Roland UA-1010 Octa-Capture USB2 Interface

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  • Eight Premium Mic Preamps
  • AUTO-SENS Function Sets Input Levels
  • Extremely Stable Low-latency Recording
  • Supports All Major DAW Platforms

Roland UA-1010 Octa-Capture USB2 Interface

With ten inputs, ten outputs, eight VS PREAMPS, and superb 24-bit/192 kHz audio quality, OCTA-CAPTURE sets a new standard in portable USB 2.0 audio interfaces. Designed for high-level audio production, it combines premium components, Roland-quality engineering, and proprietary preamp and streaming technology. With its compact design and pristine audio quality, OCTA-CAPTURE is the perfect interface for multi-channel computer-based production.

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Eight premium mic preamps - OCTA-CAPTURE contains eight premium-grade digitally-controlled mic preamps (VS PREAMPS), built with the same high-grade components as the preamps in the V-STUDIO 700 and M-400 V-Mixer. Eight XLR inputs are provided for the preamps, plus independent phantom power, low-cut filter, phase invert, and digital compression for each channel.

Auto input level adjustment

Never before has it been this fast and easy to set perfect input levels - simply activate the AUTO-SENS feature with the push of a button, play your connected instruments, and OCTA-CAPTURE automatically sets the ideal recording level for each input. It's great for quick, fail-safe audio capture when recording either a fully mic'd drum kit or an entire band.

Extreme low-latency driver

OCTA-CAPTURE offers incredible stability and industry-leading low-latency USB performance via Roland's proprietary VS STREAMING technology. All current Mac and PC DAW platforms are supported through ASIO 2.0/WDM (Windows) and Core Audio (Mac) drivers. Thanks to VS STREAMING, you can use multiple devices (two OCTA-CAPTURE units or one OCTA-CAPTURE plus a V-STUDIO 100 or V-STUDIO 700) on the same USB bus without compromising stability, performance, or audio quality.

Four flexible monitor mixes

Beyond traditional audio interfacing, OCTA-CAPTURE offers four independent Direct Mixers for creating software-controlled monitor mixes. Each mix can be routed to any of the analogue outputs and can take advantage of the internal 40-bit DSP processing - perfect for sending custom monitor mixes to headphones, speakers, or recording devices.

For more information about Roland’s range of audio interfaces please visit the Roland Website.


  • Eight premium mic preamps built in (VS PREAMP)
  • AUTO-SENS function intelligently sets optimal input levels for all preamps
  • Extremely stable low-latency VS STREAMING driver
  • Four independent software-controlled Direct Mixers for creating custom monitor mixes
  • Supports all major DAW platforms on Mac or PC, including OSX 10.6 and Windows 7, through ASIO 2.0/WDM (Windows) and Core Audio (Mac) drivers
  • Rack mount ears included
  • Bundled with Cakewalk Production Plus Pack

Number of Audio Record/Playback Channels

  • 44.1/48/96 kHz: Record: 12 channels - Playback: 10 channels
  • 192 kHz: Record: 4 channels - Playback: 4 channels

Signal Processing:
  • PC interface: 24 bits
  • AD/DA Conversion: 24 bits
  • Internal: 40 bits

Sampling Frequency:
  • AD/DA Conversion: 44.1/48/96/192 kHz
  • DIGITAL (IN/OUT): 44.1/48/96 kHz

Nominal Input Level:
  • Input Jack 1-6 (XLR type): -56 to -6 dBu
  • Input Jack 7-8 (XLR type): -50 to +0 dBu
  • Input Jack 1-8 (1/4 inch TRS phone type): -46 to +4 dBu

Nominal Output Level:
  • OUTPUT 1-8 : +0 dBu (balanced)

Head Room:
  • 16 dB

Input Impedance:
  • Input Jack 1-6 (XLR type): 5 k ohms (balanced)
  • Input Jack 7-8 (XLR type): 10 k ohms (balanced)
  • Input Jack 1-8 (1/4 inch TRS phone type): 17 k ohms (balanced)

Output Impedance:
  • OUTPUT 1-8 : 1.8 k ohms (balanced)
  • PHONES: 47 ohms

Frequency Response:
  • 192.0 kHz: 20 Hz to 90 kHz (+0/-8 dB) - 20 Hz to 60 kHz (+0/-2 dB)
  • 96.0 kHz: 20 Hz to 40 kHz (+0/-2 dB)
  • 48.0 kHz: 20 Hz to 22 kHz (+0/-2 dB)
  • 44.1 kHz: 20 Hz to 20 kHz (+0/-2 dB)

Residual Noise Level:
  • MAIN OUT: -87 dBu typ. (GAIN:min., INPUT 1 & 2 terminated with 600 ohms , IHF-A) *Internal Direct Monitor Mixer setting - Stereo Link: ON, Input channel fader: Unity

Dynamic Range:
  • AD block: INPUT 1-8: 104 dB typ. (GAIN: min.)
  • DA block: OUTPUT 1-8: 113 dB typ.

  • 128 x 64 dots Graphic LCD (backlit LCD)

  • Input Jacks 1-8 (XLR type / 1/4 inch TRS phone type)
  • XLR type (balanced / phantom power +48 V)
  • 1/4 inch TRS phone type (balanced)
  • Coaxial Input Connector
  • Coaxial Output Connector
  • Headphones Jack (Stereo 1/4 inch phone type)
  • Output Jack 1-8 (1/4 inch TRS phone type (balanced))
  • MIDI Connectors (In, Out)
  • USB Connector

  • Power Supply: DC 9 V (AC adaptor)
  • Current Draw: 1.45 A

Included Accessories:
  • Rack Mount Angle x 2
  • Owner's Manual
  • Driver CD-ROM
  • AC Adaptor
  • USB cable

Size and Weight:
  • Width: 284 mm, 11-3/16 inches
  • Depth: 158 mm, 6-1/4 inches
  • Height: 50 mm, 2 inches
  • Weight: 1.3 kg, 2 lbs. 15 oz.