"The Sleeping Beauty" Montagnana Cello Copy, 1712, Full Outfit

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  • Includes K2 Case, Larsen Original Strings & Orchestra Bow
  • Replica of 1712 'The Sleeping Beauty' Montagnana Cello Model
  • Ebony Fingerboard Enables Smooth and Quick Playing Ability
  • Stunning Hand Applied Spirit Varnish Finish
  • Two Piece Figured Maple Back Produces Dense, Warm Tones

"The Sleeping Beauty" Montagnana Cello Copy, 1712, Full Outfit

"The Sleeping Beauty" Montagnana Cello Copy features a stunning hand applied oil varnish finish, with a complimentary fitted maple bridge and ebony fingerboard. Featuring rosewood paris eye pegs and a 2 piece back with matching ribs and scroll, this cello really is an attractive piece. This model is ideal for professional players and comes with a K2 lightweight case, Larsen original strings and Orchestra carbon weave bow with pernambuco veneer.

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Domenico Montagnana

When Montagnana was just 15 years of age he moved to Venice, otherwise known as the centre of instrument making. Prior to opening his own store in 1712 Montagnana learned his skills in Matteo Sellas' workshop. At this time Stainer's prevalent work caught the eye of Montagnana who then used this to influence his own work, which is obvious in the flowing F-holes and high archings of the 1721 violin. Progressively Montagnana's work became more Italian in character and his latter instruments are suitable for soloists. Despite all of the hard work up until this time Montagnana's cellos are still his best legacy and are considered by professionals to be of similar quality to Stradivari's work. Montagnana uses a broad pattern, with long beautiful corners and up right F-holes that are capable of achieving powerful and full tones. When cello designs were at the forefront of Venice's instrument making Montagnana used the time to develop his craftsmanship in this area. His cellos were very distinctive and worked well as concert instruments. The cellos produce a high quality sound with great projection and tone.

Larsen Original Strings

These strings are fast becoming the go to option for professionals, offering a quick and simple viola setup. Capable of producing strong projection and versatile sounds these strings are capable of producing a long lasting and reliable performance. The A string has a solid steel core and is wound with stainless steel flat wire which is precisely rolled. However, the C, G & D strings are made with an original multi-filament nylon core. The C and G strings both have silver flat wire windings, rolled using the same method as the A string. Whereas the D string comes with aluminium winding which provides flexibility to the overall sound as well as comfort during play.

Ebony Fingerboard

Ebony is a popular wood, known best for the clear, crisp attacks it is capable of producing. This wood is generally much brighter than maple and has a similar density too. Ebony however has oilier pores than maple and extra brittle grains. As a result of the tight grains this fingerboard doesn't require any finish. This quality gives the fingerboard a natural smooth, quick playing ability favoured by many professionals. Although there are many types of wood used to create fingerboards ebony is the darkest of them all. The wood works effectively throughout the instrument's range and is reliable for years.

Stunning Tonewoods

The use of maple and spruce is a tried and tested combination used in superior quality violas. This combination produces a focused, powerful sound with plenty of body and tonal warmth, which will only improve over time. The woods are hand selected based on their age and narrowness of grain, before being hand carved for a sound and appearance full of heritage. The distance between the grain affects the resonance of the instrument, with a narrower grain resulting in a more responsive, full bodied and weighted sound with a strong tonal core. The maple back and sides help provide a hard-wearing viola that works with the narrow grain spruce, to provide a unique instrument with incredible response, projection and full tonal body.

Full Size Cello

This 4/4 size Montagnana Cello is the ideal fit for most players - adults and older children can enjoy the comfortable fit of this instrument. Players won't need to worry about adjusting the instrument to their size and so can concentrate solely on their musical preparation.

K2 Case

The K2 case is great for travelling musicians who need to protect their equipment against their busy lifestyle. This case will keep the cello looking, feeling and sounding newer for longer, by reducing the risk of scratches and preventing damage caused when the instrument is dropped. The case comes with plenty of features to keep everything organised and stored away. The lightweight design still maintains the protection needed for any high end cello.

K2 Case Features

  • Internal Padding
  • Rosin Pocket
  • Two Bow Holders
  • Hygrometer
  • Riveted Carrying Handle, Seven Robust
  • Catches & Rucksack Straps (For an Improved Carrying Experience)
  • Eight Rubber Feet (For Vertical or Horizontal Standing)
  • Plate Metal Spike Guard
  • 3.7kg Lightweight Design



  • Finish: Hand Applied Oil Varnish
  • Bridge: Fitted Maple
  • Fingerboard: Ebony
  • Tailpiece: Ebony
  • Top Nut: Ebony


  • Size: 4/4
  • Endpin: Carbon Fibre Shaft
  • Pegs: Rosewood Paris Eye
  • Body: 2 Piece Back in Figured Maple with Matching Ribs & Scroll


  • Length of Back: 749mm
  • Length of Upper: 361mm
  • Length of Middle: 267mm
  • Length of Lower: 446mm

Included Accessories

  • Larsen Original Strings
  • K2 Case
  • Orchestra Carbon Weave Bow, Pernambuco Veneer