Olympus LS-14 Linear PCM Portable Recorder

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  • 3 High Sensitivity 90 Degree Mics
  • Up to 46 Hours Battery Life
  • 4GB Built In Memory
  • Mode Dial and Smart Mode
  • Includes Case and Stand

Olympus LS-14 Linear PCM Portable Recorder


The LS-14 is a handy little device ideal for portable recording. Simple and user friendly with a host of tools designed for musicians and their needs this is the ideal audio recorder for live gigs, practices and jam sessions.

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Full Description

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Smart and Simple Recording

Had enough of endless on screen menus? The LS-14 goes back to basics with smart, streamlined controls. A single front dial lets you choose between various recording modes instantly. Combine this with the easy to read display interfaces, intuitive button design, a Voice Guide with audio announcements and a Smart Mode that sutomatically adjusts to the optimum recording level and you'll see it's never been easier to achieve studio grade recordings.

High-Sensitivity Stereo Mics

The Olympus LS-14 captures pristine sound as linear PCM recording with up to 96kHz/24bit using two high sensitivity and low noise microphones set at 90 degree angles to allow natural and expansive stereo recording. Capable of capturing pure sound of up to 130 decibels, the LS-14 produces high-quality, immersive recordings withour clipping even when recording live shows or gigs. The audio and system circuitry are separated to minimise sound degradation whilst a switchable low cut filter (100Hz/300Hz) helps you reduce unwanted background noise.

Musician Friendly Tools

The LS-14 has a number of functions specifically designed and developed for musicians. A chromatic tuner ensures your instruments are in tune before you start while a metronome keeps time. High powered overdubbing capabilities and variable playback speed control mean the LS-14 boasts a whole bunch of handy features. The pre-record buffer is an ingenious function that captures several seconds of sound before you press record so you'll never miss the beginning of a tarck! Once you've captured your sounds, the LDS-12 recorder gives you a host of professional file management and editing options including File Divide, Partial Erase and Trimming.

Includes Case and Stand

Easily attachable to a tripod hole positioned on the back of the LS-14, the included stand clip brings extra flexibility to your recording sessions. Its two-way design gives you the option of positioning the recorder exactly where you need it on a tabletop or other flat surface while minimising surface vibration, or clipping it directly to a microphone stand for impeccable recordings close-up. Also included in the box of the LS-14 is a reliable protective case for portability.

Operating on two AA alkaline batteries (included) or two AA Ni-MH rechargeable batteries, the LS-14 boasts up to 46 hours of continuous recording. You could also opt for remote recording with the quick addition of an optional remote sender and receiver (not included), which gives you the freedom to move as you record and prevents unwanted noise from direct handling of the recirder.


To see the full specifications for the Olympus LS-14 recorder please download the PDF Above.