Laney L20T-212 Lionheart Tube Combo Guitar Amplifier

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  • Boutique Quality Class-A 20W Valve Tone
  • Two Individual 12" Speakers: Celestion G12H & Vintage 30
  • Bubbly & Responsive Single-Ended Class A Tone
  • Twin Channel Versatile Functionality
  • Includes FS2 Footswitch & Protection Cover

Laney L20T-212 Lionheart Tube Combo Guitar Amplifier

The Laney L20T-212 Lionheart Tube Combo Guitar Amplifier offers boutique-quality design and tone in a solid and road-ready package. It features single-ended Class 'A' operation to give you bubbly response and stunningly dynamic tones across its two channels. It is designed to let you exploit the more organic overdrive of the power-amp, and lets you hear and feel the power tubes clipping to breakup, giving a much richer harmonic content and a larger dynamic range. Featuring EL84 power tubes driving two separate Celestion speaker models, the L20T-212 gives you excellent projection on stage and provides the option of choosing which speaker you wish to mic to create your own unique tone. This is an amp which delivers clean sounds with bell-like clarity and seductive chime, turning into wide-ranging overdrive sounds when pushed harder and is suitable for all manner of musical styles. The L20T-212 features excellent built quality to match its stunning tones and good looks, and is ready to get straight on stage at your next gig.

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Affordable Boutique Tones

The L20T-212 Lionheart is the largest of Laney's Lionheart range of amplifiers, and offers a twin channel, twin speaker setup to project class A tones right across the stage. It offers a blend of features that is aimed at creating an organic and responsive playing feel, reminiscent of the way older valve amps responded to player dynamics and pick attack. It does this all in a classy-looking and solid-built chassis which can handle anything that pro touring can throw at it.

Class A Valve Tone

The L20T-212 delivers 20 watts of single-ended valve power, courtesy of 4 EL84 power tubes. It is designed to allow the power valves to take on more of the responsibility for the overall tone, giving you a wonderfully responsive feel with extra harmonic content. This creates bell-like clean tones on channel 1, which gradually overdrives and provides more bite when driven harder. Channel 2 offers extra levels of gain, and can cover anything from blues through to classic rock and more. Its distortion offers a vocal-like tone with great touch-sensitivity and provides a playing feel usually only offered on amplifiers several times the price. It is also able to offer this in a two-channel setup with included foot-switch and digital reverb to give you vintage boutique tone alongside modern versatility.

Twin Speaker Design

The L20T-212 features separate 12" speakers from Celestion to provide slightly more harmonic depth and variety in its output. This gives you the option of individually mic'ing up the speakers to utilise the best qualities of both the Celestion G12H 70th Anniversary and the Vintage 30. The L20T-212 is therefore ideal for studio playing and sounds incredible when cranking it out-loud on stage.

Ready For The Road

The Lionheart l20T-212 is constructed from marine-grade plywood with corner protectors, recessed bar handles, and a chunky leather strap. This makes it durable and ready for the rigours of gigging and touring. It also features a folding tilt-back mechanism to allow perfect positioning on stage, so you can be sure you'll get the optimum listening angle if you have to use your amp on the floor. The blue tolex finish features classy white piping and tweed grill cover to ensure that the amp looks as good as it sounds. To protect the finish, the L20T-212 also includes a soft cover.


  • Class A operation for bubbly and highly responsive tones
  • 4x EL84 output tubes
  • Twin Channel design
  • Two separate 12" speakers. Celestion Vintage 30 and G12H 70th Anniversary
  • Road-ready construction and aesthetic
  • 20 watts; designed to drive the power section harder for greater harmonic content


  • Power: 20 watts RMS
  • Preamp Valves: 3 x 12AX7
  • Output Valves: 4 x EL84
  • Drivers: 2 x 12''
    • 1 x 12'' Celestion Heritage G12H 70th Anniversary
    • 1 x 12'' Celestion Vintage 30
  • Circuit: Parallel Single Ended Class A
  • Channels: Clean & Overdrive
  • Channel Controls: Gain (Clean), Gain & Volume (Drive)
  • Master Controls: Global EQ, Reverb & Tone
  • Equalisation: Passive Bass, Middle & Treble
  • Reverb: Yes
  • FX Loop(s): Yes
  • Footswitch: FS2 Footswitch Included
  • Cover: Protection Cover Included
  • Weight: 33.5kg
  • Dimensions (HxWxD): 543 x 685 x 293 mm