Hercules DJControl Glow

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  • Hercules DJControl Glow
  • Hercules DJControl Glow
  • Hercules DJControl Glow
  • Hercules DJControl Glow
  • Hercules DJControl Glow
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£59.00 (including VAT @ 20%)

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  • Dual-Platter Design With EQ & Volume Potentiometers
  • Transparent Design With Green Internal Lights
  • Perfect For Party & Performance Applications
  • Included Software For Extended Control
  • Compatible With Range of MIDI Software

Hercules DJControl Glow

The Hercules DJControl Glow is a USB-powered DJ controller with built-in LEDs for a glowing effect to get your party started. The controller features 2 jog wheels with a single cross-fader, 2 volume faders, and an array of potentiometers for more precise control over automations and effects. 24 backlights make the controller highly visible and easy to work with even in the darkest spaces, whilst 36 transport keys provide all the control you need.

Product Ref: 82520

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Full Description

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Innovative Control and Lighting

The Hercules DJControl Glow features a range of functions to enhance your DJ experience including instant synchronisation, auto-cue, and easy loops. The controller features USB connectivity for simple connection to your laptop or computer, powering your controller and giving you access to extended control and functionality via the included DJ software. With a selection of built-in lighting effects, the Hercules DJControl Glow balances versatile control with a party-ready design.

Compact Yet Powerful

The Hercules DJControl Glow is compact in size yet features a comprehensive range of controls to compliment your mixing ability. In addition to the eye-catching glowing backlight, the DJControl Glow features 2 large jog wheels as well as 2 rotary encoders and 6 rotary potentiometers for added control, giving you the ability to create seamless transitions between mixes utiliins gthe built-in 3-band EQ. The DJControl Glow is the ideal DJ controller for beginner and intermediate DJs looking to improve their skills without breaking the bank. One of the most versatile controls is the easy looping function. These loop controls allow you to loop certain parts of your music, automatically fitting on the beats length for added convenience. You can also use the official DJUCED DJ software (available for free) to add a range of effects to your mixes as well as allowing you to save mixes for your own collection.


  • USB powered DJ controller
  • 2-deck + mixer controls
  • DJUCEDTM 18° DJ software with optimized MIDI mapping
  • 2 jog wheels
  • 2 rotary encoders
  • 3 faders
  • 6 rotary potentiometers
  • 24 backlights
  • 36 transport keys (push buttons)
Play & Cue functions
  • Play/Pause
  • Play any track that iTunesTM or Windows Media can play
  • Cue
  • Autocue
  • Up to 3 cue points per track
  • Cue points displayed on the ring
Loop & effects
  • Loops
  • Loop in, loop out on controller
  • Loop length /2 or x2 on controller
  • Echo
  • Flanger
  • Chorus
  • Reverb

Box Contents

  • Hercules DJControl GLOW
  • USB cable
  • Printed quick start guide


  • Enclosure: 10.4" x 7.5" (26.5 x 19cm)
  • Jog wheels: 2.95" (75mm)
  • Weight:

System Requirements

  • OS: Windows® Vista/7/8 or Mac OS® 10.7 and higher
  • CPU: 2 GHz or faster
  • RAM:2 GB or more
  • USB: Powered USB port
  • Disk: 100 MB available disk space
  • Others:
    • Internet access
    • Sound card with 1 or 2 stereo out
    • Stereo amplified speakers or/and headphones