JHS Pedals and Keeley Electronics, The Steak & Eggs - B-Stock

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  • 2 in 1 JHS and Keeley Drive and Compressor
  • 2 Modified Industry Standard Pedals in 1 Enclosure
  • Central Toggle Switch to Determines Pedal Order
  • Stunning Gold Dual Enclosure
  • Operates on 9V DC Power

JHS Pedals and Keeley Electronics, The Steak & Eggs - B-Stock

The Steak & Eggs is a 2 in 1 overdrive and compressor and is a unique collaboration between JHS Pedals and Keeley Electronics. On the left hand side of the pedal is a modified JHS Morning Glory, whilst still providing the classic transparent overdrive of the original model, the Steak & Eggs has an added high gain toggle switch which pushes the warm drive to a beefy crunch tone. On the right hand side of the pedal is a modified Keeley Electronics Compressor with an added bright toggle switch and a blend knob to blend your clean tone with the compression. In the center of the pedal you will find an added toggle which allows you to switch the order in which the pedals appear in your chain. With its dual gold enclosure, the Steak & Eggs is a stunning addition to any pedal board.

Please note, this is a B-Stock item. B-stock items are either ex repair or have previously been returned by another customer. The original boxing and manual may be missing, and there may be some slight signs of usage.
Otherwise, the unit operates as new.

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Unique Tone Circuit

The Steak & Eggs is has a modified JHS Morning Glory and Keeley Compressor circuit. The Morning Glory is based on a Marshall Bluesbreaker and has a transparency that ensures the clean tone you know and love is not just replaced with an amp simulation, but enhanced with a warm crunch that drives your signal with just the right amount of gain. In the Steak and Eggs, the Morning Glory has a high gain toggle switch which adds an extra drive and sparkle to the standard Morning Glory tone. The added high gain toggle cannot be found on any other variation of the Morning Glory which is what makes the Steak and Eggs totally unique.

The Keeley Compressor in this dual pedal is a new 3 knob version of Keeley's classic compressor which now features a blend knob to allow you to blend your original signal back into the mix to create perfect punchy tones. On the Keeley side of the Steak and Eggs you will also find an added toggle switch, this switch controls a mid and treble emphasis circuit. Guitars with humbuckers can suffer from a duller tone when used with a compressor, the mid and treble emphasis switch adds any missing brightness and sparkle back into the mix.

World Recongnised Boutiqe Pedals

JHS Pedals has evolved from a one man, bedroom operation, to a world recognised boutique effects pedal company. All JHS pedals feature a simplistic design, with hand-wired components. Josh Scott, founder of JHS Pedals, began by modifying pedals he had on his personal board, years of touring and session work led Josh to realise exactly what it is that players want from their pedals which meant building them from the ground up to achieve perfection.

Hand Built to Perfection

JHS Pedals are hand-built in Kansas City USA, the company has a core value that JHS builders will never be replaced by robots. Every boutique JHS pedal is made and tested by a highly skilled pedal builder to ensure that every JHS pedal is crafted to perfection.


  • Type: Transparent Overdrive/Compressor
  • Controls:
    • Morning Glory: Volume, Tone, Drive, Gain Toggle
    • Keeley Compressor: Sustain, Level, Blend, Mid/Treble Toggle
  • Finish: Gold
  • Graphics: Chicken Steak 'Steak and Eggs' Icon
  • LED Colour: Blue
  • Dimensions:
    • Height: 1.2", 30 mm
    • Width: 4.7", 119 mm
    • Depth: 3.7", 94 mm
  • Power: 9V DC Negative
  • True Bypass: Yes
  • I/O Connection: 1/4" Jack