Munro Sonic EGG 150 Monitoring System With FREE Stands

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  • Unique Egg Design Helps Eliminate Resonance Effects
  • Complete With Studio Monitor Stands
  • Near Zero Diffraction Interference
  • Dedicated Stand Alone Amplifier
  • Includes Custom Designed Nests Stands

Munro Sonic EGG 150 Monitoring System With FREE Stands

The Munro Sonic EGG 150 is a premium-grade monitoring system complete with a pair of high-quality studio monitor stands. The EGG 150 Monitoring System is comprised of analog EGG speaker and a custom-designed amplifier control unit. The EGG 150 Monitoring System's dual high-end EGG speakers come equipped with 150mm LF drivers and 25mm HF tweeters. The EGG loudspeaker's shape is scientifically proven to eliminate diffraction and resonance for truly pure sound reproduction. One of the most unique features is the Blue LEDs located above the tweeters, assisting you in finding your listening sweet spot. The custom EGG nest cradles help to facilitate in aligning your speakers. The free standing control unit features integrated amplifier complete with 3m matched speaker cables for optimal control.

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Munro Sonic EGG 150 Monitoring System

Premium-Grade Monitoring System

The EGG 150 Monitoring System is one of the most advanced monitoring systems available on the market. Combining its unique design with premium-grade components results in one of the most versatile and comprehensive monitoring units out there. The system is comprised of two EGG loudspeaker monitors, and a freestanding, custom-designed amplifier control unit. The amplifier unit houses all of the electronics for the speakers, allowing to them to maintain their Egg like shape. The EGG speakers are constructed from a rigid, resonant neutral monocoque shell, featuring a 150mm LF driver and a 25mm HF tweeter.

Unique Egg-Shaped Design

The unique, curved design of the speakers help to virtually eliminate diffraction and resonance effects, resulting in the smoothest frequency response possible. The contoured design allows for axis tilting either forward or back without obstructing the base and cables ports. The speakers are cradles in custom-designed Nests. These curved stands help when it comes to aligning the speaker, allowing you to tilt them back and forth with ease. The nests are comprised of rubber, as used in shock mounts and isolation pads for optimal audio performance.

Exceptional Audio Fidelity & Performance

With its unique design and high-grade components, the EGG 150 Monitoring System ensures optimal audio fidelity and performance. The smooth, extended frequency response ensures you capture every nuance from your source audio, making it ideal for mixing and mastering applications. The monitoring system also features dual input switching and level control, as well as precision trim bots for LF and HF calibration.

Free Standing Amplifier Unit

At the heart of the speakers is the custom-designed, free-standing amplifier unit. This unit contains all the electronics for the speakers, ensuring they maintain their egg-shape for minimal diffraction and resonance. The amplifier provides bi-amplifier power to match the EGG drive units. It also includes a Class A headphone amplifier for private monitoring. An Aux connection is included for external media players, ideal for reference listening. It also comes equipped with LF and HF trim pots on each channel for catering to your listening environment. The front-panel also boasts a mid-control to emulate the mid-range response of HiFi type speakers.

Design & Connectivity

The premium-grade design of both the speakers and amplifier unit use the high quality components to achieve unparalleled audio performance. The amplifier features both Balanced XLR and an AUX input. Also included is balanced outputs and a switch located on the back for powering the LEDs. The integrated LEDs are located just above the tweeters on the speakers and help with speaker alignment. This allows you to find the perfect sweet spot when adjusting your listening position. The sleek and robust design ensures the monitoring system will stand the test of time with minimal speaker fatigue.

Studio Monitor Speaker Stands, Pair

Adjustable Studio Monitor Stands

These Isolated Studio Monitor and Surround Sound Speaker Stands by Gear4music are firm and durable support stands for correctly positioning speakers and monitors. The stands have a triangular base to offer stability along with rubber pads to stop any slippages. They are sleekly coated in a matte black finish. These speaker stands have telescopic columns for easy height adjustment so you can position your speakers at exactly the level you need. The heavy duty bases are layered with non-slip rubber pads to keep the stands firmly in place.


Munro Sonic EGG 150 Monitoring System

  • Unique monocoque shell construction (rigid and resonant neutral)
  • Near zero diffraction interference (smooth frequency response)
  • No internal standing waves (greatly reduced smearing)
  • Perfect bass port integration (superb transient response)
  • Free standing control unit and integrated amplification with 3m matched speaker cables
  • Dual input switching and level control
  • Ultra-fast and low distortion (4*50W) with 100W/Channel headroom indicator
  • Precise 'sweet spot' - unique LED locator guide beams
  • Integrated base with adjustable vertical alignment (allows for perfect sweet spot in both vertical and horizontal planes)
  • Precision trim pots for bass (LF) and High Frequency (HF) calibration
  • Critical Mid Frequency equalisation for 'Hard', 'Soft' or 'Reference' (0) listening

Studio Monitor Speaker Stands, Pair

  • Pair of studio monitor speaker stands
  • Heavy duty bases for stability
  • Non-slip rubber pads
  • Height adjustable for precise positioning
  • Maximum load of 40lbs