Phonic Midihub USB MIDI Interface DISC

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  • Phonic Midihub USB MIDI Interface
  • Two MIDI Inputs, Two MIDI Outputs
  • 32 MIDI Channels I/O
  • USB Bus Powered or Optional with Power Adaptor
  • Compact and Lightweight

Phonic Midihub USB MIDI Interface DISC


Providing Two MIDI Inputs, each with 32 discrete MIDI channels, this hub makes it easy to plug in MIDI without the need to install a MIDI card on your computer.

Product Ref: 31375

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No need to upgrade your computer with a MIDI card. Plug in the Midi Hub into your USB port and get up to 32 discrete MIDI input channels in your computer. With the MIDI Hub, you can connect multiple MIDI devices to your computer; 32 discrete input channels with two MIDI inputs, and 32 discrete output channels with two MIDI outputs.

The MIDI Hub is an extremely portable devise and a nice little companion with your desktop or laptop computer. Thanks to USB bus powering means, it isn't completely necessary to use a power adapter, but an AC/DC jack provides this option if you don't wish to drain your laptop's battery (external power supply not included). When your computer is turned off a switch gives you basic MIDI throughput.


  • Two MIDI inputs and two MIDI outputs

  • 32 discrete MIDI input channels

  • 32 discrete MIDI output channels

  • Record MIDI events on your computer and transfer them back to your MIDI instrument
  • Works with most MIDI computer software
  • Lets you change MIDI settings and program information with your computer
  • USB bus powered or AC/DC jack for external power supply (not included)

  • MIDI Thru switch

  • LED indicators

  • Compact and lightweight

    System Requirements


    • Microsoft® Windows® XP (Please note: this device is not compatible with Windows Vista or Windows 7/8)
    • Available USB Port
    • Intel Pentium® III processor or equivalent AMD processor
    • Motherboard with Intel or VIA chipset
    • UDMA 66/100 7200rpm hard disk drive
    • 256 MB or more of RAM


    • OS X 10.x or later with native USB support
    • G3 or newer processor (excluding the original PowerBook G3)
    • 256 Mb or more of Ram

    (Please Note: MIDI Hub may have problems interfacing properly with computers that have older motherboards that use OHCI (Open Host Controller Interface).)