Zildjian FX 14'' Oriental China Trash Cymbal - Ex Demo

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  • Cast Bronze Cymbal with Small Bell
  • Authentic China Trash Tone
  • Brilliant Zildjian Finish
  • Thin Weight with Quick Attack

Zildjian FX 14'' Oriental China Trash Cymbal - Ex Demo


The Zildjian FX range of cymbals are designed to arm drummers with interesting and unusual sounds, keeping your sound original and interesting. The 14" Oriental China Trash delivers an authentic and explosive classic China cymbal tone with a quick attack and rapid decay. It's perfect for some heavy handed hits when you need to cut through a lot of noise and drive the beat hard.

This item is an ex showroom display model. There are light scuffs and signs of use around the casing. The original boxing and manual are not included.
Otherwise, the unit operates as new.

This is a great opportunity to buy a fully functioning product at a discounted price, supplied with a one year warranty.

Product Ref: 82380

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Full Description

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  • Size: 14" / 35.56 CM
  • Weight: Thin
  • Finish: Brilliant Finish
  • Bell Size: Small
  • Profile: Medium
  • Pitch: High
  • Sound: Bright
  • Volume: General
  • Balance: Attack
  • Sustain: Short
  • Skill Level: Advanced, Beginner, Intermediate, Professional