Allen and Heath ZED Power 1000 Mixer

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  • 2 x 500W Output at 8 Ohms, 2 x 285W Output at 8 Ohms
  • 2 Inputs That Can ''Plug and Play'' With Guitar Pickups Without DI Boxes
  • Built-in Handle In The Chassis Makes Travelling Easier
  • High Quality, Simple USB Playback/Recording
  • 16 Studio Quality FX with Tap Tempo

Allen and Heath ZED Power 1000 Mixer

The Allen and Heath ZED Power 1000 is a rugged, reliable powered mixer that is built to deliver outstanding audio quality night after night. The ZED Power 1000 was created for gigging musicians, schools, PA and AV rental companies, hotels and conference centres. Featuring microphone and line inputs, aux and FX sends, USB connectivity, 9-band graphic EQ , 16 studio quality FX with tap tempo and a dual 500 watt at 4 ohms power amp the ZED Power 1000 is a professional choice for power and performance.

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Pure Power

Selected for maximum ruggedness and low distortion The ZED 1000 is a versatile and powerful mixing console ideal for a variety of live and studio applications. The output can be set to feel L + R speakers or Mono LR + Foldback, or Mono LR + Sub. ZED Power 1000 has a built-in, 2 channel, high power class D amplifier, coupled with a reliable power supple. This combination provides that best of both worlds; the durable and cool running efficiency of class D amplification to the proven robustness and peak headroom of a toroidal power supply, with the ability to survive high demand surges.

Simple, Efficient, Portable

ZED Power 1000 offers a super convenient solution for high quality PA on the move. The mixer weighs in at 10.3kg (24lbs) and is complete with a tough carry handle built into the chassis, making it even easier to carry this mixer from venue to venue.

USB Playback/Recording

A flexible USB connection allows playback to/from a computer, so capturing high quality stereo recording of the gig or playing walk-in music or backing tracks from a laptop could not be simpler.

Audio Quality

The ZED preamps are developed by Allen and Heath's pre-eminent analogue designer, Mike Griffin, and have earned an enviable reputation in pro audio circles for their exceptionally low noise and high headroom. Allen and Heath have also invested the energies of their R&D team to craft 16 of their own time-delay FXs that are included with this mixer.

Ultimate Guitar Tone

Two of the mixer's jack inputs can take normal line level or low level, high impedance input from a guitar pickup, meaning you can simply plug a guitar straight into the mixer without the need for DI boxes. These inputs have been crafted to recreate the sound of a classic tube preamp in a combo or head amp for incredible definition and warmth.

Touring Grade Build Quality

ZED Power 1000 is designed and built to Allen and Heath's legendary standards to ensure long life in the toughest of live sound environments. All channels are on individual, vertical circuit boards and all rotary controls are secured to the front panel with a steel nut to guard against impact damage.


  • 2 x 500W Power Amp
  • 8 x Mic / Line Inputs
  • 2 x Stereo Inputs
  • 1 x Aux / FX send
  • 9 Band Graphic EQ
  • Record Bus
  • USB Recording / Playback
  • Touring Grade Build Quality
  • 2 x Line Inputs with Class A High Impedance
  • 3 Band British EQ with Swept Mid
  • 16 Studio Quality FX with Tap Tempo


Operating Levels

  • Mono Channel (XLR) Input: -10 to -60 dBu Nominal (+11 dBu Max)
  • Mono Channel Line Input: +10 to -40 dBu (+31 dBu Max)
  • Stereo Input (Jack or Phono): 0 dBu Nominal (Control = Off to + 15 dB)
  • L/R Outputs (XLR) Nominal/DI Out: 0 dBu / -30 dBu - +21 dBu / - 9 dBu (Max)
  • Aux & FX Outputs: 0 dBu Nominal - +21 dBu Max
  • Record & Monitor Outputs: 0 dBu Nominal - + 21 dBu Max

Frequency Response

  • Mix In to Mix L/R Out (30 dB Gain): 10 Hz - 30 kHz (+ 0.5 / -1 dB)
  • Line In to Mix L/R Out (30 dB Gain): 10 Hz - 25 kHz (+ 0.5 / -1 dB)
  • Stereo In to Mix L/R Out: 10 Hz - 30 kHz (+ 0.5 / -1 dB)


  • Mic In to Mix L/R Out (10 dB Gain 1 kHz + 10 dBu Out): 0.002
  • Mic In to Mix L/R Out (30 dB Gain 1 kHz + 10 dBu Out): 0.006
  • Line In to Mix L/R Out (0 dB Gain 1 kHz + 10 dBu Out): 0.003
  • Stereo In to Mix L/R Out (0 dB Gain 1 kHz + 10 dBu Out): 0.007
  • Gtr Input to Mix L/R Out (0 dBu Boost OUT): 0.015
  • Gtr Input to Mix L/R Out (0 dBu Boost IN): 2 Second Harmonic


  • Analogue Headroom from Nominal (0Vu): 21 dB
  • USB In & Out Headroom from Nominal (0Vu): 14 dB


  • Mic Pre EIN @ Max Gain (150R Input Z 22-22 kHz): -127 dBu
  • Mix L/R Out (L/R Faders = 0, Levels Min, 22-22 kHz): -93 dBu

USB Audio CODEC (Coder/Decoder)

  • USB Audio In/Out: USB 1.1 (16-Bit)
  • Sample Rate: 32, 44.1 or 48 kHz

Amplifier Specification

  • Amp: Class D 500W + 500W (With Toroidal Linear PSU)
  • Graphic EQ: 9 Band - 2 Channel
  • Speaker Impedance: 4 to 9 Ohms
  • Protection: Amp Thermal Shutdown, Transformer Thermal Fuse, Over and Under Voltage Shutdown
  • Cooling: 60 mm Fan


  • Frequency Response (200W RMS 4 Ohms): 12 Hz to 30 kHz (-1/+1 dB)
  • THD (200W RMS 4 Ohms): 0.3
  • Music Power with 40 Duty Cycle (1 kHz into 4 Ohms): 500 W / 450 W
  • Music Power with 40 Duty Cycle (1 kHz into 8 Ohms): 285 W / 265 W