Jupiter JTS-1100 Performers Tenor Sax Outfit, Hard Shell Case

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  • Includes Backpack Soft Case, Mouthpiece and Maintenance Kit
  • Suitable for Avid Players and Practising Professionals Alike
  • Neck Made Using Special Artisan Tooling & Annealing Processes
  • Keys are Made from the Highest Quality Tempered Brass
  • Metal Tone Boosters Brighten the Saxophones Sounds

Jupiter JTS-1100 Performers Tenor Sax Outfit, Hard Shell Case

The Jupiter JTS-1100 Performers Tenor Saxophone features a sona-pure neck which is capable of achieving a dark, vintage tonal quality because it is made using special artisan tooling and annealing processes. The saxophone's body is made using advanced technology to ensure accurate scale and playability. It is then coated in a high gloss gold-lacquer to ensure the product is long lasting and durable throughout its lifetime. The metal tone boosters brighten the saxophone's sound and help to tighten the key seal. Also on this saxophone are blue steel springs, upper and lower stack adjustment screws, an adjustable thumb rest and adjustable palm keys. This model is keyed to high F# and is suitable for practising professionals. The JTS-1100 outfit includes a backpack soft case, mouthpiece, ligature and maintenance kit.

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Suitable for Student Players

The Jupiter JTS-1100 Tenor Saxophone is designed to provide student players with the tools to excel. This instrument will motivate and inspire avid performers to perfect their skills and musicianship. Included with this Jupiter product is a backpack soft case, mouthpiece, ligature and maintenance kit.

Backpack Case

Jupiter's Backpack Soft Case is ideal for travelling players. Whether you're going to school, rehearsal, gigs or concerts, this case will protect your instrument from scratches and knocks, keeping your saxophone looking, feeling, and sounding like new for longer.

JTS-1100 Saxophone Features

  • Keyed to High F#
  • Sona-Pure Neck
  • Metal Tone Boosters
  • Blue Steel Springs
  • Upper and Lower Stack Adjustment Screws
  • Adjustable Metal Thumb Rest
  • Adjustable Palm Keys

JTS-1100 Saxophone Specifications

  • Key Of: Bb
  • Body: Gold-Lacquered Brass
  • Neck: Gold-Lacquered Brass
  • Keys: Gold-Lacquered Brass
  • Accessories: Backpack Soft Case, Mouthpiece, Ligature and Maintenance Kit