Editors Keys Contour Shuttle Xpress

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  • Compact Multimedia Controller
  • Five Oversized Buttons
  • Rubberized Jog Shuttle Wheel
  • Thin As a Drinks Coaster
  • Compatible with Most Current Releases of Applications

Editors Keys Contour Shuttle Xpress


The Editors Keys Contour Shuttle Xpress will streamline your workflow and eliminate any unnecessary actions, saving you time and maximizing productivity. Featuring 5 oversized programmable buttons, a jog knob and spring loaded shuttle wheel, the Contour Shuttle Xpress pairs with your computer mouse and sits comfortable under your opposite hand with its sleek and low profile design. Beyond its factory settings, the Shuttle can also be programmed with custom settings for any application with keyboard shortcuts, creating endless possibilities, and is compatible with many of the industry's leading audio and video editing software.

Product Ref: 48183

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  • Compatible With: Audio Editing, Video Editing
  • OS: Mac, PC

  • Use With:
    • Final Cut
    • Premiere Pro
    • Photoshop
    • Avid
    • Sony Vegas
    • Garageband
    • iMovie
    • iPhoto
    • iTunes
    • Pro Tools
    • Cubase
    • Logic