Discontinued Numark CDMix 2 DJ CD Decks

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  • Dual CD player and mixer
  • Power supply included

Discontinued Numark CDMix 2 DJ CD Decks


Numark's CD Mix-2 combines a full-featured DJ mixer with a dual-transport, high-precision CD player, creating a powerhouse tool for DJs. Whether you're concocting custom mixes for your own recordings or performing live for parties or for professional events, you'll appreciate the system's dual RIAA-equalized phono inputs, 3 line-level inputs, and 2 microphone inputs with independent input levels.

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Each of the built-in CD transports offers true buffered instant start, seamless full-CD looping, instant stutter start with selectable stutter points, relay play (deck 1 to deck 2), and Numark's patented Anti-Shock technology, which means your system will never miss a beat, no matter how many feet hit the floor under your spell. A crossfader lets you smoothly transition between 2 inputs and controls the auto start feature of the CD units.

The Numark CD Mix-2 also features dual headphone jacks (one .25-inch, one .125-inch) with any-input cueing for each, fader start, a pitch bend/jog wheel (+/- 16 percent), 3-speed scanning forward and reverse, frame-accurate search (1/75 seconds per step), and auto-dead space elimination with auto cue.

Outputs include master XLR balanced/RCA unbalanced and record outputs with a 3-band equalizer for master output.

You'll never have to strain to read the system's enormous backlit display, and its dual-band, 12-segment LED output meters help you keep tabs on your levels. The CD Mix-2 comes with its own 12V AC/DC power adapter, but you may also power it through a car's cigarette lighter with an optional vehicle power-supply kit, depending on where your activities take you.

Automatic CD tray protection prevents doors from sliding open accidentally and during use, while +10 tracks skip search simplifies access to choice samples buried deep in discs encoded with many tracks. Ready for a break? Program a sequence of up to 30 tracks and let the CD Mix-2 do the DJ-ing.

Features / Specificaitons:

  • Dual CD player and mixer with fader start
  • Anti-Shock memory buffer
  • ±12% pitch control with pitch bend wheel
  • Seamless looping, continuous play, track programmable
  • External inputs for 3 line, 2 mic, 2 phono
  • Balanced output, master EQ, stereo/mono control
  • EQ on each channel
  • Optional road case

Input Terminal (Input Level / Impedance):

  • CD: -14dBV/5K OHM +/-2dB TCD-782 (Track 16)
  • Line 1: -14dBV/10K OHM +/-2dB
  • Line 2,3: -14dBV/47K OHM +/-2dB
  • Phono: -50dBV/47K OHM +/-2dB
  • Mic: -53dBV/2.2K OHM +/-2dB

Output Terminal (Output Level / Impedance):

  • Master Out (RCA): 0dBV(1.0V)/600 OHM
  • Master Out (XLR): 0dBm(815mV)/940 OHM +/-2dBV
  • Phones (LOAD=32 OHM): -6dBV(0.5V)/33 OHM +/-2dBV

Max Output (THD=10%):

  • Master: more than +17dBV (7V)
  • Phones (LOAD=32 OHM): more than +5dBV (1.8V)

Frequency Response:

  • CD/Line: 20-20KHz +1, -1.5dB TCD-782 (Track 3,7)
  • Phono: 20-20KHz +2, -2.5dB/RIAA
  • Mic: 20-20KHz +1, /-3dB

Output Noise (w/ 20kHz LPF and IEC-A Weighted):

  • Line: less than -75dB
  • Phono: less than -60dB
  • Mic: Less than -55dB

Equaliser [TCD-782 (Track 15,16,17 or S.G)]:

  • Channel: LOW +6 +/- 1dB less than -5dB @ 100Hz, HI +6 +/- 1dB less than -5dB @ 10KHz
  • Mic 1: LOW +12 +/- 1.5dB less than -10.5dB @ 100Hz, HI +12 +/- 1.5dB less than -10.5dB @ 10KHz
  • Master: LOW +10 +/-1.5dB less than -8.5dB @100Hz, MID +10 +/-1.5dB less than -8.5dB @1KHz, HI +10 +/-1.5dB less than -8.5dB @10KHz