OFFLINE - SubZero Rechargeable Digital Guitar Amplifier

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  • Lightweight 15W Amp With An Inbuilt Rechargeable Battery
  • Built-In Amp Models and FX
  • Guitar, Microphone and Aux Inputs
  • 4 Hours of Battery Life
  • Ideal for Busking And Home Practice

OFFLINE - SubZero Rechargeable Digital Guitar Amplifier


The SubZero Portable Digital Guitar Amplifier is a lightweight and portable digital guitar amplifier with 15W of power. The rechargeable battery, digital effects and microphone input make this amplifier ideal for busking and home practice. A full charge provides four hours of performance time, and the included Bluetooth and aux inputs give performers a range of options for playing with backing tracks. Choose from a range of eight different guitar sounds, that you can save and recall quickly and easily.

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Portable Guitar Amplifier

The SubZero Portable Digital Guitar Amplifier with Bluetooth is a powerful, rechargeable amp thatis perfect for use at home and on the go. Weighing 15kg and lasting up to 4 hours with just one charge, this amplifier is ideal for busking and live performance. This small but powerful amplifier also provides up to 15 watts RMS, making sure you have plenty of volume for outdoor performances. The versatile inputs mean you can plug in an instrument and microphone, as well as connect devices using Bluetooth.

Digital EQ and Effects

The timbre simulations selector gives you the choice of eight guitar amp sims including acoustic, clean, crunch, overdrive and metal drive. When using the digital effects processor you are also able to save your favourite tone and effects. An additional footswitch is also available for purchase so you can select modes easily during performance.

Separate volume controls for the guitar, microphone and auxiliary inputs allow you to mix each element independently, making sure you can quickly combine your sounds without the need of additional equipment. The microphone input also features an in-built adjustable echo effect, which can be blended in with one control, whilst the guitar has two different banks of effects that are split intuitively into modulation based and time based effects. The first bank of effects gives you the choice of chorus, flanger, phaser and tremelo, and the second bank offers echo, two types of delay and reverb. Each of these banks has its own independent volume control to allow the effects to be blended in with the guitar signal, giving you total control over your sound.

Also featuring five different EQ presets and a bass boost available for the Bluetooth or aux input, you are able to optimise your backing tracks to best suit your performance. The customisable effects and presets also makes this a great accessory for playing music at parties and outdoor events.


  • 15w of RMS power from two custom built 5.25" speakers
  • Rechargable battery for up to four hours of amplification
  • Range of Inputs with a seperate Auxillary level
  • Individually Adjustable EQ - Treble, Middle and Bass controls
  • 5 EQ Modes - Rock, Pop, Classic, Jazz, Bass Booster
  • Individually Adjustable Effects - Chorus, Flanger, Phaser, Tremolo, Echo, 2x Delay, Reverb
  • Eight Effect Modes - Acoustic, Clean, 2x Crunch, 2x Overdrive, 2x Metal Drive
  • Save your favourite tone and effects using the simulation selector (can be controlled via an optional footswitch)


  • Power Output: 15w (RMS) minimum into 80 @50 THD, 1KHz
  • Input Impedance: 470kO
  • Inputs: 3x 1/4" Jack (Instrument, Microphone, Footswitch), 1x 3.5mm Aux
  • Outputs: 1x 1/4" Heaphone Jack
  • Bluetooth: 4.0
  • Controls: POWER Switch, GAIN knob (AMP), VOLUME knob (AMP), VOLUME Knob (MIC), TONE knob (MIC), ECHO knob (MIC), Bluetooth toggle on/off, LEVEL knob (AUX IN, BT), TREBLE knob, MIDDLE knob, BASS knob, EQ mode selector, BASS BOOSTER toggle on/off, Simulation Selector & SAVE button, MODE dial (EFFECTS), MODE level knob, DELAY/REVERB dial (EFFECTS), DELAY/REVERB level knob
  • AC/DC Adapter: SMPS DC24V 1.2A
  • Rechargeable Battery: Lithium-ion 18.5V 2200mAh charge current 24V 1A
  • Dimensions: W 400mm x H 250mm x D 240mm
  • Weight: 15kg

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