About Line 6 Relay Digital Wireless System

Relay digital wireless systems feature uncompromising dependability. On every stage around the world, multiple layers of signal protection and a 2.4GHz broadcast keep your signal safe and free of interference. Whether you're playing two feet from your Relay or at the edge of its range, you get the same great specs: full frequency response, superior dynamic range, cable-inspired dependability, and 24-bit A/D conversion.

Relay G30 - 2.4GHz wireless system offering superior sound, trusted dependability and refreshing simplicity with a range of up to 30 metres (100 feet).

Relay G50 - Provides wired tone, uncompromising dependability and simple operation on every stage around the world. 12 channels, 50 metre (200 foot) range.

Relay G90 - Represents a revolution in wireless technology providing wired tone, uncompromising dependability and simple operation on every stage around the world. 12 channels, 90 metre (300 foot) range.

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More About Wireless Guitar Systems

Wireless guitar systems allow guitarists to perform without any wire connections to their amplifiers, giving freedom of movement and less need for cables on stage. Guitar wireless systems have seen rapid technological development and advances in recent years - Line 6's Relay Wireless Guitar Systems have pushed what can be expected from wireless guitar even further.

Conventionally guitarists convert sound in to an electrical audio signal that is sent to their amp through a guitar lead. Wireless system convert audio signals in to radio signals, which can be sent by a transmitter through the air to a receiver and in turn through an amp, eliminating the need for guitar leads.

Traditionally, people have been wary of wireless systems, preferring the superior sound quality of cables. However, Line 6's Relay Wireless Systems deliver wired tone, meaning you can expect the same sound from your guitar as if you were using a high quality cable. As a result, wireless systems are becoming increasingly relevant for guitarists, with their potential going far beyond the stage - wireless guitar systems can be used pretty much anywhere.

One problem guitarist have had with wireless guitar systems in the past is the use of companders, which can squash a guitar signal and ruin your guitar tone. Whereas analogue wireless systems require companders, Line 6's range of Relay wireless guitar systems are digital, remaining compander free. This enables Relay wireless guitar systems to deliver a beautiful high-end sparkle, thunderous low-end punch, and touch response that analogue wireless systems simply cannot compete with.

A key factor for many musicians working with guitarists in studios and live is that cables contribute a character to each player's individual sound. Previously wireless systems have not been able to cope with these nuances. With the addition of on board EQ, the Relay range can deliver sound that matches the frequency responses of typical guitar cables. Different players use different cables, but all players can use Relay.

Press Coverage of Line 6 Relay Digital Wireless System

"Seriously - and I never thought I would say this - this wireless works, and it sounds good"

(Relay G30) Mick Taylor, Guitarist, May 2010

"As wireless Systems go the Line 6 G30 definately feels like a major step (or several steps if you go wireless!) Forward."

(Relay G30) Tim Slater, Playmusic Pickup, February 2010

"...there is something new on the horizon from Line 6. And it may be the holy grail of wireless systems."

(Relay G30) TheToneKing.com, April 2010

"Line6 takes guitar wireless to a whole new level with their new digital wireless systems. The entry-level model, the Relay G-30 is anything BUT entry-level in sound OR quality."

(Relay G30) Jemsite.com, April 2010

"Overall, I would give the Line 6 G30 a thumbs up for the performance in a easy to use, affordable wireless guitar system."

(Relay G30) GuitarsCanada.com, April 2010

"Wow, this unit blew my mind. I am very impressed by this system. It is super easy to set up and, the TONE! My gear suffer no tone loss with the G30."

(Relay G30) DolphinStreet.com, April 2010

"The Relay G30 is going to revolutionise stage performance for guitarists who have previously been scarred by bad experiences with wireless systems. It's so easy to use, it sounds demonstrably better than a cable, and it will free you up in performance to do what you do best."

(Relay G30) iHeartGuitar.com, April 2010

"Overall the Line 6 Relay G30's performance both in the studio, on the stage or just around the house was excellent...We highly recommend the Line 6 Relay G30 digital wireless system."

(Relay G30) Fretbase.com, April 2010

"Line 6 has made it a snap to be just as mobile as you want to be."

(Relay G30) gear-vault.com, April 2010