Keeley 1962 British Overdrive

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  • Classic British Distortion Tone
  • Hand Crafted with Precision Components
  • Keeley Katana Booster Circuitry
  • JFET Like Valves Found in a British Amp
  • Low Noise Op-Amp

Keeley 1962 British Overdrive

Keeley's 1962 British Overdrive offers the powerfully crunchy tones of classic British amps, but in a compact and modern design. The pedal features a hybrid of circuitry to recreate the pre-amp and output tube distortion?s characteristic for the best classic British overdrive sound possible. Hand built with precision to ensure the best components are selected, the Keeley overdrive pedal provides an overdrive that sparkles with life without losing its clarity.

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A Classic British Distortion

The Keeley overdrive has been designed to produce early British amp distortions, providing powerfully crunchy tones that are heavy and cutting, the very definition of the classic distortion. The pedal features layers of gain in order to achieve a deep rich tone, and offers a smoothness that gives it plenty of sustain. When used in a chain, the 1962 British Overdrive Pedal offers its best sound when placed after the compressors, before any time based effects and is the first overdrive in the chain.

Hand Built Craftsmanship

Keeley’s pedal has been hand crafted with precision components to provide the best design possible. Using components from the katana booster and both JFET like valves found in British amps, the pedal recreates the pre-amp and output tube distortion’s characteristics. The pedal also features a hybrid of circuits with a select low noise op-amp to create a pedal that sparkles with life without taking away from its clarity.


  • Controls:
    • Gain
    • Tone
    • Level
  • Input: 1/4” Jack
  • Output: 1/4” Jack
  • Power supply: 9V DC
  • Height (Not Including Jacks): 4.41”
  • Width (Not Including Jacks): 2.35”