Caroline Cannonball Hand Painted Distortion Pedal, Gold/Silver

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  • Beautiful & Unique Hand Painted Gold/Silver Geometric Design
  • Super High Gain Boutique Distortion Pedal
  • Hand-Wired & Built In Columbia, South Carolina, USA
  • Original Wave Cannon V1 Circuitry With Tweaks & Additions
  • Each Pedal Is A Work Of Art, Painted By A Noteworthy Artist

Caroline Cannonball Hand Painted Distortion Pedal, Gold/Silver


The Caroline Cannonball is a true bypass distortion, hand painted pedal that provides drive and tone enthusiasts with a dynamic high gain. The super hot tones that this pedal produces are ideal for heavy rock riffs and wailing solos. This is a true bypass pedal that runs on 9V DC operation, it has been hand-built to the highest standard in Columbia, South Carolina at the Caroline Guitar Co. Distortery.

Please Note: Each Cannonball is hand painted and hand wired by the Caroline Guitar Company team in Columbia, South Carolina. This pedal features a custom, one of a kind gold and silver geometric design that is totally unique.

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Full Description

View Full Description

Cannonball Evolution

The Cannonball houses the legacy of the original Wave Cannon. The original Wave Cannon was far more popular than the Caroline team could have ever imagined, after building over 900 pedals they came to the conclusion that the Wave Cannon could have a far more efficient design and added functionality. The Cannonball reworks the layout and efficiency of the 1st Wave Cannon and now has an accessible Havoc switch for those moments when only unpredictable filthy noise will do.

Unique Functionality for Ultimate Tone Shaping

The Cannonball has a wide range of controls and tone shaping options such as volume, treble, drive and shape. The Cannonball has a huge amount of gain and volume on tap, this counteracts a problem which occurs in other drives that sound excellent but can't provide the levels of gain required for clean amps. The havoc switch functionality is also available on the Kilobyte in delay form, on the Cannonball it does exactly what it says on the tin, causes complete havoc with unpredictable feedback controlled by a momentary latching footswitch.

Cannonball, Haymaker or Wave Cannon MKII?

Trying to decipher which drive or distortion best suits your needs can be tough. The Cannonball and Wave Cannon MKII share very similar functionality and design, if you're looking for a pedal that has a 70s inspired hot drive sound with some unique mods then the Cannonball could be what you're after. The Wave Cannon MKII is very similar to the Cannonball but is overall more distorted, while you can get mid, warm crunch from this pedal it's main function is super hot, super loud drive. The Haymaker is maybe best suited to the more undecided gear lover, 3 modes of drive provide a wide range of gains that can suit various needs, at it's hottest. The Haymaker replicates a light setting on the Wave Cannon MKII or a mid/hot sound on a Cannonball.

Control Knob Functions

  • Volume (Far Left): The volume knob controls the overall output level.
  • Treble (Mid Left): The treble is a low pass filter to determine how much high frequency is affected by the drive.
  • Drive (Mid Right): The drive sets the overall amount of distortion.
  • Shape (Far Right): The shape refines the frequency response and grit of the distortion circuit.
  • Havoc (Bottom Right Footswitch): The havoc mode is controlled with a momentary footswitch, hold it down to create unpredictable noises. For Havoc to work, the Cannonball has to "see" the guitar as either the very first pedal in your chain, or prefaced by true-bypass, non-buffered effect pedals that are turned off. Tune the craziness with the other controls on the pedal or the controls on your guitar.
  • Bypass (Bottom Left Footswitch): The bypass footswitch is the on/off switch for the pedal.


  • True Bypass
  • 9V DC Operation
  • Super Hot Distortion Sounds
  • Shape for Mid Scooping Options
  • Havoc Switch for Unpredictable Noises
  • Hand Built in Columbia, South Carolina