Soulsby Oscitron/Uni-Five Eurorack Bundle

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  • 8-Bit Wavetable Oscillator Eurorack Module
  • Complete With Uni-Five Module
  • Unique Wavetable PWM Synthesis Audio Engine
  • 16 Customisable Preset Sounds
  • Diverse Selection Of Waveforms and Filters

Soulsby Oscitron/Uni-Five Eurorack Bundle

The Soulsby Oscitron/Uni-Five Eurorack Bundle is an 8-bit wavetable oscillator module bundled with the Uni-Five companion module for added versatility. At the heart of the Soulsby Oscitron is the Atmegaotron audio engine, designed for cutting-edge modular synthesis. One of the most unique features is the Oscitron's ability to capture wavetables via an audio input as well as the 'continous capture' mode which delivers vocoder style effects. The audio engine's resolution can also be altered from the standard 32 sample wavetable, ranging from 16 all the way up to 128 samples for diverse timbres. It also includes 5 CV inputs and 16 preset patches which are stored internally. Additionally, the Uni-Five companion module helps to convert bipolar signals for use with LFOs and envelopes.

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Full Description

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8-Bit Wavetable Oscillator

The Soulsby Oscitron is a highly versatile eurorack 8-bit wavetable oscillator module, that features a unique PWM synthesis audio engine (Atmegatron) with a range of quick and intuitive controls in an ergonomic layout. Nearly all the parameters on the Soulsby Oscitron are controllable by CV for added versatility. The 16 built-in preset sounds can be overwritten for your own patches, allowing you to create and save your sounds internally. The diverse selection of waveforms and filters allow you to unleash your creativity, giving you unprecedented control over your sound design.

In-Depth Modulation

One of the most unique features of the Soulsby Oscitron is the ability to sample your own wavetable via the audio input. The continuous sampling mode delivers vocoder-style effects as well pulse width and phaser controls for adding new dynamics to your sound. The clock input can be routed to a range of different parameters with 5 CV inputs for controlling the most common parameters. Different software can also be uploaded to the Oscitron, with a port of the Odytron software ready for release in early 2017. Soulsby also provide the means to hack the Oscitron, by downloading the open source code from their downloads page for unprecedented customisation.

Uni-Five Companion Module

The Soulsby Uni-Five companion module is a versatile utility module, giving you the ability to take 2 bipolar +5/-5V signals and 1 unipolar 8V signal and convert them to uniopolar 5V signals, ideal for Oscitron’s inputs. This module is highly useful when it comes to bipolar LFOs and envelopes, with an attenuator on each input for added control.

Design & Connectivity

The eye-catching yet robust design of the Soulsby Oscitron features a white aluminium faceplate with walnut side panels and large rotary controls. The 32 waveforms can be controlled and chosen via the large rotary style controls. The two rotary style controls are backlit with red and green lights for added convenience and control both the waveforms and filter separately. The top panel also features a range of connectivity options, including controllable CV parameters with Filter Freq, Filt Res, Phase, Pulse Width and more.


  • 8-bit wavetable module
  • Unique wavetable PWM Synthesis audio engine.
  • Quick and intuitive controls, no complex menu systems
  • White aluminium faceplate with walnut side panels
  • Nearly all parameters controllable by CV
  • 16 preset sounds that can be overwritten with your own patches
  • Huge selection of waveforms and filters
  • Sample your own wavetables using the audio input
  • Continuous sampling mode for vocoder-style effects
  • Powerful synthesis features that takes Chiptune beyond 80s computer sounds
  • Portamento and Quantizer
  • Pulse width and phaser controls
  • Unique ‘wave crusher’ effect
  • Open source code available from Soulsby’s download page
  • Tutorials and forums to help programmers
  • Upload software using FTDI cable