DISC Pirastro Evah Pirazzi Violin String Set, OEM Medium Gauge

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  • Fibre and Steel Cores for Harmonic Projection
  • Medium Tension Gauge for Optimum Versatility
  • Silver Wound D and G for Consistent Bow Response
  • Dynamic Range for Playing a Number of Styles
  • 4/4 Scale Length with Unknotted Tailpiece Ends

DISC Pirastro Evah Pirazzi Violin String Set, OEM Medium Gauge


The Pirastro Evah Pirazzi Violin String Set is ideal for the developed musician requiring an uncompromised feel. The synthetic gut cores have warm and expressive characteristics. The E string has a steel core for high frequency clarity. This set are all medium gauge tension for a balanced feel and dynamic volume range. Each string's windings have been specifically selected to offer the most comfortable playability and consistent response possible. These strings have ball tailpiece ends and are designed for full size violins.

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Evah Pirazzi

The Evah Pirazzi range of strings offer a clear sound with excellent playability. The strings produces bright notes with a long decay, making them ideal for both studio and live use. The controlled resonance means your notes don't become lost amongst each other. These strings have uncompromisingly easy playability and are immediately at their optimum tone when you start playing them. Each string is designed to coordinate with one another for a balanced sound full of tonal colourings. The Evah Pirazzo string range is ideal for violinists requiring a balanced, reliable sound every time they play.



  • E String: 313221
  • A String: 419221
  • D String: 419321
  • G String: 419421


  • E String: Unwound
  • A String: Aluminium
  • D String: Silver
  • G String: Silver


  • E String: 7.8KG
  • A String: 5.6KG
  • D String: 4.8KG
  • G String: 4.9KG


  • E String: Steel
  • A String: Multifilament Fibre
  • D String: Multifilament Fibre
  • G String: Multifilament Fibre

End Type

  • E String: Ball
  • A String: Ball
  • D String: Ball
  • G String: Ball