Blackstar ID:15TVP-VAR Guitar Combo Amp, Vintage Artisan Red - Box Opened

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  • 15 Watt Programmable Modelling Combo Amplifier
  • 10'' Speaker Delivers Powerful Projection
  • True Valve Power Offers Unparalleled Versatility
  • 6 Classic Blackstar Voices & 12 Stereo Effects
  • 128 User Storable Patches & USB Connectivity

Blackstar ID:15TVP-VAR Guitar Combo Amp, Vintage Artisan Red - Box Opened

The Blackstar ID:15TVP-VAR Guitar Combo Amp is a 15 watt, programmable modelling amp, with a 10'' speaker. This highly-portable combo amp is equipped with True Valve Power, emulating the organic sounds of the classic tube sound in a digital format. Players can choose from 6 different Blackstar voices, along with 12 stereo effects. The ID:15TVP-VAR Guitar Combo is also equipped with 128 user storable patches, ISF control, USB connectivity and a built in tuner. Like all amps from Blackstar, the ID:15TVP also features a roadworthy design, finished in vintage artisan red covering with classic details. With all these great features, this high-quality combo amp is ideal for home practice, rehearsals and small gigs.

Please note, the box has been opened as part of our quality control inspections and as such all the seals have been broken. The item itself is brand new and has never been used.

This is a great opportunity to buy a fully functioning product at a discounted price, supplied with a one year warranty.

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High Quality

The Blackstar ID:15TVP-VAR Guitar Combo Amp is packed full of versatile features and functions, making it a must have for any guitarist. Blackstar have spent several years in developing the ID Series of amps, offering a reliable sound that can be customised and stored.

True Valve Power

Players will love the 'True Valve Power' function, which features six individual power valve responses that emulate the true sounds of a valve amp, these include:

  • EL84: 'Bell like full bodied Class A with lots of compression'
  • 6V6: 'Crisp Class A with high compression and tight mids'
  • EL34: 'Classic British Class A/B crunch with full bodied soft break up'
  • KT66: 'Rich and warm vintage British hot biased Class A/B'
  • 6L6: 'Tight dynamic Class A/B with extended highs and lows'
  • KT88: 'Tight, bold and dynamic Class A/B with strong low end'

6 Voices & 12 Stereo Effects

For added versatility, the Blackstar ID:15TVP-VAR Guitar Combo Amp is equipped with a choice of six classic voices/channels. These voices include; Clean Warm, Clean Bright, Crunch, Super Crunch, OD 1, OD 2, allowing players to have any sound they want. If that's not enough, the ID:15TVP is also equipped with twelve stereo effects which are specifically designed for the electric guitar, these include 4 x modulation, 4 x delay and 4 x reverb effects.

ISF Control

No Blackstar amp would be complete without the patented ISF control. This easy-to-use function enables players to achieve the choice of two iconic tones at the turn of a dial. When turned counter clockwise, the amp delivers a classic American characteristic, with a tight bottom end. When turned clockwise, the amp delivers a classic British tone with a woody texture. ISF is perfect for players who like a variety of tones and styles, and ideal for cover bands who might feature both tones.

Roadworthy Enclosure

The Blackstar ID:15TVP-VAR Guitar Combo Amp features a robust enclosure, perfect for withstanding the daily rigours of a gigging musician. For added protection, reinforced corners are also included, preventing against knocks and bumps. The Blackstar ID:15TVP is finished in a Vintage Artisan Red with classic detail. Finally, a comfortable carry handle is also featured and allows for easy transportation.

Insider Software

The ID series from Blackstar are perfectly designed for the modern and player, and are compatible with Insider Software for endless tonal possibilities. Simply plug the amp into your computer using the included USB cable, and record, edit patches, download patches and more.


  • 15 Watt programmable combo amplifier
  • True valve power offers unparalleled versatility
  • 10'' speaker delivers powerful projection
  • Blackstar's legendary ISF control offers American/British tones
  • 128 user storable patches
  • USB connectivity allows players to record and edit
  • MP3 line input accommodates smart phones and MP3 players
  • Speaker emulated output
  • Built-in tuner offers precise intonation and eliminates the need for an additional tuner
  • Includes Mini B cable for connecting to Insider and Recording
  • Roadworthy enclosure with Vintage Artisan Red covering
  • Reinforced corners provide enhanced protection
  • Comfortable carry handle



  • Product Range:ID:Series
  • Model: ID:15 TVP
  • Technology Type: Digital


  • Wattage: 15
  • Inputs: Guitar Input, MP3/Line Input, USB Input
  • Controls: 6 Voices, Gain, Volume, Bass, Treble, ISF, TVP, 12 Effects, Effects Level, USB, MP3/Line Input
  • Channels: 6 - Clean Warm, Clean Bright, Crunch, Super Crunch, OD 1, OD 2


  • Speaker Size: 10"
  • Speaker Amount: 1


  • Weight:11KG
  • Dimensions (Width x Height x Depth):450 x 417 x 220 (mm)