Keeley Mod Workstation Pedal

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  • Create Interesting and Incredible Tones
  • 1962/Katana and Oxblood Overdrives
  • Eight Keeley Modulation Effects
  • Tap Tempo and Effects Inserts
  • Eleven Control Knobs

Keeley Mod Workstation Pedal

The Keeley Mod Workstation combines two of Keeley’s most popular overdrive pedals, the 1962/katana and the Oxblood, with eight incredible modulation effects. From a harmonic tremolo and phaser, to an analogue chorus/vibrato and flanger, the workstation possesses many new sounds that Keeley have been perfecting over the years. Keeley’s mod workstation can create a wide variety of different tones that can enhance your sound with beautiful overdrive tones.

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1962/katana and Oxblood combination

Keeley have combined the 1962 British overdrive with the oxblood overdrive to deliver two incredible sounding overdrives in one pedal. A katana boost is added to the 1962 for added harmonics, or it can be used by itself for a clean boost to the pedals modulations. The 1962 overdrive provides a British amp-style tone that’s warm and adds bite to your overall sound. The oxblood overdrive provides a clean boost to a powerful fuzz.

Multiple Keeley Modulations

The Keeley Mod station features a wide selection of different modulation effects, several of which were newly designed for the workstation. The first effect is a standard tremolo with an oscillator going from a triangle wave to a square wave. The tone control used to select the shape of the wave form in this mode. The next effect is a harmonic tremolo, where the tone input is cut into two bands, for bass and treble, and modulated with a pair of LFO’s that are out of phase with each other. In this mode, the tone control moves the low and high pass filters simultaneously.

An oscillating and random filter produces random samples and hold filters, with the tone control adjusting the LFO’s in the oscillating’s envelope filter. On the fourth setting is a four sage phaser, with the tone control adjusting the feedback and richness of the phaser. Next is Keeley’s ADT to produce a “true-chorus” tone. The depth control adjusts the delay time from 0 – 60ms, the rate control adjusts the tuning from 0 – 60 cents, and the tone control becomes a blend control fro adding more voices to the doubling.

On the sixth setting, the pedal offers an analogue chrous/vibrato where the tone control acts as a blend. Turning the tone down will produce a vibrato tone, and turning it up will provide an analogue BBD sounding chorus. A flanger effect is set after, with the tone control adjusting the amount of feedback the flanger produces. Lastly the pedal offers a leslie rotary speaker that’s perfect for fine tuning timbre, with the tone control used as a blend from drum to horn.


  • Controls:
    • Time
    • Depth
    • 3 x Tone
    • 2 x Level
    • 2 x Drive
    • Mix
    • FX Selector (ADT V,M / Echo T,V,S / Reverb R, C, H)
    • 2 x Toggle Switch (Phat / Normal) (1962 / Katana)

  • Input: 1 x Instrument, 1 x Effects Insert, 1 x Tap Temp Control
  • Output: 1/4” Jack
  • Power supply: 9V DC
  • Height (Not Including Jacks): 3.72”
  • Width (Not Including Jacks): 4.7”