Lewitt LCT 240 Condenser Microphone

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  • Highly Precise, Multi-Purpose Condenser Microphone
  • Designed For Live Performances, Studio & Home Recordings
  • Neutral Frequency Response Delivers Authentic Sound
  • 3-Position Switchable Pre-Attenuation Pad Handles High SPL
  • Clipping History & Automatic Attenuation Offer Error-Free Recording

Lewitt LCT 240 Condenser Microphone

The Lewitt LCT 240 Condenser Microphone delivers a highly precise sound and outstanding performance that is suitable for a variety of situations. This microphone brings a new standard of quality whilst remaining easy-to-use. Whether used for recording speech, vocals or instruments, the LCT 240 is sure to provide a memorable, distortion-free sound. Featuring technological improvements such as a transformerless circuitry, automatic attenuation and clipping history, this condenser microphone becomes a highly convenient and reliable option.

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Full Description

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Precise Multi-Purpose Tool

The LCT 240 microphone, supplied by Lewitt, offers a device suitable for a wide range of applications and provides an outstanding performance in every way. The 2-3 inch diaphragm capsule emits an accurate, natural sound no matter its purpose. The microphone is suitable for miking a huge variety of instruments and vocals whether in a studio, home recording studio or live performances.

Detailed Sound Reproduction

The flexibility is just the start for the LCT 240 microphone as the equipped cardioid capsule delivers a warm and distortion-free sound. The powerful sound is achieved through the low amount of self-noise that delivers an unforgettable acoustic presence, and with the transformerless circuitry, the presence remains uninterrupted from electromagnetic interference. Even if you're worried about extremely high sound pressure levels, the LCT 240 maintains its pure tone with a three-position switchable pre-attenuation pad.

Technological Advancements

Equipped with multiple technological improvements, the Lewitt LCT 240 sets a high standard of reliability and ease-of-use. The condenser microphone contains an automatic attenuation and clipping history that allows you to experience error-free recording and an easier experience overall. The user interface follows in similar vain as the illuminated display ensures simplicity, whereas the noiseless push-buttons make it easy to maneuver attenuation and high-pass filter selections.

Included In The Box

  • 1 x LCT 240 Diaphragm Condenser Microphone
  • 1 x DTP 40 Mts Shock Mount
  • 1 x LCT 40 Wx Windshield
  • 1 x DTP 40 Lb Artificial Leather Bag

Suitable For

  • Lead/Background Vocals
  • Acoustic Instruments
  • Overhead Miking
  • Room Ambiance Pick-Up
  • Live & Studio Applications
  • Wind Instruments
  • Recording & Home Recording
  • Podcasts


  • Small diaphragm capsule with thin externally biased, gold-layered low mass diaphragm
  • Neutral frequency response
  • Cardioid polar pattern
  • Low self-noise and total dynamic range of 130 dB
  • Switchable pre-attenuation pad (0 dB, 10 dB, 20dB)
  • Illuminated user interface
  • Noiseless push buttons
  • Clipping history, automatic attenuation and key-lock
  • Robust and rugged construction
  • Extra large hexagonal steel mesh grille
  • Transformerless preamplifier circuitry
  • Corrosion resistant 3-pin XLR connector


  • Operating Principle: Pressure Gradient Transducer, Permanently Polarized
  • Transducer Ø 17 mm: 0.67 Inch
  • Polar Pick-Up Pattern: Cardioid
  • Frequency Range: 20Hz - 20kHz
  • Sensitivity: 8 mV/Pa (-42 dBV)
  • Signal/Noise Ratio: 78 dB-A
  • Equivalent Noise Level: 16 dB-A
  • Dynamic Range Of Mic. Amp: 130 dB-A
  • Max Sound Pressure Level (SPL) For 0.5 Total Harmonic Distortion (THD):
    • 0 dB Pre-Attenuation: 146 dB
    • 10 dB Pre-Attenuation: 156 dB
    • 20 dB Pre-Attenuation: 166 dB
    • Switchable: 10 dB, 20 dB
  • Pre-Attenuation Paid: 12 dB / Octave At 40Hz
  • Bass Cut Filter Slope: 6 dB / Octave At 300Hz,
  • Rated Impedance: > 1000 Ω
  • Rated Load Impedance: 48 V ± 4 V
  • Supply Voltage: 4.7 mA
  • Current Consumption: Gold-Plated 3-Pin XLR
  • Connector: 138 x 52 x 36 mm
  • Dimensions: 5.43 x 2.04 x 1.42 Inch
  • Net Weight: 310 g