SSL XLogic X-Desk 16 Channel SuperAnalog Summing Mixer

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  • SuperAnalogue - Analogue Purity At The Highest Level
  • 8x Dual Input Mono Line Channels: 16 Channel Mixdown
  • 8x Insert Send/Returns On Channels
  • Stereo CUE And 2 Mono Auxiliary Sends

SSL XLogic X-Desk 16 Channel SuperAnalog Summing Mixer

The SSL XLogic X-Desk is a 16-channel SSL SuperAnalogue™ summing mixer features 8 dual input mono Line channels and 8 insert Send/Returns. The SSL XLogic X-Desk is a premium-quality, versatile mixing console with a flexible input and output configuration. It also includes multiple monitor outputs as well as comprehensive monitoring controls allowing you to connect directly to your speaker for exceptional audio-quality and performance. The SuperAnalogue design ensures optimal audio fidelity with exceptional clarity and tonal character throughout. It even includes a talkback system for communicating with the artist.

Product Ref: 43834

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All-In-One Mixing Solution

The SSL XLogic X-Desk features a 16-channel configuration, providing you with all-in-one summing mixing solution. The versatile input and output on the D-Sub connectors allow you to use the X-Desk in a wide variety of different recording studio applications. It also features multiple monitor outputs with comprehensive controls allowing you to easily connect and control your monitors. The 2 stereo returns features level, pan and bus assignment as well as Stereo Cue and 2 Mono Auxiliary Sends for added convenience. Also featured is 8 dual input Mono channels (16 channel mixdown) with 8 insert send/returns on individual channels.

SuperAnalogue Purity

The SSL XLogic X-Desk features the same ‘SuperAnalogue’ technology found in the larger SSL consoles, converted to a compact, portable format. The X-Desk is designed to incorporate the technology into a compact, portable format. The components features in the X-Desk are the same found in SSL’s infamous AWS 900+, Duality and Matrix consoles. You can also cascade several X-Desk units with support for up to a total of 160 channels.


  • SuperAnalogue - analogue purity at the highest level
  • 8x dual input Mono Line channels: 16 channel mixdown
  • 8x Insert Send/Returns on channels
  • Stereo CUE and 2 Mono Auxiliary Sends
  • Cascade with X-Rack and other X-Desks for bigger systems
  • Talkback - for artist communication
  • Dim and Cut buttons
  • Independent Main and Alternate stereo monitor outputs
  • SSL Stereo Mix Bus with External summing and Inserts
  • 2x Stereo Returns with Level, Pan and Bus assignment
  • iJack front panel input for portable playback devices
  • High quality internal PSU
  • D-Sub Channel I/O connection for studio integration
  • 19" Rack mount ears included

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