AKG K175 Headphones

  • On-Ear, Closed-Back Studio Headphones
  • Professional 40mm Drivers
  • Exceptional Audio Fidelity
  • Foldable Design With Self-Adjusting Headband
  • Slow-Retention Foam Ear Pads

AKG K175 Headphones

The AKG K175 Headphones are a pair of on-ear, closed-back studio headphones featuring an ergonomic foldable design and a self-adjusting headband. The AKG K175 Headphones provide exceptional audio fidelity thanks to years of research and development by AKG, driving the large 40mm transducers. The K175 Studio Headphones provide best-in-class frequency response for unrivalled clarity and detail, ideal for mixing and mastering applications. The self-adjusting headband and slow-retention foam ear pads are designed for optimal comfort, minimising listening fatigue. Additionally, the headphones come complete with a carry bag and a detachable audio cable.

Product Ref: 90152

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Best-In-Class Frequency Response

The AKG K175 Headphones deliver exceptional audio fidelity thanks to the expertise and premium-grade components that AKG utilise. The K175 studio headphones provide a flat, un-coloured sound, ideal for mixing & mastering. The professional 40mm transducers deliver exceptional power with an extended low-end for increased bass response. The superior sensitivity and low impedance delivers maximum output with minimal distortion, delivering the best audio performance possible from any playback device

Self-Adjusting Headband & Foldable Design

The new range of foldable studio headphones from AKG are designed for optimal comfort, while minimising listening fatigue. The self-adjusting headband combined with the on-ear, closed-back design ensures a perfect fit every time. The slow-retention ear pads are designed for added comfort, also providing a secure fit which maximises acoustic isolation and eliminates outside noise. Its sleek design not only looks good but is ideal for long studio sessions, providing maximum comfort even when used for extended periods.

Rigorous Testing

AKG put their high-end headphones through rigorous testing to ensure optimal longevity and performance value. The AKG K175s are no exception, tested by AKG with their extreme testing regimen, ensuring reliability even after extensive use. The robust design of the headphones features a durable all-metal hinge for added durability. The lightweight design and premium-grade components ensure the headphones will have a long-lasting life, even after heavy and prolonged use. Additionally, the AKG K425s features a detachable audio cable and comes complete with a headphone bag.


  • Professional 40mm drivers
  • Exceptional audio fidelity
  • Flat, transparent audio response, ideal for mixing & mastering
  • Superior sensitivity and low impedance
  • Foldable, ergonomic design
  • Durable all-metal hinge
  • Slow-retention foam ear pads
  • Self-adjusting headband


  • Design: Closed back, foldable, supraaural headphone with self adjusting headband and detachable cable
  • Frequency range: 18 Hz - 26 kHz
  • Sensitivity: 114 dBspl/V
  • Transducer Impedance: 32 ohms
  • Transducer Size: 40 mm
  • Net Weight: 250 g
  • Cable Length: 5 m coiled
  • Cable Type: Detachable
  • Accessories: Carry Bag