thomastik Dominant Cello C. Chrome Wound String 1/2

  • Warm, Mellow Sound Rich in Overtones
  • Synthetic Core Accurately Recreates Gut's Sound
  • Chrome Wound for Long Lasting Playability
  • Resilient to Humidity for Durability

Thomastik Dominant Cello C. Chrome Wound String 1/2

The Thomastik Dominant 145 1/2 Cello C String has a flexible synthetic core that provides a warm, clear tone. Thomastik's synthetic strings are resistant to change from humidity which provides durability and reliability, as well as having the tone of real gut. The medium size gives a well balanced sound that will comfortably compliment all 1/2 scale cellos. The classic tone has made the Dominant series a classic for synthetic strings. For a versatile A string with strong overtones and a more mellow sound than steel, the Thomastik Dominant 145 1/2 is an ideal choice for live, studio and casual cellists.

Product Ref: 66872

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Full Description

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  • String Type: C String
  • String Material: Synthetic Core
  • Winding: Chrome Wound
  • Size: 1/2
  • Gauge Tension: 10.2 KG