DISC Gibson Memory Cable with Built In Audio Recorder

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  • CD Quality 44.1kHz / 16 bit Fidelity
  • 16ft Cable Length
  • 13 Hours of Recording Storage
  • Includes 4GB MicroSD Card
  • Works with Guitar, Bass, Synths and Keyboards

DISC Gibson Memory Cable with Built In Audio Recorder

The Gibson Memory Cable is an innovative and revolutionary cable that lets you maximise your song writing productivity by providing the ability to record at CD quality (44.1 kHz/16-bit) directly from the instrument output via the TASCAM recording technology built into the cable. Utilizing a MicroSD memory storage slot you can record up to 13 hours of audio from a range of different instruments such as guitars, bass, drum machines and synthesizers to instantaneously store ideas before transferring them to a computer via MicroSD reader or MicroSD compatible smartphone.

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Record and Mark

By simply holding down the button you can active the Gibson Memory Cable and begin recording whether in the continuous recording mode or auto mode which starts and stops the recording process when signal passes through the recording unit providing an excellent battery and memory saving function. Furthermore with a huge 13 hours storage availability on the included 4GB MicroSD memory card Gibson have cleverly incorporated a unique 'mark' feature which can be used by pressing the button once whilst active to close the current recording file and begin again in a new folder so when transferring to a PC or MAC finding that amazing mark worthy idea is a simple as recording it.

Variety of Uses

Incorporating 16ft in cable length the Gibson Memory Cable is perfect for a range of applications whether used when practising at home to record a session so you can capture those spontaneous inspiration ideas, used as a direct output to capture an onstage performances before being transferred to a DAW to be mixed, or even to re-amp your guitar tone the Gibson Memory cable provides a whole new set of innovative capabilities allowing you to relax and focus on the music whilst the Tascam designed recording unit captures the moment.


  • Stores over 13 hours of audio with 4GB MicroSD card (Included)
  • Continuous or auto recording (records only when you're playing)
  • Handles guitar, bass, drum machine, synthesizer and line-level signals
  • Uncompressed recording - CD quality 44.1kHz / 16 bit fidelity
  • Mac/Windows/iOS/Android compatible WAV file format
  • Ultra-simple user interface, with included reference card
  • Insulated ends minimize the chance of shocks
  • Transfer files directly from MicroSD card to computer using a card reader
  • Transfer files directly from MicroSD card to MicroSD compatible smartphone
  • Recording technology from TASCAM, the undisputed leader in hand-held portable recorders
  • Uses AA main battery (standard or rechargeable, approx. 8 hour battery life)
  • LR44 battery for real time clock functions (approx. 1 year battery life)
  • Premium quality, low-capacitance cable
  • Competitive pricing with non-recording premium cables