Rode VideoMic SoundField

  • Video 1
  • World's First On-Camera Ambisonic Surround Sound Microphone
  • Designed For Home & Professional 360 Degree Video Producers
  • 4 Capsule Array Provides Multiple Polar Patterns In One Microphone
  • On-Board 'A Format' To 'B Format' Conversion For Signal Control
  • Balanced 4 Channel Ambisonic Signal Accesible Via Multi-Pin Output

Rode VideoMic SoundField

The Rode VideoMic SoundField is the worlds first on-camera ambisonic, 360-degree surround sound microphone. Working with innovative SoundField technology, the VMS represents a milestone for the Rode brand. Featuring the architecture of the VideoMic Pro series and incorporating SoundField technology, A format to B format conversion is available on-board the microphone for immediate control over the signal at capture point. A 4 capsule array includes 4 ultra low-noise Rode cardioid capsules and delivers the ability to create multiple pick-up patterns at once. The SoundField microphone is the first microphone designed specifically for home and professional 360 degree video producers in mind and is Rode's most flexible microphone to date.

Product Ref: 85791

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Four Capsule Array

The incredibly intuitive SoundField four capsule setup features four ultra-low noise Rode cardioid capsules. The signal from each capsule is converted to the B format within the VMS's electronics to give users the ability to create multiple pickup patterns at the simple touch of a button.

Complete Performance Control

To the rear of the Videomic SoundField sits the audio control user interface. With separate controls for output levels and frequencies, users are given ultimate control over their recordings. Output levels range from -10dB, suitable for recordings within close proximity, and +20dB. The two stage high pass filter provides the option of operating within 75Hz to 150Hz as the high frequency shelf gives users maximum control over signal capture at the source. This reduces editing times and improves the performance of any audio circuit it is connected to.

Intertwining Polar Patterns

The biggest selling point of the VideoMic ambisonic microphone is the ability to combine three on-camera microphones into one. Three separate polar patterns are available via the on-board multi-pattern switching option. The first polar pattern is a mono signal which is designed to cut out unwanted sounds on set and focuses on picking up sources directly in front of the microphone. The second pattern is a narrow stereo array that provides great stereo ambiance whilst maintaining separation from remaining background noise. The final polar pattern is a wide stereo array for capturing ambiance such as music or nature sounds. The combination of all three polar patterns make this Rode's most flexible and technological advanced microphone.

SoundField Integration

SoundField have been billed as the future of audio entertainment thanks to their technological performances with the 3D audio capture market. The inclusion of SoundField technology has allowed Rode to present this 3D audio technology to consumers for the first time, rather than solely for broadcasting purposes. The four capsule design by SoundField includes 'A Format' and 'B Format' to create mono, stereo and 5.1 surround sound. The recordings can be edited during live performance or even in post production after the recording has been made with the multi-pin format. The main application of this technology is to capture live sports in 5.1 surround sound but with advancements in augmented reality, virtual reality and 360 video, the public is open to its use and the Rode and SoundField partnership is ready to lead the way.

Outstanding Wind Protection

The VMS features the same flocked windshield design of the VideoMic Pro+. With microfiber adding an extra layer of protection to the capsules, it also greatly reduces the effects of wind interference from any direction. Fitted with a Rycote shock-mount, all capsules are protected from mechanical handling noise using nothing but an industry leading microphone suspension system.


  • First microphone designed for home & professional 360° video producers in mind
  • On board multi-pattern switching for three separate polar patterns
  • Integrated A format to B format for immediate output signal control
  • Balanced 4 channel ambisonic signal accessible through multi-pin output
  • Microfiber windscreen practically eliminates wind noise & interference from any direction
  • Tetrahedral, 4 capsule array with cardioid pick-up pattern for feedback resistance