Behringer FBQ1000 Feedback Destroyer - Box Opened

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  • Super-responsive Feedback Detection Algorithm
  • Locates up to 12 Feedback Frequencies Per Channel
  • Automatic and Manual Settings
  • Long-Lasting, Rugged Design

Behringer FBQ1000 Feedback Destroyer - Box Opened

The Behringer FBQ1000 Feedback Destroyer is an automatic and ultra-fast feedback destroyer featuring a parametric EQ with 24 FBQ filters. This powerful, high-performance 2-channel Feedback Destroyer features a parametric EQ and ultra-narrow FBQ filters for effective feedback minimisation all while maintaining the rich harmonic qualities of the original signal. The feedback destroyer analyses the input signal, and intelligently locates and minimises any feedback that may be present. This can be done for up to 24 frequencies with manual mode letting you set the 24 parametric filters to your own settings. You can also save your parameter settings and recall them at a later time, allowing you to manually create presets you can use for certain audio applications. Also featured are balanced inputs and serve-balanced outputs with 1/4'' TRS and gold-plated connectors for expansive connectivity options. With its durable, powerful design, the FBQ1000 is the ideal unit for minimising unwanted frequencies.

Please note, the box has been opened as part of our quality control inspections and as such all the seals have been broken. The item itself is brand new and has never been used.

This is a great opportunity to buy a fully functioning product at a discounted price, supplied with a one year warranty.

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Fast-Response Technology

For the feedback destroyer to work at its optimal settings it has to have a fast response, affecting the parameters as quick as possible to eliminate any unwanted frequencies. TheFBQ1000 features an ultra-fast feedback detection algorithm, responding in less than 0.2 seconds giving you maximum performance value. This technology helps to locate up to 12 feedback frequencies per channel. The algorithm then sets narrow notch filters to elminiate feedback frequencies, leaving the original signal virtually untouched. One of the most unique features is the 'Set-and-forget' default setting, giving the Feedback Destroyer the ability to be setup and ready to go within a matter of seconds.

Seamless Functionality

The 'Auto' mode will continually monitor your mix, then set the programmed filters to the appropriate settings to elminate any feedback. This mode is ideal for live audio applications letting you get on with whatever else you need to do, elminating the need for you to be constantly changing and affecting the filters. There is also a 'Manual' mode that lets you take control fo the 24 parametric filters yourself, letting you save and recall settings at any time. The rackmountable unit is also durable and sturdy, with the frame being constructed from metal; giving you protection from live damage and transportation issues.


  • High-performance 2-channel Feedback Destroyer and Parametric EQ
  • Automatically and “intelligently” locates and destroys up to 24 frequencies
  • Ultra-narrow FBQ filters for extremely effective feedback suppression, while keeping highest sonic quality
  • “Set-and-forget” default setting enables immediate and super-easy Feedback Destroyer performance
  • Auto mode continuously monitors the mix and automatically sets filters
  • Single-Shot mode automatically detects and destroys feedback plus locks the filter until you reset it manually
  • Manual mode allows setting of up to 24 fully parametric filters with individual frequency, bandwidth and gain parameters
  • Extensive MIDI implementation and user preset memories for instant program recalls
  • Balanced inputs and servo-balanced outputs with ¼" TRS and gold-plated XLR connectors
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