DISC Erica Synths Duophonic Midi-CV Interface

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  • Compact MIDI to CV Eurorack Module
  • Duophonic & Paraphonic Selectable Modes
  • Master Tune & Analog Glide Potentiometers
  • Dual CV I/O Connections
  • Mod Wheel & Note Velocity CV Outoyts

DISC Erica Synths Duophonic Midi-CV Interface

The Erica Synths Duophonic Midi-CV Interface is a flexible Eurorack module featuring high-quality, Linear Technologies 16 bit converters and precision Tune and Glide controls. The streamlined design includes a range of connections, with 8 patch points in total ranging from CV inputs and outputs to Mod Wheel and Note Velocity CV Outs. One of the most unique features of the Erica Synths MIDI-CV interface is the paraphonic mode which emulates the behaviour of ARP and Polivok synths for optimal audio performance. This is achieved by using the two-position voice switch which allows you to toggle between different modes.

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Duophonic & Paraphonic Modes

This highly versatile MIDI-CV Eurorack Module Interface is ideal for a range of applications. The Erica Synths MIDI CV Interface provides you with premium-grade 16-bit digital audio converters, designed by Linear Technologies for optimal audio performance. The result is exceptional audio fidelity that capture every nuance of your input signal in immense detail. The versatile design of the module is uncommon when it comes to MIDI-CV Interfaces, incorporating two different voicing modes as well as a wide range of connectivity. The two-position switch located just underneath the MIDI Input, allows you to toggle between duophonic and paraphonic modes. The paraphonic mode is designed to emulate the behaviour of ARP and Polivok synthesizers.

Advanced Tune & Glide Control

The most prominent features on this module, are the large Tune and Glide attenuators. The Analog Glide knob provides precise control over the way your notes slides, allowing you to set the level between 0’’ and 1’’. The MIDI Input allows you to connect your MIDI Controller directly into the interface, requiring no extra cables or equipment. The Master Tune potentiometer is similar to Polivoks synth control, providing you the means to tune both VCOs, affecting both the CV inputs simultaneously. The Master Tune range spans over 6 octaves in total, giving you more than enough room to find your optimal octave setting.

Design & Connectivity

The Erica Synths Duophonic MIDI-CV Interface features 7 patch points in total, including: dual CV inputs, dual Gate outputs and dual CV outputs. There is also an additional CV output for routing the modulation wheel or MIDI note velocity, allowing you to send the information to the CV input of your VCF or any other external module. The two CV outputs are exactly the same as ARP and Polivoks synths, with each of the outputs accepting Pitch Bend messages. There is also a number of LED lights which are designed to indicate different situations. The LED located next to the MIDI input is designed to indicate MIDI activity, displaying when it is in use. There are also Green LEDs located next to the Gate Output, displaying when the Gate’s condition/


  • MIDI to CV Eurorack module interface
  • Master TUNE
  • Analog glide
  • 2xCV out
  • 2xGate out
  • Mod wheel and note velocity CV out
  • 2xCV inputs
  • 1 Voice/2Voice switch
  • Easy MIDI channel selection


  • CV Output Signal Level: 0 – +5V
  • Master Tune Range: 6 octaves
  • Gate Level: +5V
  • Glide Time: 0 – 2’’
  • Resolution: 16 bit
  • Power Consumption: 30mA@+12V, 25mA@-12V
  • Module Width: 8HP
  • Module Depth: 20mm