DISC Laney RB5 Bass Combo Amp

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DISC Laney RB5 Bass Combo Amp


The 120 watt RB5 : Portable (top handle plus sprung side handles), Versatile (dual position 'kickback' style cabinet, switchable compressor and limiter, parametric EQ and presence control), and above all, Laney! What more could you want?

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If there is one constant element from the last four decades of music that is important, it is 'Tone': Making amplifiers is a quest to deliver tone to the musician, something that Laney have started to call 'The Dark Art'. It is fluid and changes with developments and innovations of technique, instruments and musical style, but look at any musician who hits the sweet spot on tone- usually it is with a narrowing of the eye, a tilt of the head and more than likely a grimace- but they have got their TONE.

That's what Laney are after. Throughout the Laney range you will see the wide range of products for all kinds of players at all kinds of levels, but every one of them has been designed and engineered by a Laney team with 40 years experience in the 'business of tone'.


  • Power RMS: 120 Watts
  • Inputs: Normal & High
  • Equalisation: Bass, Parametric Mid, and Treble
  • Master Presence Control: Yes
  • Speaker connections:1x Jack (8 Ohms)
  • FX Loop(s): Yes
  • Drivers: 1x12" Celestion & Switchable Horn
  • Cabinet Design: Kickback Combo
  • Headphone Socket: No
  • Enhance : Yes
  • Compressor: Yes
  • Limiter: Yes : Switchable (with status LED)
  • DI Socket: Yes : Pre EQ XLR
  • CD Input: No
  • Kick Proof Metal Grill: Yes
  • Dimensions: Width 437 x Height 456 x Depth 419
  • Master volume: Yes