iZotope Neutron Mixing Console

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  • Neutron Plug-in with 5 Built-In Mix Modules & Limiter
  • Neutrino Spectral Shaping Technology
  • Track Assistant
  • Masking Meter
  • 250+ Professionally Designed Preset

iZotope Neutron Mixing Console

iZotope Neutron Mixing Console combines five unique audio processors with the latest intuitive metering and analysis controls. Neutron can listen to your audio and identify the instruments playing whilst offering advanced custom presets for EQ, compression, saturation types and single vs. multiband modes (including crossover points). This automatic analysis saves time and provides the highest quality results with minimal effort, perfect for letting you focus on what's most important. The revolutionary new Masking Meter allows for visual identification of frequency collisions so that you can tweak your tracks accordingly to give them sufficient space so they fit better in your mix. Optimized for mixing, iZotope Neutron is the perfect mixing control plug-in for a huge range of audio mixing scenarios.

Product Ref: 80060

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Full Description

View Full Description

Intuitive Control

iZotope Neutron Mixing Console is iZotope's latest and most advanced approach to a professional mixing console plug-in. It includes a range of updates from previous mixing plug-ins, including Track Assistant and Masking Meter to vastly enhance your workflow and allow for easy edits and parameter tweaks like never before. Neutron is the perfect balance of extensive control with an intuitive, user enhanced experience. Featuring the latest innovations in audio analysis, Neutron allows you to achieve unprecedented focus and clarity in your mixes.

Track Assistant

iZotope Neutron Mixing Console includes iZotope's most advanced audio monitoring tool to shift the focus on to what's important during your mixes. Track Assistant can be applied to track with where Neutron is present. Use it at your disposal to automatically analyse your audio and make intelligent adjustments accordingly. With Track Assist, you gain access to custom presets designed specifically for your selected tracks. Simply playback your mix and apply Track Assist on your chosen track. It will not only detect the exact audio source, but proceed to tweak parameters including EQ and compressions, resulting in the perfect mix. In terms of equalisation, Track Assistant will create a unique EQ curve with unique nodes to match your chosen audio, all from 4-10 seconds of analysis. Compression settings and thresholds will also be set automatically using the Track Assistant function. The end result is subtle clarity and balance to each of your tracks, and with 3 selectable levels of intensity, you can choose how much Track Assistant will alter your sounds.

Integrated Visual Identification

iZotope Neutron includes the addition of a Masking Meter for visual identification of frequency collisions. With this functionality, you can eliminate any chance of creating a “muddy” or overly crowded mix by ensuring each track has its own space so that you receive the full effect of your mix. With the advanced level of automated control, iZotope Neutron is the perfect mixing console plug-in for any audio professional, or anybody who seeks the most efficient and effective mixing experience.

High-End Audio Processing

Neutron integrates advanced audio processing to provide access to higher-quality mixes from within your chosen DAW. With five industry leading mixing processors, all zero-latency capable, alongside a static/dynamic equalizer, two multiband compressors, a multiband exciter, a multiband Transient Shaper, and a ultra low-latency BS.1770 True Peak Limiter. When combined within your mixes, these tools allow you to harness the endless possibilities and opportunities in terms of musical creativity, offering everything you need to perfect your mixes. Neutron’s audio processing is not only CPU efficient, but offers zero latency which is absolutely essential for all professional mixing applications.


  • Neutron plug-in with 5 built-in mix modules and a limiter
  • Neutrino spectral shaping technology
  • Track Assistant
  • Masking Meter
  • 250+ professionally designed presets